$199 Walmart Schwinn Boundary 29er – A cheap mountain bike that works?

29″ Mens Schwinn Boundary, Dark Green and Black is a $199 mountain bike from Walmart which, at least for me and a friend, was worth the money and held up on the trail. Is this a hidden gem in the Walmart bike lineup? I think so!

The bicycle features a Schwinn branded front suspension fork, Shimano EZ Fire trigger shifters, front and rear 160mm disc brakes, full aluminum frame, Shimano crank arms, Shimano Tourney rear derailleur, flat nylon pedals, and 29 x 2.25″ mountain bike tires.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a premium bicycle, but it is a low cost / cheap bike available at Walmart that is capable of handling light-moderate trail duty for the average rider. Would this work for hardcore mountain bike adventures, no….but neither would many lower priced premium mountain bikes.

Feel free to post your opinions. If you have one of these bikes i’d like to know your experience. Many videos to come on this bike, plus the Mongoose XR-Pro is coming soon!


magicrobharv says:

Stickers make it “look like a bass boat.” LOL

Stephen Gunnoe says:

Some of these comments are funny. Who gives a rats ass how much someone spends on a bike. If it gets more people bike aware and out riding what’s it matter?

Repack Rider (Charlie Kelly) says:

We rode crap, but we started improving it immediately. This is a reversion to crap.

Bald Eagle says:

It’s Derailer, not De rail yer.

GoPro Lou says:

heres some info on Pacific Cycle Brands

John Smith says:

The box says “TEAM LIFT” which is how you can tell the frame isn’t carbon.

Kathy Toth says:

What’s the standover for this?

Canadian61 says:

Guys im getting into mountain biking and I am looking for tips on starting out.
Someone recommended me the “Norco 7.3 fluid plus” would that be good for starting out? let me know.

Cole Croley says:

Fuck this Bike
I bought a Kona and I got it from a Local Bike shop

Dan - says:

Mongoose Snare. 300$, was my first adult mountian bike, and it lasted for 8 years, i recently sold it and it still worked great. if you want a decent bike from a department store, 300$ or more and a mongoose will get you there.
BTW i took that bike on full downhill trains and it did great. It’s not the store, it’s the brand of the bike.

Narendra Godse says:

Made in china… Then sure there is no quality…

Mike Brownlee says:

once you swap out the components, a decent seat, forks, basic carbon frame you’ll have a sweet ride.

Ian Mangham says:

Bargain for 200

Seth Johnson says:

If you have never been to a bike shop and test ridden a $2000 or higher bike you have no idea what a real quality bike is. Sure, you might be able to find something for $500 or so that you could “deal with” on the trails but it will never be a serious contender and you will tire out faster than everyone else riding much lighter bikes. These are usually the kinds of bikes we see people walking out of the trails because it either broke or they got too tired pushing it up every hill it couldn’t climb. There is a reason pros ride bikes that cost close to $10,000.

Tim Sorgenfrei says:

You better search for a used “gem”. 200 Dollars are a good basic.
Never buy garbage like in this video. You want to do real trailriding? Go and look for a good, used bike. You have to spend more time, but at the end you will find a good bike for serious trailriding.

Giver S says:

But hey its got SLR housing on the shifters . thanks for stating the obvious crap but slr housing wont work on index shifting

Mark Anthony M. Rivera says:

You haven’t heard of Trinx then

Kenzie Sinnott says:

the “cassette” is actually a free wheel and the chain did actually have cut outs on it to save weight something you would usually only see on higher end chains such as the 11 speed kmc

Master Shot1911 says:

No quick release No frame sizes except for one standard frame size that’s not made for somebody that’s 6 foot 2 inches tall I think I’m going to have to try to save up for a decent bike.

