2012 Motobecane Fantom Pro 29er Mountain Bike Review BikesDirect

Purchased this Motobecane Fantom bike online from Bikes Direct and went with this model for the Shimano XT and XTR mix drivetrain for the price that also includes a Rockshox Reba RL fork. Probably the best hardtail at this price IMO. Weight of this bike out of the box is about 27lbs (including pedals). Bikes Direct assembly was pretty simple, as the majority of the bike comes preassembled.

Please watch: “2016 Giant Anthem SX Review – Specs Close First Look”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKS0ZfObLjc


moke176 says:

nice bike man. i have the same fork on my anthem 29er. how close do you run the – and + air chambers to eachother?


Hey, I am 5’6″ and this is actually the 15″. Yep, the 17.5″ should fit you perfect. Thanks!

moke176 says:

yea i love the anthem. i was riding a ’11 giant talon 29er and decided to give the anthem a try. i have been running the – about 10psi lower than the + and it seems a little stiff. i might try to run them a little closer together and see how that feels. i see you ride the fullerton loop a lot. i live in chino and the fullerton loop and carbon canyon are the trails i ride the most. i want to ride turnbull canyon soon…


Build quality is pretty good from what I hear, but just remember that they are single-pivot designs. They will be bouncier and may lock up during braking. Better to get a floating pivot frame if you can afford it. (Giant Maestro, Specialized FSR, etc) Or even a hardtail 29er.

Bob Da Builder says:

That’s really nice now all you need is a specialized rockhopper frame

Rich Amenhauser says:

I have a Motobecane Jubile DLX and im tryna sell it !!! 26er

Worldwide Darts says:

You might need another headset spacer to fix the headset since changing the stem


Yup, it was heavier than I expected. The frame is heavy, at about 4.5lbs and the SLX cassette & wheelset need to go soon. Since this video, I changed the Wellgo platform/SPD to Candy pedals, and removed the Pushloc remote & cable. I’m sure I saved some decent weight there.


Quality is outstanding! I no longer have the frame since I got a hand-me-down Giant Anthem X 29er frame, but am still using all of the components. Never had a single issue and customer support is top notch. Go for it!


I was running the – about 5 PSI higher to give it a softer feel, but I’ve been riding it with the – and + matched and it’s been pretty smooth. btw I love the Anthems


Yup, these frames are built by Kinesis who build frames for some other well known brands such as KHS. It is solid for sure, but it is pretty heavy compared to Giant, Specialized, etc. From what I’ve read online, these frames are very durable, and in the rare cases when a warranty is needed, it is honored. The 15″ frame should fit you well, but the standover might be a little tight depending on your inseam.

daviddang82 says:

You didn’t need the Pushloc remote anymore? What else do you plan on doing to this? It would be cool if you did a weight weenie project and documented your progress.

spyderrtd says:

awesome! you inspire me to make a Nebo review! haha. great job!

I really like that dirt, where could i get some of that dirt? ;D

daviddang82 says:

im surprised it weighs that much with XTR and XT. Probably in the wheels and the frame. How much did you pay for it?

Brooks Gorden says:

u know if the gravity full suspensions bike from bikes direct are an good?

djxspin says:

I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on this bike but not sure how the quality of this bike compares with the name brand bikes, any thoughts? Also how much does this bike weigh. I think I would be riding the same size bike so your’s would be a good reference.

George Reither says:

Nice vid. I might be buying this bike in the near future for the Tour Divide race (not the pro, but the Elite), but I’m not really familiar with Motobecane. Does the frame seem pretty solid? How would you compare it to other more popular brand name bikes similarly equipped? Good warranty? Also I was wondering about the size. How tall are you? Is the 15 inch frame a good fit for someone 5’7″ tall? Thanks in advance.

irocss85 says:

the giant frame is 4.5 lbs or the motobecane frame is?   Im currently trying to figure out what year mine is (08 or 09 I think) and how much the frame weighs.  but I have a tora race(standard lock lever on fork).  not sure if thats a clue to a diff year, or just a different model/build of the fantom pro 29.  from what I can tell the 08 came with a standard tora with remote lock.  
anyways, very curious if you know the weight of the motobecane frame?   

moe sally says:

I’m sold . But if you had to pick between this and the Trek marlin, What would you pick and why?

CanWeHaveHarmony says:

Hi! Hey, how tall are you? I’m so close to ordering this in the $549 trail version. I’m 5″11 . Thinking my legs are around 32 inch. You said your bike is a 13. Do you think a 17.5 would still have some fun play for a guy of 5″11? -Peace and thanks.


U should totally do it man! This video would have been 10x’s better with a tripod though….LMAO
U could get some of that dirt for free at Foothill Ranch, tell them I sent you 🙂

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