$149 BCA SC29 Mountain Bike from Walmart – Assembled in the USA

A Walmart bike that’s assembled in the USA. That’s the BSA SC29 mountain bike’s biggest selling point. The SC29 is a 29er mountain bike-styled bike. That means it looks like a mountain bike, but it is more a casual cruising bike meant for city streets and light trails / bike paths. I toured the factory where they assemble the SC29 and they gave me this bike to review, so I was curious how an assembly line fresh bike would stack up against the poor-assembly quality often seen on Walmart shelf bikes. Apparently, it makes lots of difference, because this bike has true wheels, shifts and brakes well and is void of the noises usually made by bikes in the same price range.

The components are all Chinese as far as I can tell and are noting special, but the twist shifters are a more up-spec version of the Shimano RevoShift, and the front derailleur is a Shimano Tourney TZ. That’s not to say there aren’t sacrifices. The bike has a front disc, but a rear linear pull brake. It also has the super cheap Shimano flat face rear derailleur and the same cheap 3×7 stamped and riveted drivetrain seen on other bikes in this price range.

All things considered, this assembly line fresh bike is far better setup than any other bike in the same price that I’ve ridden or seen on store shelves. These are light duty bikes, and it’s easy to forget that and ride them harder, but the cheaper components would likely quickly let you know you are outside what the bike is mean to do.

What do you think about bikes like this, and does the Assembled in the USA mean anything when it comes to big box bikes?

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Charlie Orellana says:

Recently bought a huffy 27.5 inch mountain bike from Walmart. There are little to no reviews on it, any body vouch for it?

Shuqu Gaming says:

There’s a bike called Veloce 602 for 140$ Check this out

bmxmonkey33 says:

I’ve built close to 30 of these…they gave you a cherry sample. I have never had one of these where the brakes and derailleur cables were not loose and wayyyyy off out of the box.

ChuckmoneyVevo says:

26″ Men’s Mongoose Mack Mag Wheel Bike, Black and Orange. That would be a good bike to review

Michael Smith says:

I think it’s great that they’ve managed to assemble this in the USA for this price point. A bike like this doesn’t really suit my needs, however, if I only had 149 to spend, and just needed to get around town, then yes…this $149 bike is better than having NO bike.

I’d like to see though, at this price point, a bike with a rigid front fork, and 1.8 – 2.0-ish tires. I think that would be MUCH better for what this bike will be used for. Yes, people like the “mountain bike look”, but as you pointed out, that stuff is just not functional on this type of bike.

thomas solberg says:

If I had $149 to spend then yes I would consider this bike. Any bike is better than no bike as long as you ride it within its expected parameters!

Michael Robbers says:


Mark Nope says:

Lol weighs the same as my intense with 10 inches of travel and 203mm brakes. Lololololol

Spandex Cycling says:

“You pledge to the flag, and flag is made in China!!” -The Simpsons

Carl Peeples says:

Every bike I buy from Walmart the rear hub comes loose and the rear tire plays a moveable left to right movement

Andrew Singleton says:

Honestly? I kinda want to grab one to try getting back into cycling since I am at best casual and the roads here or wherever I’dgo are paved and , well to be blunt, my needs are rather modest. Asfor manufacturing? I’m… not a patriotic person so for me it’s ‘where assembles them better?’ Everything I’ve seen puts US assembly as beating out china in less errors and mistakes. so I’d rather go US and will pay a premium for that.

Are there any comperably priced beginner bikes you’d recommend? The biggest turn off for me is twist shift. Last bike I’d rode had twist shifts and those thigns were just… gear slipping everywhere. Felt uncomfortable and I just plain hated the expeiance, so a twist shift here skeeves me out, but it’s a budget bike so whatcha gonna do?

Sean Hornchek says:

those gloves are complete ripoffs of hand up gloves. Why do you help these copy cats, dont buy their products

Wayne V says:

is bca going to make a true mt. bike?

Vitárius László says:

why they put the one disc brake in the front ? that’s not a good idea

EditioCastigata says:

Any minor adjustment, if you’re the average bike buyer and no enthusiast with knowledge, at a bike shop will set you back like 10–20$ and time+nerves. In my books, they can have that premium if the assembly and adjustment is done properly (including grease and threadlocker).

Cole's Mountain Biking says:

1:13 Trek Cali S my bike

Reverend Al says:

Now that conservatives have succeeded in crushing unions in America, worker’s pay is pathetically low. So it makes sense for the profiteers to re-industrialize in some areas.

anewhproduction says:

I broke one in less than 30 minutes.

Shunn says:

What you think about the Schwinn Woodlands Pro for 300$? Is it a good bike for a beginner on the trails?

OWR _VONNY says:

I have this bike but converted to single speed (bmx cruiser) zero suspension, street tires, single speed Freewheel , and BMX risers now this thing is just a blast

Bogeyman 1776 says:

Whats the best big box commuter bike?

rod elam says:

the diamondback serene and wildwood are on sale for 179 direct from diamondback. way better bike than anything walmart sells. not to mention WAY better factory support, as well as resale value. I have both. great quality for the price!

Jake Garrett says:

1: No
2: Walmart will still screw it up
(these were your 2 questions at the end)

Walmart is notorious for putting the forks on backwards (which I’ll admit I did once at 3 AM, exhausted, and it was pitch black so I couldn’t see it). I still don’t know how they can’t tell that at box stores and fix it.

Why would I not buy it at $150? Simple, you can buy used bikes that are probably better for $20. I bought a mongoose for $5, chopped off 2 chain rings so its 1x in the front, and with the extra $15 you could upgrade your brakes (mine work fine, but they squeak). It actually has working suspension that doesn’t try to kill you (I hit a trail and went about 6x faster than I would on most typical Walmart bikes, my speed was only limited by sandy turns and how much power I could put down, and at the time I was in decent shape from cycling in college). So considering that, I wouldn’t recommend buying any Walmart bikes unless they are used and decent quality

I’m not sure why the quality is so bad right now, China makes some awesome motorcycles with huge hydraulic disk brakes, mono shocks with 18″ travel , and massive over-sized front hydraulic suspension for just over $1k. I would think they could make something without an engine, lights, etc for $200 since it doesn’t need to handle off-raod at high speed.

hapiman97 says:

@1:15 did Kev just become Dr Seuss?

Caleb Guenterberg says:

In the last shot the cranks looked so long that the pedals would hit the ground. Did you have any problems with that? It looks suuuper low.

Dave Zombie says:

I bought my new old stock K2 proflex 1000 for 140 dollars beautiful hand made USA Bike STX parts rides like a Ferrari that thing looks cheap

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