2017 Trek Remedy 9.8 Test Ride & Review

Bike Details: http://bit.ly/2iLkkGv

2017 TREK REMEDY!!! I could not wait to get my paws on this all new resigned Remedy. Whisperings from Trek of knock block and boost had me all sorts of school boy excited and ready to see the new offering.

This is a rig that’s ready for anything and I would put this bike squarely in the “one bike to rule them all” category!

If you’re super bummed that Trek kicked the 29’er out of the Remedy family photo, take a look at my 2017 Trek Fuel EX 9.8 Plus video. Here’s a secret, that bike will gladly take 29’er wheelset and bam… old Remedy 29’er, done! Also for those sick about no plus… again, Fuel EX 9.8 Plus to the rescue. Same specs almost exactly as the old Remedy!

Get out to your nearest Trek store and demo this bike today!

It’s a great time to be a mountain biker!

For a detailed description of the Remedy including specs go to the Trek Bicycle YouTube video link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqNq6fQzTZM

Trek remedy website link here: http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/bikes/mountain-bikes/trail-mountain-bikes/remedy/remedy-9-8/p/1190600-2017

Strava file here: https://www.strava.com/activities/726201347



synndakitt says:

I am deciding between a fuel and a remedy. I live in Florida where there are no long descents, mostly technical sandy roots and no flow in trails. Also I am a pretty heavy guy. I was told the fuel is more xc which would be more ideal, but to me the remedy looks a bit sturdier for a bigger rider. Would a remedy fit in technical flat trails like the fuel in your opinion?

jg_kman says:

how does it compare to the 2016 Bronson?

kpbassist says:

Hey yumyum,
Looks like you have a very fine trail system for mtb reviews and, your running dialog is nice too.
Keep up the good reviws.
Please remember to respect other trail users.
Cyclists yield to hikers!

zoomzoomgt says:

whats pedal strike?

Marek Sumguy says:

This is way better than 9 RSL. It has Pike fork, carbon frame and 2X drive

Martin Giles says:

Did you test the bike in HIGH or LOW GEO settings?
Have you tested the trance 2017, i am torn between this & the remedy frameset. Interesting that the remedy in 17.5 has almost the same GEO as the bronson.

milhaus28 says:

Nothing wrong with liking all the bikes you have reviewed. In fact, I don’t think there has been a bad or questionable bike come through your channel yet. Keep up the good work!

Dennis Cudal says:

So if you had to choose… Remedy 9.8 or Santa Cruz bronson. Which would it be?

Matt Mitchell says:

love the review. New Remedy is my dream bike, just hope it’s not too much travel (150/150) for what I do.

mountainbikepro says:

I simply just don’t know what to get this SUUCCCKS!!! I was 100% sold on the Tallboy3, but then I just watched Yum Yum’s review of the Yeti SB 4.5c, and Im checking out the SB5+ as well, man too many choices. Does anybody know if any year 2016 bikes had the boost 148/110 hub standard, or is that prettymuch new for 2017? If I can find a 16 with the boost standard it sure will save me a pile of money lol. FYI I ride XC and Trail in Pennsylvania, and currently ride an old Specialized FSR XC with 3 chain rings( and it still does well ). Looking to modernize.

chrlie1984 says:

hey luvin ur vids btw. watched ur vid on this and the giant trance 2. i know this is the 9.8. bur if u had 2 choose either the trek remedy 8 or the trance 2. which would u go for. thanx for any help

Taylor Ball says:

I ride my dads 2017 Stumpjumper comp carbon and buying a bike for my self. Deciding between Bronson and remedy 9.8 for technical and fast trails. I know they both rip on the downhill but how about climbing in the open setting? Any bob? And technical climbs are they the same?

Gentle Knight says:

Thank you for such a superb review! I’m in the market for a new 150mm suspension bike and I think by watching this video I’ve made up my mind!

andyboy198577777 says:

Great video! What size did you test ride? I wanna get a remedy 8 but I’m between sizes and can’t make up my mind! Thx!

carol teodoru says:

what would you recommend between the evil insurgent and the trek remedy

Abe Zilla says:

Hey man good day to you. In your video with 2017 trek Fuel ex you sounded like you were not impressed. But here 2017 Trek Remedy you sounded different. Aren’t they of the same frame just the difference in shock travel?

Chase Smith says:

Great page… thanks for the reviews

philKILLzz YT says:

wht size did u ride??

