10 MTB Product Reviews – Tailgate covers to torque wrenches

Today, we’ll be taking a look at another 10 products for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Some of them I bought over the years, and some were sent to me as samples, but none of these were paid reviews. If you have questions about these products pertaining to price or specifications, use the Googles or click one of the links below.

Here’s the last video: https://youtu.be/oVe7IBppdhw

Osprey Talon 6 http://amzn.to/2fa7fXm
Fiveten Freeriders http://amzn.to/2fatCfj
Formy Grips https://formygrips.com/
Smith Rover http://amzn.to/2uXRZ5D

Crankbrothers F10+ http://amzn.to/2vkaT7t
Crankbrothers Klic HV http://amzn.to/2v0QZMt

Raceface Tailgate Cover http://amzn.to/2fatJaJ
Saris Superclamp 2 https://goo.gl/CMZy1X

Rubbermaid Fasttrack 48” Rail http://amzn.to/2v0xxPB
Rubbermaid Bike Hooks http://amzn.to/2v0xEdZ

Park Torque Driver http://amzn.to/2v0CbNA
DJI Mavic http://amzn.to/2wn3n91


NooB TubE BEYBLADE says:


Derfoklishe says:

When it comes to shoes… Screw 5.10. I’m a rock climber and i know 5.10. Just get a good pair of Mammut shoes. Will make your lives easier. Plus, they’re prettier.

pknark says:

Damn I just bought the F10+, was on sale though

Christian banaag says:

Give Me A bike plss seth

Jack Bentley says:

anyone know where to get this pad in AUstralia??

Jose Rene Ducharme says:

About the Race Face straps; they may prevent a DOT officer from bugging you on a bad hair day.

Brandon Bowen says:

Hey Seth, so I have seen in your videos you have driven multiple types of vehicles for biking. Between suv and truck what is the best in your opinion for camping and biking?

Marin Bergstrom says:

seth is love, seth is life

Shadman Islam says:

Which is better go pro camera??

Ritz403GamingYT Gaming Channel says:


mica born says:

Keep it up you’re always innovative

Marin Bergstrom says:

another product reivew?

Melvin Santak says:

I don‘t see the benefit of a Tailgate Cover because as an european I don‘t even see the benefit of owning a pick-up Truck.

jakenator13 says:

i got some freerider 510s for christmas and i LOVE THEM

Garth Clark says:

The honeycomb in your helmet is for bees and other assorted nasty flying, stinging insects, Seth. Prevents them from syringing your scalp full of poison.

luckybatcher says:

Nice ass 😉

Pretty *thicc* you are 😉

KandaPanda says:

Shit….. I’m going to have to get a prosthetic ass in order to wear that lumbar pack. -_-

jaden dennis says:

I get my Mercedes first aid kit with me and it also brings a guide with it

Jose Rene Ducharme says:

Load securement

Rob Cash says:

Here is what I made for my Gen2 Ridgeline

BritishGamer says:

I love your channel!!

Paul Cillik Jr. says:

Nice socks!

goMihapro says:

Which car is this?

Ori Shuchami says:

@sethsbikehack did you ever try ixs?

mechanical mtb says:

Why did you chose a ridgeline over a taco?

Bike George says:

More of these videos they are real good


Ant lives matter

Otto Begus says:

you’re not strapping your bikes down right. The strap goes around
the down tube

Beast _ Gago says:

Seth for my bike I use a SUV back compartment and back seat

DRifted_NOS S says:

I hate handpumps, laste time i used one my valve ripped off on a 20inch bmx innertube

Keemat Deep Maan says:

Why you not buy Raleigh

KandaPanda says:

I absolutely love skate and bike shoes! When I was framing houses, I met a few dudes that said they were the best for the job site. I disagree with that (I like my toes, thanks, so Sketcher comp toe boots will work for me) but for everything else, it’s always bike or skate shoes.

….did I mention that I don’t skate ever and I’m getting my first bike in 9 years soon (with luck). That is to say: bike and skate shoes are amazing for everything, imho.

Jaboman101 says:


Hybrid Bikers says:

The products are good indeed. For more on mountain biking may visit https://www.hybridbikers.com/takara-sugiyama-flat-bar-fixie-bike-review/

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