3 Affordable Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Tested | 2018 Pinkbike Field Test

How much bike can you get for under $3000? We tested the Transition Scout NX, the Norco Fluid FS 1, and the Whyte G170 S to find out. Read more: https://pinkbike.click/valuebikes

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Fabio Valdes Araneda says:

Dang respect to this man

MTB 4ALL says:

I was drinking red bulls and five hours on a daily! Untill I did the math and I was spending more than 3k a year on energy drinks, so I gave them up and I can buy a 3k bike every year !!! Dont tell my wife lol

David Quiroz says:

Where is canyon spectral?

Avid says:

2. CANYON strive al
3.Yt tues or sender of you are in to the big stuff…

Edit: If you buy the al versions of this bikes, you will spend 2500 euro.

Robert Karlsson says:

Great video

Pinkbike says:

Which bike was your favourite? Check out the full article here: https://pinkbike.click/valuebikes

MixedReadings says:


Affordable is a bike around £650-£1000. Even then it’s a huge investment and I’d only class it as affordable because reputable brands and quality parts last longer.

The Vitus Nucleus would be a good example of an affordable entry level MTB at under £500 still using quality parts.

Calling bikes over £2,000 “affordable” is ridiculous and pushes the notion that you need to spend a huge amount of money to get into mountain biking and pushes more people away from the sport.

Avr C says:

Any person that can afford a 4000 mountain bike is not average by anyone’s definition. Who are you kidding?

Bob42047bmx says:

Yeah so my thoughts of branching out are over these bikes are fucking stupid expensive. I ride BMX & serious riders DON’T buy completes they build their bikes custom & lots of parts are warrantied for life & WAY cheaper. I can only assume building a custom mtb would take me years & years lmfao. They should make patment plans for this shit as overpriced as it is. Obviously a rich mans sport.

Dan Latt says:

What’s the intro song called

AldenG says:

I wouldn’t call these bikes affordable in any way.

Giuliano Testa says:

3k Is affordable for everyone? Then we see people with bike that will never be used to their full potential. Let alone store guaranteed used bikes, you can easily buy a really fun bike for under 2k

spetzie5 says:

I hate 29 inch tyres. Just can’t make them work for me. Give me 27.5 any day

hanestshirtsarecool says:

Where can I buy 4 inch WTF tires?

John Brown says:

respect to that guy 65 and still riding. god bless you

Skeptikal_Cynic says:

An affordable mountain bike is a secondhand mountain bike

Nipplehook says:

Norco just came out with Fluid FS 4, if that isn’t basic and affordable, I don’t know what is. Apparently you have to go with the top tier model to get into mountain biking.

Kenny DeSouza says:

Affordable??? Bitch where?!

Joni English says:

$50 bucks used 2008 KHS XC-204 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDKuQ17Lxxs&t=4s

Ivan Lopez says:

And here I had my eyes on a Hyper full suspension 26” from Walmart @ $98.00. Dreams have been shattered

GravityBlast says:

Carbon curious lmao

Free culture says:

Got FS 27.5 /2×11 Bulls Bike Wild Cup 2 -Shimano XT/SLX/Rock Shox Sector remote 140mm.Dual piston Tectro brakes.No seat dropper/no service.Mailed free for $1400 New.

Juan Carlos Alpízar says:

$3000? Try to cut by half and then we’re talking, $2000 is the top of what “affordable” means to me. My FS did cost me $1500 and I can ride pretty much everything I’ve been through, and you can even go cheaper with a hardtail.

Carlyons Customz says:

Once again the mainstream.MTB Rider person family etc does not pay $3000 for a bike they pay around $400-800 max. Fact. When are all you YouTube going to realise this. Unreal.

XD TYMO says:

In which world is $3000 affordable? Are we living on the same planet?

Jim White says:

What kind of knee pads does RC wear? And pedals ? (I figure he is older and wiser like me and has a good recommendation!!)

NDNS00NER says:

Geezus, I thought it was $300 not $3000….

cluck head says:

i found the clap machine in the background to be super annoying. I couldn’t finish the video.

Jinxie_Jester_ Gaming says:

What the Holy hell? $3000 for a bike? I spent £450 for a Carerra Hybrid Bike and I thought that was steep. Obviously different purposes to a mountain bike but dayum

BOEUF Alexandre says:

You can have a DH bike for 2500 to 3000€ !

T Bone says:

ahahaha zipp bottle cage…. rly?

NinjaGamer 443 says:

Don’t know what job u have but $3000 for a bike is a lot of money

LVNugget says:

Since when is a 3k affordable for an average person :D:D FML U guys are mad

tri stan says:

Gotta spend 3k to ride the PNW, you guys are out of touch

Yariel Cruz says:

Anything over 3k is ridiculous. Companies are just rubbin they ass on your face. People really let price dictate the quality and ability of a bike. Relax bro. Great vid tho

ArtuRock says:

I think our friend its a millionaire if he thinks that usd3000 is an a basic budget. by the way congrats for keeping riding at that age.

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