2018 Trek Roscoe 9 Review

I was very impressed with the Trek Stache last year. This month, I got to give it’s little brother, the Trek Roscoe 9, a go. It’s such an amazing bike for the price!

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Miku Cavendish says:

The Qr boost standard is actually pretty annoying, I have a polygon xtrada 6 1×10 and it has the same standard, the easiest way to upgrade the wheels on this standard is to, get a hope pro evo 2/4 boost anf just switch the caps out for their Qr adapter… Its really really expensive…

Harry Berwick says:

All the gear no idea

Eric Vandewiele says:

Dag Laurents,waar is dat bikepark?Groeten,Eric

raptor says:

sucks not out yet

Chuck Taylor says:

In the similar price range, what bike would you choose instead of this bike and which bike wouldn’t you choose over this bike?

FoxBalls says:

Is this bike good for wheelies/is it light? I’m not just buying it for wheelies, but is it good for throwing it about?

addmin000 says:

I’m thinking of buying the Roscoe, most likely the 9. This review helps a lot. Thanks so much!
BTW – what’s the helmet you’re having?

Not Clint Emerson I'm really not says:

Why would you run clip pedals

Frazer Ward says:

Nice review, where is this park?

Ankz#7 says:

Roscoe 9 looks great but what are some other alternatives to the Roscoe 9?

Jaime Magana says:

folks, go to ebay and score a deal!

OxBlitzkriegxO says:

the Commencal Meta HT AM has better geo and better gear spec and doesnt have a stupid QR rear axle.

Luke Hynes says:

I jsut bought one :3 However, jsut wandering, are there some slick 27.5+ tyres so I can ride with less friction on asphalt, since im pretty much dead in the city most of the time.

Nino Bungies says:

Whats the deal with Boost 141?


I have a bike with that weird 141QR boost rear. It works just fine, but damn it’s hard to find wheels. I have to use adapter end caps to covert them to QR.

Romeo P. says:

Where is the dropper post?

Keith Rogers says:

Would the frame take 3.0 tyres though?

KingLou XIII says:

Trek didnt send you shit. lol. you bought that bike

John Lindsay says:

This work good a paper route bike long rides going curbes hitting 4 in crack in the streets sidewalk with 30 to 40 lbs news papers need strong bike

Conner Kofford says:

You call that riding steep

aayden says:

why tf you wearing goggles on a half helmet? you look like the biggest tool.

Filip Koivuniemi says:

Nice video! I own the Roscoe 9 to. I agree with some things you said like the seat angle could be steeper and the front chainring could be bigger. I am maybe going to change the front chainring to 32 or 34t. I have ridden it 1500 km and it still works fine and i still love the bike.

spider7ven says:

Great review. Thank you. Subscribed

Tayler Laubach says:

Wish we had them in the US

John Lindsay says:

Thay can send me one I need good bike on 89$ huffy good for now one speed gets old

The Tactical Dad says:

I wonder WHY no one review the Cannondale Cujo. Very similar size components and price. I have a Cujo One and is amazing.


bike looks small for you.


Why so sloppy riding??? Make that freaking bike jump higher, man !!! Are you scared or something???

legniak1 says:

Why would Trek send a bike to someone with only 1000 subscribers?

cL1cKBaT3 says:

I had a roscoe 7 and I miss it so much it was stolen since I was a dumbass and didn’t use a U lock when I locked it for 30 minutes with a cable lock

Beatskillz 88 says:

Where are you riding???

Sohaib Younus says:

Vitus sentier is way better value.

Luke Hynes says:

Hello. would you suggest this Trek or this Pinnacle Iroko 2 2018: seen here https://www.evanscycles.com/pinnacle-iroko-2-2018-mountain-bike-EV306260
I know the pinacle has the superior fork, but frame and other componments wise, would the trek become better if I upgrade the fork, or should I go for the Pinnacle?

PowerTime847 says:

You should focus on your riding more, you have a lot of work to do (proper body position, jumping/pumping technique). Dont bother with the bike, for a long while cuz its not your weakness.

JeunJ says:

I’m getting the roscoe 8 2019 for 1300$!!! I love the black stanchions

Joe N says:

The Roscoe 9 isn’t sold in Canada. The model 8 is the highest one. $1599 and you get a great bike! Test rode it but wasn’t fond of NX 1x drive train. Not all of us are riding whistler A line or North Shore. We want to ride the streets, take on a hill. But as a riding bike, it feels solid.

Zachery Toone says:

wish they had the 9 in the states….i have the 8 and love it

Julien Thibeault says:

Looks a lot like my marlin 7 just diffrent paint ..

Bobby Hempel says:

Screw that 1× bullshit

JvTV says:

Hey nice video! Is the bike suitable for jumping stairs?

daktariTJ says:

Great review, exactly the dream bike im looking for.

ROU Xenophobe says:

Nice review, very helpful. Did I understand correctly that it’s not really a true thru-axle, but effectively just a long QR? (Hmmm!) Where is the bike park in the video please? Thanks.

Tic Tac says:

Nice video !

kiki trek says:

Got the same grips,and are okay(no twist) You really need to tighten them 🙂

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