In todays experiment we see if Walmart bikes are truly meant for the price versus a bike shop priced bike. I hope you guys enjoyed this exciting video and stay tuned for tomorrows video which will be an AWESOME vlog. Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe!

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Jason Freeman says:

You’re a bike snob , I guarantee you that mongoose has been around longer than you’re stupid fit bike

ryan truth 1 says:

Every made by chinks

gentlegiant6585 says:

Old guy here (50 years old). I was a kid in the 70’s and a teen in the early to mid 80’s. Cheaper bikes back then still lasted a long time and could take a beating and would last 10 to 20 years easy.. Especially Diamond back or Mongoose BMX (My parents would only buy me used Huffy’s or such). 50 bucks for a used bike back then would be $200 today though.

Donovan Bryant says:

but im gonna tear it down and replace all the cheap parts

David Elswick says:

oh FYI not all bikes come from China as a matter of fact every part on your bike whether you get one from a convenience store such as Walmart or a bike shop has something made in China on it

ZB classic vehicles says:

The last bike shop I walked into I didn’t like at all. Mostly because of how the owner handles and suggests people have their bikes serviced. He just has a tendency to say some things that make me think twice about going in there to have a bike repaired. On the flip side of that on the opposite side of town there is another bike shop I love going in there for. The owners are very up front what you should be doing and will let you watch them work on your bike. Where the other one treats his shop more like a car dealership you don’t really know what they are doing with your bike and 9 times out of 10 the owner tries to get you to buy a brand new bike every time. Also his peg suggestions are about 20 years out dated

Benji Gardner says:

walmart sounds crap, I bought a bike from big w for 100 dollars and it lasted 6 months and I was doing jumps and mountain biking on it

Donovan Bryant says:

the only walmart bike ive ever owned is rusting away in a shed with a dead rear sprocket

Plant va Zombies plush says:

Walmart bike are really good

Paul Binkley says:

The fact your saying that you can buy a bmx bike from a bike shop for under 200 is amazing because I have yet to see any under 320 at any bike shop

Black Sushi says:

boi Japan bikes good asfuck

gentlegiant6585 says:

I also went to a local bike shop where they had a Cannondale Bad Boy commuter for $700 to $800. It was a really nice bike but the cool thing is that it came with lifetime tune ups and other services.

Rueagon Vyceratops says:

i got me a bike from Walmart , reason for , because i only had a 250.00 budget. or i would have went to a bike shop to get me one . I’m not planning to do any extreme mountain biking , i just got one because my blood surger is a little high , and i need to work on getting it back to normal ASAP!

David Elswick says:

okay I have seen many people dissing bicycles before which is okay here’s the truth behind bikes that you buy at a convenience store when you buy a bike will say Walmart you inspect what you buy look at it before buying it are buy it and have them have it in a box where no one has put it together but you bike shops when you buy a bike at Walmart they lose money cuz you’re not buying a $400 bike that you can get at Walmart for 200 there’s always parts that will fit any bicycle and its class Road Bikes mountain bikes track bikes you can always find a part not made by the same company that’s greater or equal value to a part that is made by the company when you buy a Walmart bike like every other bike especially a bike shop bike sooner or later you’re going to have to pay money into it Bike Shop bikes are good if you plan on taking your bike through hell so the bike shops can make money off of it but going to Walmart you can buy a bike that you can work on possibly use it for stuff that’s more realistic and then pay a little money to a bike shop that is only out to do one thing and that’s make money that’s why they bitch about department store bicycles I rode both department store bikes and bikes that came from a bike shop and I have seen no difference the bike shop by extended brake Beyond fixable where the Walmart bikes tend to have small problems over time that is a little to nothing to fix bike shops are good to have for being able to find parts learn different techniques and things you can put on your bike but that’s about it the truth is we live in a technological age learn how to do it yourself cuz if you buy a decent bike and it didn’t come from their bike shop no bicycle Place wants to fix it because they lose that money in the end that’s all that matters to a bike shop it’s just like taking your car to be worked on and the end that’s all that matters the money

Ethan chan says:

Before I watch this video I hit my head on the cement while riding my Walmart bike because the front wheel came off Walmart is stupid


I got my bike at Walmart and it works fine and ive had it for a year

Lord G-man says:

whats your point tho?

gulf city nicholas danca says:

Buy at local bike shop thats what i did

Asmodey says:

Do you know anything about Japan, besides sushi godzilla harakiri? Or you say this word, because it sound similar to “China” for you?

keith bieghler says:


M.T.N. Entertainment says:

I’ve yet to find a bike for $100, or hell, less than $400 at any bike shop near me, so Walmart bike for me until i can afford a better one

Daniel Purcella says:

