A Dick’s Sporting Goods Mountain Bike You Should Buy // Nishiki Colorado Comp

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Welcome to part two of what I would consider to be the most budget friendly mountain bike worth riding on a trail. In the last episode, I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up the Nishiki Colorado Comp 27.5+ for just over $400. This bike comes with a 1x drivetrain, disc brakes, a solid alloy frame, and a Suntour XCM 34mm stanchions coil fork. After a single ride the rear derailleur hanger broke off, so in this episode we’ll be going back to Dick’s to get a new bike and put it under more realistic testing!

A link to the bike: http://bit.ly/ColoradoComp

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Bug Nobody says:

Dick’s turning into a bike shop?

James K says:

What is the 3rd party protection plan name?

Adam Rhyne says:

Only seeing it listed for $500. How did you get it $100 less?

Justin Tackett says:

Cool vid, less talky, more ridey with music. Also I’m looking for a bike in that range. So helpful.

Toua Lo says:

Man… who would’ve thought James Franco would know his shit when it came to mountain bikes?

samo risa says:

Just go to a real bike shop and buy a real bike….

snapnat1 says:

Since dicks decided to take on the 2nd Amendment, I’m not spending any money with them for anything.

mike ramsey says:

I bought this same bike for my 10 yr old son at the beginning of summer. He has ridden it with me quite a bit with no problems so far. I would agree with your evaluation, great entry level bike for the price. I have contemplated taking it out on the trail myself…

Thomas Ozminkowski says:

I dont buy anything from DICKS!

Frowntown says:

hydraulic brakes or just mechanical.?

Brian Riley says:

Don’t buy anything from Dicks….

Donald's Russian Lemonade says:

Did you read the fine print on your “protection plan”? Third party insurers are NOTORIOUS for finding loopholes to NOT pay out on claims. Just be careful.

John Montgomery says:

When you think of mountain bikes you automatically think of big dicks…got it

LM C says:

Really enjoyed your video man ! Thanks and keep it up

Greg Messler says:

Nice bike! Too bad they don’t sell it or ship to Charlotte, NC

Paul says:

I vote with my dollar and will not give Dick’s a single cent.

Christopher Lococo says:

This bike is trash. My rear hub on my wheel is more then the whole bike.

C H says:

Riding trails like this, every kid’s dream.

Marcos Rivera says:

Thanks for a great Video!
How did you get $100 off retail?

Ą†řąχΜФґğЄ says:

If you enjoy your 2nd amendment freedoms never shop at Dick’s.

tecums3h says:

Sorry, can’t leave comment count at 666. Hi!
Shreddy to go! Nice.

chukfunk says:

Where were you riding?

dixieoutlaw4x4 says:

Would be a good bike if I still shopped at dicks after their firearm nonsense

Ruben Torres says:


king solT680 says:

This bike looks better that the trek Marlins

Ryan Manzi says:

Sick footage! Subbed!

daveOgraphy says:

Nice video/ review! I slapped a Bafang mid drive ebike kit on this bike and now it really shreds!! Very easy build with that bottom bracket geometry.

Keith on the GAP says:

I wouldn’t trust their staff to assemble bikes. Bought a diamondback years ago from them, NEVER AGAIN will I purchase a bike there. I will trust my local bike shop for that.

Bruce Wayne says:

The front tire looks drunk.. It’s all wobbly.. Is it warped?

Jaron Robison says:

Don’t buy from dicks! Vote with your wallet. Visit any other local bike shop.

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