$299 GT Aggressor Pro 27.5 Mountain Bike from Dick’s Sporting Goods

The GT Aggressor Pro is a mountain bike available from Dick’s Sporting Goods for $399. I purchased one on sale for $299. The bike has a 27.5″ All Terra wheel set, mechanical disc brakes, SR Suntour XCT front suspension fork, a 6061 aluminum frame, and a 24-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain.

Overall the bike is decent for $299, at least on paper, and likely better than most similarly priced Walmart mountain bikes (assuming it is properly setup – see video or read further.)

Note that the bicycle is normally $399, but is frequently listed for the $299 sale price.

I had problems with the bike as it wasn’t setup properly and also had contaminated disc brakes. DSG will service the bicycle again soon, so time will tell how well it turns out. Stay tuned for updates!

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Don't really care what you think says:

You bought a g.t. from dicks…first mistake! $299 is the entry level model.

Marin Mountain Biker says:

In the end is that the nishiki Colorado with a sram nx 1×11

Scott Brady says:

why do no modern bikes have level top bars. i’m guessing that bikes have become unisex. ..or the manufacturers are cheaping out.

Javier Aguirre says:

I want to start off by saying that I actually have this bike, and have about 160 miles on it. You’re right about it being a good dual purpose, because I’ve ridden both singletrack, and downtown city streets. I love this bike, BUT, was not at all impressed with Dick’s skills. I wasn’t dropping chains, and my brakes actually work amazingly, but from day one I had issues with the front derailleur. After I think three visits back to Dick’s for adjustments that didn’t truly solve the problem, I gave up and learned how to adjust it myself. Now I’ve been problem free. Hopefully you get everything set right, because I’m truly interested to see your opinion on this bike when it’s working properly.

G&J Bike World says:

If you want to review dicks bikes then you should do the Nishiki Colorado. I have had mine for a year and it is amazing for the price and super durable

PurpleDreams says:

I got an gt karakoram 29 er and boy its fast

James Lovasz III says:

I Purchased my GT aggressor pro around the same time that you got yours. I have rode it around town, on the great Allegheny passage, and on some rough terrain. The brakes work as they should and the chain has never come off yet. Hopefully you get your issues resolved. I believe it is a great bike for the money.

Travis R says:

I have an Avalanche with the same tires, I found they wear very fast considering I ride 75% on dirt. Over 4 months I’ve worn probably 75% of the tread on the rear tire

999,999 Views says:

Good looking bike for sure tho

mtb tyler says:

You should review a 2018 specialized rockhopper sport p.s love the channel man keep it up

Andrew Mitchell says:

You should get a real bike. I bet you’d love so much that you’d never go back to these crappy Walmart bikes

danglingpreposition says:

Looking forward to see where this goes! I used to be a bike mechanic at Dick’s before I could get hired on at a shop, and I also recently purchased this bike as a nice cheap way to see if I want to get into mountain biking. Fortunately mine was built properly the first time and I only did a few minor adjustments to the derailleur limits and tension when I got it. I really hope they can get yours working properly because I’d love to see how you’d improve upon the bike because so far your videos have been really helpful. Appreciate your reviews hitting an audience that usually gets left way behind in the cycling community.

Jojo_is_a_GO says:

Love this channel. Your reviews are top notch and you cover things no one else does. Instead of telling everyone not to buy BBB ‘s you actually buy them, ride them, tell us what you like/hate and tell us what type of rider they’d be good for. Thanks Kev.

Robert Brkljača says:

Do you have Decathlon where you live? Are you familiar with their biking brand B’Twin? I am interested in your opinion on their bikes, especially Rockrider 520. B’Twin bike are budget bikes that are getting some really good reviews and i would love to see yours.

Bruno says:

my brother has that bike

Ivan says:

I have the ‘small’ frame size version of this bike. I replaced the all terra fork that it came with (small size frame doesn’t come with the xct suntour) with a rock shox tk 30 silver coil fork. The bike works great and I constantly do bunny hops and small jumps with it and wheelies on it. I agree that it needs to be set up properly to actually work fine. Mine came with Shimano altus rear derailleur and tourney front derailleur. For the price I paid, so far so good. I plan on changing the drivetrain to Shimano SLX at some point once the current drive train fails but after a year of use, its still great.

Fortnite Mobile Clips says:

Buy and older bike and review it and compare it to newer bikes

Abhay bhardwaj says:

please do a review of diamondback overdrive

Amanda Peine says:

I don’t think there’s any hope for the chain drops without a new derailer with a clutch or a chain retention device. And I don’t think the Dick’s mechanic will give you either.

Christopher Brooks says:

I’d listen to you talk about bikes all day. Thanks for your time making these very informative videos!

Ben Featherstone says:

For once in ur life just buy a decent ducking bike

Teagan Joeseph says:

i have the same bike with slight modifacations i have new brakes and a smaller stem and wider bars and thats just my wheelie bike

Carlos Lawrence says:

I’ve been riding my aggressor pro for a couple of months now and I’m not seeing these issues. I did tighten the cables to the brakes first thing though. the only couple of chain drops I’ve had were due to a maladjusted derailleur and I’ve been down a few pretty ruff fire roads. I ride it daily for a short 3 mile commute to work. Maybe the mechanic at the Dicks by my place did a bit better. Good luck with the next set up!

tph777 says:

The only negative reviews of this bike are from the mechanics not setting it up correctly. Luckily I had a great mechanic at Dicks that now works at a high end bicycle shop set mine up. Never had the chain come off and the braking is excellent.

Sweetchilliheat18 says:

That sucks man, I had an old gt bmx and that thing was indistuructable.

What happend…

Th3Build3r says:

The dicks sporting goods i have are not very polite and their name says it all,

Nicholas Morgan says:

Could you review the Giant talon 3, I see this bike everywhere.

Dustin Weller says:

Bought a schwinn boundary frame and added a bunch of after market components. Took it for it’s first real test on some narly trails in northern Mn. I’d put that bike against nearly any hardtail I saw at the park.

sean stapelfeld says:

Sounds like it’s more of a bike build problem than an actual bike problem. I have a very similar GT bike and it’s a trooper. I’ve upgrade all the components over the past few years, buy the GT frame is as solid as it gets for the price

John DeF says:

All terra is a GT logo.

f1346m says:

Looking forward for the follow-up on this bike

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