$99 Walmart Mountain Bike can’t handle MTB trail – Hyper Shocker 26 Dual Suspension

Can a cheap Big Box Store mountain bike handle a mountain bike trail? Or will a mountain bike trail destroy a cheap bicycle.

We took a Walmart Hyper Shocker 26 Dual Suspension MTB to a real mountain bike trail – Wildwood Mountain Bike Trail. As expected, the trail quickly caused mechanical issues which led to a dangerous riding situation. We called it after only 15 minutes on the trail due to the handlebars no longer staying straight, regardless of how tight they adjustment nut was tightened. There were also issues with the bicycles brakes.

Stay safe! My advice would be to not ride a cheap Walmart mountain bike on a MTB trail! Save your money and buy a higher quality bicycle.


Spencer Wind says:

I️ shredded on that for 6 months before getting a real Mtb, let me tell u- it’s as bad as it looks

Curtis Larson says:

I think the biggest problem with department store bikes is poor assembly. That’s what they do a really poor job of, forks on backwards, deraileurs out of adjustment, pedals not tightened down, headsets too tight and ungreased, etc… It’s easy enough to set this stuff right, but considering how it impacts the safety of the vehicle, it’s really inexcusable that they leave the store in this state. As far as the quality goes, gimme a break. It’s a new, $99, full suspension mountain bike. Common sense should tell you that it’s a piece of junk. That’s the price of a good set of tires or a decent mechanical disc brake. When you include shipping from China, marketing, retail costs, assembly and a bit of profit it’s simply amazing that they could meet that price point at all. I’m surprised it doesn’t have steel rims and one of those wrap around goosenecks like the old Huffies.

braxton barrett says:

I’d role it zero $##/s given spend the money I saved buying budget mtb on another dirtbike with engine brap brap. I like to peice old walmart bikes together one of my many hobbies daughter likes it to. Don’t have to spend tons of money to have fun.

rabs2020 says:

You get what you paid for.

J R's Place says:

Yep.. $300 less than I paid for a couple of my off road unicycles.

Cognus Thorne says:

My tires cost more than that bikeXD

D 5 says:

Moral of the story… David needs to lay off the sausage and biscuits!!!!

Exclusive Tech Travel says:

my helmet is more expensive


Im amazed it didnt do better if you ride it like how you did in the video it should have lasted for ever maybe they are more crapy now

Ctrl-Alt-Awesome says:

Gore fack, … I thought my Bike was crap
18 inch felt magnesium alloy frame
SR suntour 120mm lock off forks
Giant MPH hydraulic brakes
21 speed Shimano gear set with atlas deralier
SRAM crank
Shimano bearings
Felt hardened cartridge
Renthal fatbar 780mm
Giant seat (brand)
Maxxis 29er boggers
Slime inner tubes
DIY dual calipers on rear using a cheap terra hiker hydraulic kit fitted to a small high pressure fitting on the giant rear reservoir
This allows me to upon more than a 60% rear break lock up and skid on any surface

Jethro Martino Paras says:

i think this was meant to be a commuter bike where it would just be comfortable enough to absorb bumps. so you realy can’t blame the bike for not performing as you want it to. my hybrid bike’s cheeper than this. since i personaly maintain my bike, i don’t have any unexpectected problems.

kai says:

its really not a trail, the “trail” was smoother and flatter then most roads XD take it to a proper trail XD

Alex Montgomery says:

I bought this bike I think it’s not meant for extreme trails like these guys put it through. Enough said though I’ve had this bike for a year and put over 1000 miles on it on paved road and occasional light offroading… just saying it’s really not a lemon if you treat it right.

Jorge Martinez says:

Well now I know why people spend thousands of dollars on bikes.

GrnXnham says:

I think people don’t get hurt on these and sue Walmart because most people who buy these just use them to putter around the neighborhood. Most people who get into mountain biking quickly realize they need something better than this just for safety.

That1Guy 32 says:

What was the trail rating? I got an $80 Wal-Mart mtn bike and i went on a blue square trail and i was good.

Skinnywhitekid Productions says:

I have this piece trash and when my cousin gave me his Garry fisher, when I got on I felt like i was riding on a cloud compared to the huffy which had lost its ability to shift gears

Franko Delgado says:

Too late T0T . . . I hope mine be ok I’ll received next week

Tristan Morton says:

No offense but you should just stick to narrating. I ride a crappy mongoose bmx bike without brakes. And I would still fly by you guys

Tony Kart Racer says:

I think people who review these Walmart bikes purposely go out to destroy them, riding more aggressive than they normally would and really just abusing the bike so they can reaffirm themselves that they were right in the first place…… just so they can pat themselves on their backs.

andnor says:

Looking at this, i would rather ride a Chinese scooter through the trail than that thing…

fromkentucky says:

Quill stems have no business on trail bikes.

n325aej says:

you fat fuck, blaming the bike.

Asmodey says:

1:13 to fix it, you need some grease on diagonal cut wedge, which holds threaded stems. Make sure there is no burrs on it.
3:42 Brakes sound like tortured Chewbacca. So sad, and so miserable.

keithpeckett says:

looks perfectly fine to me 🙂

James Miller says:

so lame ride it till it breaks!

Caleb M. says:

Uh my tires cost twice as much as this bike

ATF Ace. says:

I love how you circumvent any “skater” lingo about what tricks are called (even just bunny hops) by saying “I even got a shot doing whatever that is”

Dubstep Nation says:

I had this one then and then I got KZ2600 from amazon prime

Ghostman Wayne says:

i have the same bake works fine as is lol you must have had some bad luck

Kraig Hale says:

I have about the same frame as David and just picked up a Marlin 7! First MTB I have ever owned! Absolute blast!

Juan Mendez says:

does a academy bike work for a trail race

zanick2 says:

this is the funnniest video ive ever seen. its a 99dollar bike. tires and intertubes cost this much! it works fine for a KID, that doesnt weigh 250lbs! put a 90lb 6th grader on it and it works fantastic! great value for the money, no question. again, its a KIDS bike!!

Meeker Extreme says:

Bikes didn’t have suspension not that long ago…how did we survive?

Cole Taylor says:

I keep trying to decide if this channel is a joke or for real

augustusmd says:


RandomGamer says:

my grandma got my brother this bike so he can go to work and I love it. took it off roading and even crashed it a couple times, some jumps and about 30 feet of rocks at about 60-70° vertical its awesome plus for the almost 2 years we hard it only 2 flats. I recommend this bike for beginner’s first or seasoned vet looking for a cheap bike

Faizyy says:

3:52 that’s how a riced honda sounds like.

Jim Caneda says:

This bike is amazing!!

Will Phillips says:

My friend bought one of these to see how bad it was, but it did just fine on a trail with lots of tech

Chris Bruckner says:

What do you expect? It’s a 26er!

BrateTebra123 t.z. Streptomicin za muski rod says:

Typical american, destroys the bike despite knowing it is not capable for such strains and then requests a full refund… lol and what should Walmard do with a destroyed bike? Nobody will like to buy used beaten bike ….

Mihai Gradin says:

3:41 LOL

Skelemor says:

I have a giant fathom 1 know but when i had my mobgoose i never had any problems except that the bike didnt have a derailleur hanger and it was just the frame and i bent the “hanger” but it was a good bike and i fixed after i bent

wdhish says:

This is absolutely ridiculous. I knew the bikes at department stores were all trash but I didnt realize how bad they have gotten. The store should take pride in the quality of product it sells and it is clear, to me, as one voice they have said, “let’s cheat the consumer”.

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