$500 REI Hardtail

Check out my CO-OP DRT 1.1 mountain bike. It’s one of REI’s new lineup, and offers a lot of bang for your buck!

This bike performs as well as any $500 bike I’ve found. Not only is the bike a good value, but REI offers great warranty, maintenance, and repair support. This bike definitely gets my seal of approval!

CO-OP DRT 1.1:
•WTB Vigilante: http://amzn.to/2F2TJwz
•WTB Breakout: http://amzn.to/2DwYp0n
•Animal Steven Hamilton Pedals: http://amzn.to/2EUf2jS
•Sun Ringle Inferno 27 rim: http://amzn.to/2mYbVA2
•Deore Hub: http://amzn.to/2F2yvPj
•Serfas Dorado Seat: http://amzn.to/2n0UazM

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pkoerner6 says:

Always with the Troy gangster squat. He gets low folks.

ratoneJR says:

I like my XCT fork. SIMPLE is the key,for me. Only a greasy spring, not much to go wrong. Then again…I am 55YO, and don’t get that crazy anymore

Sumner Bob says:

Damn your bike is a beaut, even though i own a hardtail costing more than yours ,i prefer your bike xD love your videos , very well thought out!

Johannes Nilsen says:

5:23 Trek is great at an awful package, with bad component choices, bad compromise choices, their full suspension bikes are not good enough for me, my next bike won’t be a Trek.
flexible, rocker ling crack, chainstay needs to be replaced every year.
best bike you can get is the one you build your self of components on sales, or by searching for the best price and getting used components for the great price, like buying from a pro rider, which is rare, but happens. takes some tiem to do it this way of course.
but the best thing to do is to buy a used bike by a reputable seller, for example a long time forum meber, or pro rider.

Wes Adams says:

Got a link to the upgraded forks?

Colorado Mtb says:

I like your videos and content. I feel you and me need more subscribers! Keep up the good work.

Dustin says:

Join our Facebook group Big Box & Budget Bike riders. I subscribed to your channel.

Is that the import Epixon? I have one on the way too.

Leo Chan says:

hi there, i also got the same bike 1.1 for myself and 1.1w for my wife. we both love them very much. i am interested to know if you would have a DIY on changing the forks. I also feel the one came from the 1.1 is hard, and not much of “suspension” at all.

Daniel Tribby says:

They should make a fatty.

Kaeden Fung says:

I had the epixon on my old diamondback sortie 3 that cracked and I have to say that was the BEST budget fork you can get with a straight head tube

MTB Stuff says:

co-op is a food shop here in the uk (grocery store i think it’s what you call it in murica) 😉

Smell N Roses says:

Thanks for this review, man. Very helpful and useful info. I’m thinking about getting this bike. I’m totally new to mountain biking, considering my fitness level and limited biking experience I probably wont do any real hard riding, but I want a real bike that wont fall apart on the first bump in the trail. This looks like a great bike to start, make some upgrades along the way, and for somebody like me I may not even need another bike. Thanks again for the info, I’ll check out some of your other vids.

Google This says:

Funny, I just did the same thing. I bought a $400 Cannondale for a care free rider. I was actually surprised that its an okay bike. I changed the fork, pedals, and tires. The only real issue seems to be the spindal/bottom bracket. It seems to have bent slightly. I will probably upgrade the entire driveline at some point.

Johannes Nilsen says:

after a while, i would destroy the crank, I destroy cheap Shimano cranks in few months. they are way too flexible for me too. don’t be surprised if the pedals fall off or if the spider gets twisted. I can’t use square taper bottom brackets cus I wear them out in days.
same goes for cheap Shimano hubs, I wear the freehubs in few days, not when I was a kid.

a misconception people have is that expensive means great, my bike cost more than double(2014 Trek fuel ex 7 29er) of this one but the frame has a flawed design, it’s too flexible, crank failed, spoke nipples failed, the list goes on.
So having the knowledge about the components and selecting each component is crucial for best performing bike, so doing demos reading nad watchign reviews, is important.

prankstersloth says:

could you make a video of you riding the bike?

Christopher Painter says:

Nice video. Subscribed. Do you think the drt 1.3 with the upgarded fork and components is worth the extra 600$ or so?

Sumooth says:

How much is that fork.

Budget friendly biking says:

I really appreciate everyone stopping in and checking out the video. If you liked it, please give a thumbs up and consider subscribing.

Please share this video to any location where you think someone might gain something, or where others may enjoy watching. This will help the channel to grow and develop faster. Thanks so much again for the support!

Dustin says:

Great videos and great effects, terrible music though

Hugo Vela says:

I have this same bike! I love it also. I’m also thinking of changing the fork. How much was the fork you have?

jtaylorb88 says:

I love the matte color of the mountain bike. Looks like a pretty good deal you got there. How’s the bike still holding up for you?

Marty P says:

I like your bike.

wave 180 says:

I just subscribed. I like your videos, they’re so practical.

Aaron Hoberman says:

i bought this bike for my wife, and as a loaner for friends. stout bike and solid build. im excited for her to break the fork eventually and turn this from a casual to a more serious ride.

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