5 MTB Tools that Live in your Bike

Today we’ll look at mountain bike tools that live on or inside of your bike. By having all the essentials on hand, you eliminate the need for a backpack on short rides. I can get on board with that!

Industry Nine Matchstix https://goo.gl/uoNgCq
Topeak Ninja http://amzn.to/2G7Gaxu
All in Multitool https://www.allinmultitool.com/
Sychros Matchbox Tailor https://goo.gl/uwJaiK

One Up Components EDC http://amzn.to/2DaH3lV
EDC Pump http://amzn.to/2tt4Xcy
EDC Tap Kit http://amzn.to/2DdpNMJ
EDC Top Cap http://amzn.to/2p1p3VT

Life Straw Filter Bottle http://amzn.to/2ttBxel
26oz Bike Bottle http://amzn.to/2Fko0LT

Although One Up and i9 supplied their tools for review, I had to spend my money on the rest of these. So I’d like to thank my Patrons for making that possible. For two dollars per month they support this channel, and in return I give them a one hour ask me anything podcast, premier screening, uncensored videos, and best of all exclusive episodes.

As a follow up to the video, I actually decided to use the One Up EDC instead. After examining the Synchros more closely, reading comments, and doing some tests, I found that the pump is not as effective as it seems. To fill the same tire with my Crankbrothers pump takes less than HALF the strokes, and with the EDC pump, a third. Furthermore, the Synchros does not have a 6mm, which may or may not matter to some. I still think the Synchros is a good product, but the EDC is worth the extra weight and bulk to me.


Alexander Nordlund says:

Can you have the edc on a trek marlin 7 2018 version

effyleven says:

“… from a guy who would definately leave his tool at home if it wasn’t attached to him.” (I am glad your tool is still attached to you. Long may it remain so !!)

John Marquez says:

Something that lives in my bike!? @.@ oh man gonna make some good rent money then.

Fortnite Mobile Clips says:

I used a crankbrothers multi tool to take most of my cruiser apart and take the chain apart too! It worked great

yeoh yuanxi says:

People replace their bar with a carbon bar to save few gram, but you added multi-tool for extra weight.

Fudge Dredd says:

You can also just use the Sawyer mini filter for $20 as an inline water filter on your hydration pack.

yard sale cycles says:

might be a silly question but why not just get a saddle bag??

UnknownViz says:

What is this music in your video

Berkay Sunay says:

This things are not in my bike

blake kuhlmann says:

You should check out the specialized swat EMT MTB.

Hesston Bates says:

Where did you get the EDC tool strap

God's Child says:

Your water bottle is on bad side…all dirt from the tire will goes on the water bottle

SB SB says:

I JUST use my water bottle as a tool box with spares

Sirios Star says:

As cool as theses tools are , an under seat tool bag can store all the tools you will need at a fraction of the cost. That said, i’m such a tool junkie that i might buy them anyway.

Rodrigo Motta says:

Hey seth. Just a nice hack for you. You can use superglue to substitute the gear cable terminal. Really like your videos, cheers.

David1111608 says:

hey, Seth watch out with the life straw. as soon as you put water in it it gets water in the tiny capillary tubes and a jolt can cause them to shatter (they’re made of thin glass) and that can expose you to whatever is in the water you just got from the stream.

Robert Trageser says:

And I thought it was cool to fill my camelback with gin and tonic!!
Seriously a selection of separate allen wrenches and a separate chain tool are cheapest and the most efficient to use. Dont forget a tube, tire levers a patch kit and a REAL pump, not a tiny one. CO2s are STUPID. Eventually , on a bad day, you’ll find yourself walking.

Wilson Imperial says:

Where can we buy this tools

Jim Ross says:

Hey Seth, what size is your 5c, Sm or M?

Seth's Bike Hacks says:

My mistake on the Specialized. Apparently you can just buy their bottle cage and use MOST of the stuff. If I do a follow up I’ll include these products.

Alex Awesomesauce Beaudry says:

Wrench in seat post bro


1:10 hehehe.. keep an eye on that noob who has this. He’ll be missing a “tool” when gets back to his car.

WizardLife says:

Loved the ninja sounds effects! definitely made me bust out laughing haha

Connor Serianna Smith says:

What’s the C02 for?

Bunnycorn Murderer says:

Oh my God you one of those people who get mad at people calling tissues Kleenex

EZBMX713 says:

Bikes are like women, each its own?

Maximuss says:

the hardest part is now choosing which of the multiple chain tools/allen keys you want to use in a case of an accident

Armyboy89 says:

That multi tool that goes into the BB is definitely not worth the price they asking for lmao …fuck that!!

CaoticReaper 96 says:

Come to Wyoming

kkostas86 says:

just buy a saddle bag. Will cost you nothing compared to all of this stuff

Davehiphop says:

Where can I get a EDC Tool trap from?

Andy Leverenz says:

What???!!!! These tools are awesome!! I had no idea they existed! As I’m getting back into riding, I am no longer productive at work with all the new videos Seth’sbikehacks, Singletracksampler and oddly enough KevCentral are putting out. I wish I had never got off the bike 18 years ago..

Loretai Mods says:

why do i need set of three multitools at once?

Chad Blakey says:

At the time of your review, the All In Multitool was $110. You didn’t recommend it at that price with out a chain breaker. V2 is out now, has a chain breaker, and is “only” $80. Would you recommend at that point?

Radhe Sharma says:

Tools live in our mtb hero sprint pro reaction 650B

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