2017 Trek 820 Mountain Bicycle – Feature overview

Trek’s cheapest entry level mountain bicycle. Built on a sturdy custom steel frame, this bike will be able to take a beating and keep rolling.

This is Trek’s lowest priced adult bicycle in 2017. It is marketed as an entry level mountain bike, but is also at home cruising around town or to campus. It has a few features not normally found on a mountain bike – like rear rack mounts. It doesn’t come with any advanced features and is more akin to a bike from the early 2000s with linear pull brakes and entry level Shimano derailleurs. That said, this bicycle should be able to take quite a pounding on the trails, and also feel comfortable commuting around town.

Features of the 2017 Trek 820:

-Trek Custom Steel frame
-SR Suntour M3030 front suspension with 75mm travel
-Shimano TY500 front derailleur & TY300 rear
-Bontrager LT3 26×2.00 mountain bike tires
-Bontrager AT-550 alloy rims
-42/43/24 crank
-7 speed TZ21 Shimano cassette
-Shimano speed shifters
-Tektro Linear pull alloy brakes
-Wellgo platform nylon pedals
-Bontrager SSR saddle
-Bontrager SSR grips


Justin Y. says:

To me trek is a Wal-Mart version of specialized

Jan Michael Portugaleza says:

Can you give me this bike as a christmas gift?

Bmac 814 says:

I just picked up my first trek, it’s a Gary fisher Mamba, I believe somewhere around a 2013 model I found it used for 225. It was hardly ridden at all but had some crust that needed cleaned off the drive train from sitting around in storage. I think I got a good deal on it, it has rockshox front forks, hydro disks, 29” wheels. It feels like a really big bike however. I’m 6’1” and it’s a 19” which should be fine according to the trek website but it just seems big, maybe it’s the big 29” wheels or something or the fact that I’m used to a roadbike. I just need to spend some time with it and get comfortable on it. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to ride it for a while and easily get my money back if I ever want to upgrade.

Chris Duke says:

Not bad. Change the pedals and you’re ready to go.
I got one of these free last year. Not working, but last month we got in a nice mountain bike with major frame damage in shipping, so I have some nice new parts to put on it. Pretty much every part other than the frame and forks was saved. Or I may use those parts on an old GT I have laying around? Decisions decisions. Either way I go, Trek or GT, I’ll have to braze on some disk brake mounts to the frame and get a new set of forks with disk mounts.

Motocrazy says:

i have a 4300 trek mountain bike lol . well it is my dads but i ride it a bit good bike

Crosty Bandit says:

I wanted to get an older 4300 disk from like 2006, is it worth it?

Jim Chavez says:

Where does the Marlin 5 fall into this MTB line up?

Aayush Parmar says:


jt fisher says:

and why are you obsessed with treks

cxward says:

which better this one or GT palomar ??

bailey elliott says:

whens this guy gonna buy a good fuel suspension bike

kvazyman says:

thx. i will buy it soon 🙂

Rikudou Sennin says:

Does he sound like Kermit the Frog?

Sergio Pinho says:

Thanks for the video

Robert Featherstone says:

I own this bike its awsome for the Prince its not for hardcore stuff its a point a to point b bike that looks good and does great on casual trails

R Harro says:

No fender mounts at the front?

The Biker says:

I have this exact same bike, except it is a 16”

Jamie B says:

I have a 2008 trek, love(d) it, no major problems till about three years ago and the free hub wore out or something (pedeling an not getting anywhere) got the freehub (and hub) replaced and no problems, but I’m getting this years model (2018) today. The frames rusted to hell and the handlebars are bent (front break a little bent too) couple years ago I did get a Giant Tempt 3 with disk breaks, hated them, if going over 30 kph they dont stop you, just slow you down (sold it and went back to me old trek) now time to get another one. Not bad for 10 years (9 years of riding year round in Canadian winters)

lane lon says:

I just came home from the local thrift store with a trek 820 .Looks like the tires have no wear at all . It is an older one with rigid fork but no scratches. It looks like it never got ridden much at all . The tires were flat but it had a little pump mounted to the frame as well as a bottle cage . I brought it home pumped some air into the tires with the pump and rode it . .It shifted through all the gears perfectly . The brakes squall loudly ; probably age hardened pads . The price out the door was $14.97 . my go to bike is a trek madone 5.2 . i got this to exercize my dogs on pine lands trails near my house . No play in the hubs probably because it is the mixte model . Boys tend to beat the hubs out of these type bikes jumping ramps and such . I wound up here because I googled it to see what I could find out about it . i think I got a pretty good deal .

Gianni West says:

All the 4300 have 80ml

Xantteboy says:

Its a really really really bad bike it would cost 100$ but because its trek it costs a lot

jt fisher says:

pretty much a walmart bike with name brand components

Wargy Wirry says:

Love your videos!!

Bobby Hempel says:

Should have bought a Giant bike better components for the money. Shimano tourney is Walmart junk

Addicted2baseball rgd says:

The Northrock XC6 is a lot nicer than that, and it’s only $325 at Costco.

Nicholas Maietta says:

I have a variant of this model from about 10 years. I spent about 900 in upgrades and addons over the years. Only fails i have had were derailleur failing a couple months ago and a crank bolt loosening. It is a solid bike and worth every penny. Rode 13 miles everyday 4 years no problem. No rust anywhere. Still same front tire but replaced back tire twice. I love my bike.

Alex Orlow says:

How much is it?

NeATaNDtURdy says:

you sound like sidearms

Ethan Deonarain says:

I got it

Jarnesque says:

Great review – thank you!

ThomasYouTuber says:

“I did it again, I purchased another Trek bicycle” lmao

Bryan Centeno says:

I found a Gary Fisher kaitai for 80$ on Craigslist and this exact bike for 240$ which one Is a better deal?

Joe N says:

Change the stem, handlebars and those awful crap grips and the bike becomes a nice ride. Heck! Change the tires and pedals and now the bike is a great commuter and soft trail bike. Great bike for 469.99 Canadian. Better quality than anything from Canadian Tire or Walmart. Know guys who own a 820 from 15 years ago. Still rides to work…

Jogie Glen Mait says:

didn’t know philippines have a shimano factory for cheap cranks…

Juan Pablo Herrera says:

Got this baby for $140. Used but very well maintained and in gorgeous black and red 🙂

Bryan says:

Can you do a trail test on the bike? The next Trek 820 video after this didn’t really explain if it handled well, and if there were any problems

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