I use a 700 daller ccm bike

Monkey Juju says:

Really, a lot of times the problem isn’t the bike’s materials or construction at all, but merely the fact some random kid that likely doesn’t understand the first thing about bikes is the one tasked with assembling them, which leads to shit being not even relatively correct. Also just people’s expectations. Most complaints are from people that didn’t check the bike and make sure everything was properly secure, lubed, etc. They simply thing because the bike is preassembled it’s good to go, and even on an expensive bike you should *always* at the very least check every single bolt on the bike as well as lube the chain, make sure the derailleur is set right if you have a multiple speed bike, and ensure the brakes are functioning properly and providing correct resistance. Granted, even if you do this, sometimes things do just break, but this should help avoid a lot of the shit you see people bitxhing about on bike reviews on Walmart, like the chain popping off on first gear( derailleur needs adjusting), chain snapping(didn’t oil it), the bike not stopping and them crashing (durrr check the brakes before moving) and weird noises while riding (likely loose parts clanking as the wheel spins). Of course things like truing wheels shouldn’t be your responsibility on a new bike, but again, the guy building the bike probably doesn’t even know spokes can be adjusted, much less that they need to so it’s a good idea to check the wheels prior to purchase.
In my opinion, if at all possible I’d just buy the bike unassembled and do it myself.
In the end, growing up I had two Walmart bikes, a BMX bike and mountain bike, that in fairly sure my friends kids ride now, that had absolutely no problems and I was rough as hell on them. Of course the chain popped, I think I broke a pedal, and needed a new chain after a few years, but neither ever really really broke, and for whatever my parents paid for them I’d consider them well worth it.

andrew shourd says:

It is called, “Planned Obsolescence”…General Motors was founded on that principle, in lay mans terms, “dat shit was made to break so you buy more”….(as you had stated in your video and your right) and in a consumer based, profit led, capitalistic society, greed is king….

Brandon_skates_03 says:

0:20 did you really just say Costco like castco

alden138 says:

most bike frames are made in Taiwan or China. even bikes costing thousands of dollars. generally Taiwan frames are the best to buy. better than quality control standards.

Mysticsplash 80 says:

What if you buy a mongoose from walmart that is 119 dollars and says it can go 21 mph and has dull racing

brad bolin says:

No, good bike shops service dept. store bikes….unless they WANT to go under. Dept. store bikes are 40% of the market.

Cancerish says:

No they arent worth anything

PyroGYT •Gamer says:

How about SM in Philippines

John appleton says:

I got my bike from canadian tire and it was serviced by a actual shop the only issue found was the handle bar was to tight
The bike i use is a shogun rock moutain heres the link to the site

Steve says:

i had a thruster walmart bike that last me 5 yrs lasted but completely broken i turned it into a friction drive motorized bicyce with a 25cc motor i found i than later got a kink curb and a fiend type O bmx

SwoopZ says:

I died when the guy pointed at the bike and the brakes where backwards xDDDDDD

Alejandro Ramirez says:

So where do I go to buy a good bike for a good price???

TroyTheGamer says:

Y’all treat the bike like shit that’s why it breaks stupid bitches

Shadi Gif says:

Needle Media Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence
in industrial design and economics is a policy of planning or designing
a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become
obsolete (that is, unfashionable or no longer functional) after a
certain period of time.

zomb_noob 257 says:

I keep buying bikes from Walmart and they work fine for me, my last bike over 2 years just got a new bike

ChilledTea says:

those aren’t dept stores. they are big box stores. dept stores are macys jcp nordstrom

Austinfishervlogs/games says:

I recently got a gt from my friend and it’s a lot better than all my other bikes

cezzy abarca says:

Japan is the Europe of Asia

tosh says:

I am a bike shop owner and a kid came in with some cheap $100 bike and it was destroyed so I asked him how much was the bike and he said $100 and it would cost $160 to get it fixed to how it was before so I said bring youre parents here a d I said to them look the bike he has is cheap and then I suggested them to buy a nice bike for $400 and they bought it I gave them 2 years free servicing and a 4 year warrenty

Adrian Wulff says:

I would be embarrassed to ride a walmart bike

Windsjörn Lewis says:

I was offered a $550 Specialized Roll bike from my local shop. I told them I wanted a cruiser/everyday bike. I asked for cheaper and they said their starting prices were like $400. Should I look elsewhere or is that what I’m going to expect from bike shops?

Colby Driggers says:

walmart bike are worth $20 mine is locked down on the handle bars and i can barraly drop it and handle bars bend.

Jeremiah Hilding says:

I got a huffy from a bike shop it’s a fortress mountain edition

Chris H says:

You make so many good points about why walmart bikes are a terrible idea

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