TheGrayWolf81 says:

I got this bike in June of this year, and it’s still holding up very well. I am extremely impressed with this bike for only $200. I didn’t expect much of it, but even after shredding it hard on my local trails, everything still feels nice and tight, unlike your typical cheap bikes, which after a couple (or even a single) rides falls apart. It also quite light. Another thing in particular that I noticed is that the tires are still rock solid, the same as when I bought the bike, which shows that little to no air is leaving the tires (although on a 29″ bike, you’d want lower tire pressure if you’re going to be riding trails). This is *definitely* a steal for the price. The only upgrades which I highly recommend (some of which I’ve already done) are new locking grips (the ones it comes with just aren’t good if you’re going to do any serious riding), wider handlebars (the ones it comes with are, just like any cheaper bike, way too narrow, at least for me, but it’s only personal preference), and possibly a new fork suspension, although the stock one will do with some slight modifications. All in all, I highly recommend you get this bike.

Super Crazy Luis SHOW!! says:

Who else dosent mtb but luv this channel. I bnx


welding is shit tho

gil hamilton says:

Please look at the gravity 29er +. It would be perfect for your series.

Gary Brown says:

Like his conclusion and agree with it. By the way, if you ride off cliffs in such a way as to destroy this bike, do you really want to do that with your $3000 status symbol bike???

Ulises Avila says:

I have a question, how much did you sepend in the iron horse bike?

Leon Hubbard says:

i dont wanna be overly negative, but wow what a turd… look at that fork, complete with pidgeon shit turd welding. and lets be honest, just because it says shimano doesnt make it good quality. that rear derailleur costs $13 retail, shimano’s best derailleur costs a bit more than that whole bike. and stop comparing it to your low end trek. what you paid for was a cheap bike from a DEALER, which means they should back up anything they sell. otherwise you will make the walton family richer, and yourself poorer through hospital bills…

TechPimp says:

Try the Titan Alpha Bike instead

lee nevin says:

why buy that for trails

Giio Ovo says:

send me this bike when youre done with it id take good care with it 🙂

Bence Gunyhó says:

Calling this a schwinn bike is absolutely disappointing. Once before schwinn was sold to americans schwinn where great now its a pice of sh.t. :”(



Richard Day says:

Fancy and nylon pedals oh boy and you can get a tomato from Peru and ride home $200 dollars what a deal. Sorry but your bike from wally world is a poc and it looks real cheap. You get what you pay for. Better to buy a good used Quality bike for the same money and keep the Chinese crap in China. Also try and get a local bike shop to work on your walmart bike. Anyone watching this video should watch more reviews on real bikes and not crap from China.

B Dragon says:

You could get a real trail bike if you stopped buying several cheap bikes. Just saying…

Karl Fonner says:

I keep thinking about Charlie Kelly and the rest of the crazies in Marin County back in the day and what did they ride?

Sir Kaos says:

I’m sorry…. YOU are not a cyclist! You have low end bikes and show xmart bikes…. This is a horrible video…. Please people, go to a real bike shop!!!

Hunter M says:

I had this and it broke on the second ride the wheel bent and the derailleur got bent

Pewy McPewerson says:

It looks identical to the Trinix m600 I bought off Amazon. Except mine has zoom hydraulic brakes and was $239 shipped.

Kent Nilsson says:

That’s a pile of shit and nothing else!

BraiK says:

“199 bucks isnt gonna get you a 1000 dollar bycycle” well obviously xD

Rich Harris says:

I agree I have a 2016 specialized pitch 650 b

Sam Thomas says:

it has a KMC chain?

Jackson Armstrong says:

What is a “deraillier”

gnarmad says:

STOP. for the love of fucking Christ PLEASE stop buying “bikes” from department stores. you seem to have money, so why do you review fucking garbage bikes? just go to a bike shop and buy a bike. your lack of knowledge is killing me.

*you didn’t find a gem. you found a typical piece of trash that won’t last a season. THEN when you go to your local bike shop to get it fixed you’re going to balk at the price of real components and torture the mechanics–leading them deeper down the hole of alcoholism* you are the bane of every bike mechanic out there. do us all bike shop employees a favor and buy a real bike now or never set foot in our shops with your shit ass bike.

Specialized Camber
Specialized 6Fattie
Santa Cruz 5010
Santa Cruz Tallboy

Alec Kelley says:

Walmart has an aluminium frame, full-suspension 650B for $150, with four-bar suspension, front disc, and 1 1/8 threadless headset. It’s called the Genesis V2100 27.5 – maybe there’s some potential there?

C Anon says:

or maybe take your 200 and buy something a couple of years old….

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