2019 Santa Cruz Bronson Test Ride & Review

Link to 2019 Santa Cruz Bronson: https://goo.gl/TsBmMh

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My Gear:
Gloves: https://goo.gl/uiyimC
Knee Pads: https://goo.gl/gDkUUf
Shorts: https://goo.gl/7cB6vD
Jersey: https://goo.gl/mJtFPN
Front Tire: https://goo.gl/jADJTH
Rear Tire: https://goo.gl/TEfiF5

My Camera Gear:
Gimbal: https://goo.gl/ij8wT3
GoPro: https://goo.gl/PywV1M

2019 Santa Cruz Bronson


idesigner says:

Hi How would you compare Bronson VS Nomad on climbing? At my local trail I have to climb 1hr 15mins steady, steep, long climb.

Zippidy #35 says:

After hitting Outerbike; I think you should add the Scott Genius to your list of reviews.

John Byler says:

Great vids! I’m coming off a yeti SB66, Colorado, aggressive enduro style riding. Wondering how the new Bronson compares to the older Yeti SB66 or newer Yeti SB6c with climbing and downhill feel? Looking for an aggressive enduro bike that can still climb similar to the yeti SB6, any thoughts?

BigWheelsMTB says:

I failed to see its specd with 2.6… hmm damn I really trust your reviews and was hoping this was a winner

Rasmus toftdahl says:

2019 bronson or Nomad 2019

BigWheelsMTB says:

It seemed like in the beginning you really liked the bike, then hated it.. be interesting if you gave it another chance with smaller tires maybe diff setup

Albert Sastre says:

Hi yumyum, Do you think this bike is much better than the nomad3? and why? thanks bro.

Preston Jordan Jr. says:

I finally got a chance to do some technical climbing on mine today. Last weekend was the first time I rode it, but it was at a bike park so I didn’t really have a solid place to tell the difference between my 18 and 19 Bronson. I did notice that at the bike park, it seemed to bob a lot when peddling so I was convinced that you were right and this thing wouldn’t be much of a climber. Much to my pleasure, I found that the new bike climbs WAAAAAAY better than my 18 did. As a matter of fact, it’s not even close for me. I made it a point to climb specific sections of trails that I usually had a problem on every time I rode my old bike. This one went right over the technical parts without a hiccup. I noticed that it stays planted in the front a lot better, it puts the power down perfectly so I never lost traction or lifted the front wheel on steep climbs, and the bike tracked exactly where I wanted it to go. Major improvement! You might want to try out the regular 27.5 instead of the 27.5+… you might be surprised! Thanks for the review! Excellent channel!

Bradan Graney says:

Would you recommend the Bronson or the 5010?

I live in New England with a lot of technical stuff and not a lot of long climbs , only a hour away from highland I’m probably going to get Bronson but I’m just making sure I’m making the right choice

fradily says:

Thanks for the great review, its really beneficial for the mtb enthusiasts like us who don’t have the opportunity to test ride these new bikes..but now I’m confused, a while ago I was looking for the European bikes, Capra, Spectral, Jeffsy, Torque frames and then here is the new Bronson. I might be seeking your opinion here. Currently I have the V2 Bronson loaded with descent parts (Pike 160mm, enve rims, XX1 eagle drivetrain and guide rsc brake set) which I assembled a year ago. One thing I love with my V2 Bronson is its ability climb and its really a plus point for the type of riding we are doing here in my place. In parallel to that that V2 Bronson really improved my confidence in doing steep descent. My  question is do you think its really worth it to replace my old Bronson with the new one knowing that I still have to top-up large amount money, even if I sell my old one. The goal is to improve my riding uphill and downhill and on a tougher terrain, or do I need to look as well on the brands just like the ones I mentioned. I only need frame, the plan is to transfer those parts to the new frame..I think the Pike 160mm travel is suitable also on that new Bronson frame..

Ronald Tartaglia says:

DUDE! You are shredding and just causally chatting up a storm. I cracked my iPad screen from just holding on.

Alonso Figueroa says:

Now that you’ve compared both the Bronson and the 5010 which bike do you think is better for all around?

Bradan Graney says:

Would you recommend getting the Bronson or the 5010 for trail riding and occasionally riding park so Enduro /all Mountain Style bike

pichiriz says:

How tall are you? just wanted to get an idea of sizing. I’m 5’10” not sure if to go medium or large.

666ftf says:

Hey, great vid! Am building one right now. Wondering you overall comparisons to your HD4??
I am still considering an HD4. Also, how would you compare overall your SAINT’s on your HD4 vs the CODE RSC’s on this Bronson?? Lastly, would you mind sharing ALL the settings you came up with on your X2 on the HD4?? Thanks so much!

Sam E says:

Drink everytime he says composed

NorCalKevin says:

@jason, if you were to do a side by side comparison between the Bronson and the Stumpjumper, what would be the positives & negatives?

mtbmtb Enduro says:

To start 2019 missing the bronson 29 or new hightower lt @Santa Cruz Bicycles

Blue Pitbull says:

So since I have an 18 hightower 27+, im in Missouri/Arkansas area. Would you go with the 18 at a major discount or the 19? Or nomad? I can’t get out and demo so your videos is where it’s at.

Steve Woolcock says:

Howdy … I’m just wondering how tall you are?… I fall smack bang between medium and large, so your comments on the handling were great (I’m currently on a large Bronson 1.0). Cheers!

Connor Chow says:

What do you think of this compared to the HD4 and Mach 5.5?

Jonathan Cowgill says:

Love your videos and was really looking forward to this one. I just picked up a 2019 XO Bronson with standard tires and I think it climbs excellent. I would love to hear your thoughts/ ride feedback on the Bronson with the standard tires if you get a chance.

Naolin says:

looks like they have two versions of the bike, a “+” with wider rims and 2.6 tires and a non “+” with 2.4 and 2.5 tires and narrower rims.

Timothy Jackson says:

Great review. I just bought this bike today and it will be here next week. Looking forward to the ride!

Keith McDowell says:

Any opportunity to ride the alloy version ? No reviews anywhere

Adam Baxter says:

Thanks for the review. I believe you also reviewed the Ripmo? Your preference / thoughts regarding the 2 bikes. I ride a variety of terrain w/ a few park days a year (less than 5% of my riding) and can’t decide between these two.

Eric Garvock says:

I have yet to see a review where the word ‘super’ isn’t used

MTB yumyum says:

Please let me know if you’re interested in another live stream Q&A here on YouTube to discuss this video and bike… Are most of you interested in this or not? Please comment below, thank you! If enough people enjoy the live streams and find them interesting and useful, maybe we shoot for next Monday, August 13th?

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