Jon Parsons says:

I wish i had the money for a bike like that.

kevinsbott says:

Great video… I’m a subscriber and up here watching this vid in the middle of a cold New England winter. Frozen ground ride tomorrow AM that I am looking forward to. 🙂

TrashEater says:

7:48 I found many. Huffy, Mongoose, and pretty much all the department store brands out there

Carlyle Grundon says:

Have you ridden the slash 2017? I’m trying to decide between the Remedy 9.8 and the Slash 9.8

Ties de Vos says:

this thing looks very strong

Nj van Zyl says:

How will this bike go down gnarly enduro racing tracks?

Justice bdone says:

Please compare the Trek Remedy with the Pivot Switch, the Santa Cruz Bronson & the Hightower; climbing ability, agility, down hill ability, plus cost should always be part of the analysis for a bike review, thanks

Mike XT says:

Just bought this bike! Now I have to wait for it to ship… can’t wait!!!

David Leighton says:

Hi. Great video. I currently own a Antidote lifeline dh nano 170. Fantastic bike for pointing down hill, however it climbs like a pig as it bobs and the geometry is awful for up hill. So my question is what does it really climb like? I know it will be good on the downs. But on the ups I want to know if it is quick and nice to climb steep terrain on?
Kind regards. Dave

carlos ramirez says:

remedy or fuel ex

chris mendus says:

What trail system is that you’re always riding?

Will Percy says:

Love the reviews! How would you compare the Remedy to the Giant Trance?

Joseph Sewell says:

can you please do a ride review on the 2017 specialised enduro!!!

Kamren Porche says:

Hey mtbyumyum, I love your videos! Keep up the great work. I’m thinking about getting the remedy 8. Does the bike actually climb well, because I really need a good bike that can climb. I live in Colorado, and live close to some great trails, but the climb is required. Also, how is the suspension? I love to downhill mtb, and would love a bike that can descend well and soak up the hits. Also, how does the remedy compare to the Hightower and 5010? Those are some other options of mine. Thanks.

Patrick Lim says:

That’s a GREAT review!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for that! I’ve been noodling over the Ibis Ripley 29er (but they stopped producing the small size frame so that pretty much cancels that out)…and a 2015 Fuel EX. I previously had a Fuel EX 7 29er and tricked it out….but the one thing I always felt was that I sat “too high” on the bike and the wagon wheels limited the “flickability” and fun factor of my rides – which is exactly what you stated on your test of the new 2017 Fuel EX as well. I recently test rode a 2015 Fuel EX 9.9 – 27.5 and I was instantly shocked at how much more in control I felt (I’m 5’6). After reading your review – I think I just found my latest bike!!!! 🙂 I just found a Remedy to my conundrum!!! (see what I did there? :)))))) – Patrick

Michael Jones says:

What do you think about this vs the bronson, Hightower or SB4.5? Love your videos!

WeGotUnknown Edition says:

Which is the best ? Canyon strive 8.0 or Trek Remedy 9.8


AwsomeI bike!
Where is this trail?

Fredrik Sandberg says:

It would be nice to know what size you used and how tall you are in the videos and if you felt that you want to change anything like bars or stem 🙂

Ryan Docena says:

I am a Yeti fanboy but I have been checking out this remedy and it looks fun and snappy! they also have the race shop limited version but the sad thing is it’s not carbon but the colorway all red of the shop race edition is dope wish it was carbon!! aghhh Trek why? lol

Ramon Cliff says:

Great video! Looks like you had allot of fun. Quick question — I was watching your giant trance review, & in the comments section you had some concerns on the knock block system on the 2017 remedy line-up. Can you expand on your thoughts on the knock block system?? Great reviews on all bikes BTW!

Thomas Dunne says:

500th like

Mike XT says:

Hey those are my trails!!! Road ghost earlier today.

Micah Hayes says:

I’m looking at something like a 2017 giant trance 2 how would the trek remedy 7 compare to the trance? thanks

dimsoneill says:

Have a 2012 Remedy 8 which I have upgraded to 1×10 and put wider bars on it and it is still going strong. Amazing bikes and super well built. Would love one of the 2017 models. Might have to go for a test ride.

Thanks for the review and your stoke mate!

Cam Wells says:

i have a 2016 remedy 27.5, great bike ,
where i live in australia , i see very few remedies out on the trails which surprises me , i think people dont realise how good they are

Agustin Ravasi says:

thanks for your videos and reviews! Now that you’ve been riding a lot of new 29ers and 27.5 bikes, could you give your opinion (maybe make a video) of each type of wheel size? I think it would be very helpfull, at least for me.

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