Batch Bicycles Batch #707 Mountain Bike | First Look and Review

Batch Bicycles is a new bicycle brand and the Batch #707 is their first mountain bike. Batch is going for a mid-tier approach that offers more Big Box style pricing, but has the quality and expert assembly of a local bicycle shop. Does the #707 fit the bill, or is it just another cheaply made department store bicycle masquerading as a MTB? They are owned by the company that owns Niner bicycles, so there is a pedigree of quality bikes.

This video is a first look and review of the Batch 707 mountain bicycle. Do you think the review was accurate? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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Tha Joint says:

You mention about the qr seat clamp too. A lot of people like me run droppers now and don’t want qr seat clamps on there to begin with. You can get a pretty good dropper from chainreactioncycle for under 200 bucks and its probably by far one of the best upgrades you can do in my opinion.

Calvin Pessl says:

Had a kilimanjaro 29er rim braked bike 2 years ago. Rim’s were surpsingly wide at 22mm internal width. Machined braking surface workd fine in dry situations, but snow and water is a joke. I also wore down a almost fresh pair of rear brake pads in 60km of snowy, mucky, muddy riding down to 1.2mm. That can get expensive in the long run.
Im surprised why a company decided to go with rim brakes in these days. I mean rim brakes are fine…on roadbikes.

Carlos Lawrence says:

You nailed it! First thing I noticed was no disk breaks and that would keep me away from this bike.

Jonathan mtb says:

Love the color and that is it! 3x drive trains should be died on a Mt bike! As well as rim brakes. This is a fail! And not a batch! In my opinion

John appleton says:

not sure if you do requests but what about the mongoose impasse

Ian Mangham says:

Those hubs are a little thin, it’s oldshool but I’d ride it,31 pound is ok for an ordinary bike.

Jacob Guenther says:

the build quality is nice but i picked up my first mountain bike for the exact same price at my local shop. was a Giant atx “2” series that had pretty much all the same specs except front and rear disc mechanical disc brakes and and a qr seat post clamp. and the seat was better looking as well. so i gotta say, for this price and no discs or even a qr seat post clamp, i wouldn’t really recommend someone get it as their first “true” mountain bike. you could get better specs for the same price front Giant or Diamondback and the quality would be the same too. but, i want to see more from this company, i like the idea they are getting at.

snot belly cycling says:

Killer video thank you and I concur disc brakes are a must-have item . As always great video and thank you

kibbee890 says:

I think they might have problems selling a bike without disc brakes. However, good quality, properly set up v-brakes can offer plenty good stopping power and actually perform better than low end disk brakes. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with v-brakes, and I think that many people would get a better bike for their money if there weren’t so many manufacturers trying to push disc brakes and suspension into a price range that really doesn’t accommodate them very well. We used to ride all sorts or trails on bikes with no suspension and it’s a shame you don’t see any rigid mountain bikes anymore, because you could probably build a very affordable quality mountain bike if they left out the stuff they really can’t afford.

steven smith says:

The first thing I do is get rid of the quick release seat. I don’t like anybody messing with it or stealing it. Nice review!

Michael Burrows says:

Great review. It was honest and thorough.

Eric Dalnas says:

As always, great review. Still waiting for a BikesDirect review. Just picked up a Gravity29er for $298… being new I have no clue if it’s good or not, seems pretty good.

Noah Bannister says:

Ditch the rim brakes for mech discs and ditch the Shimano tourneys for something more reliable and you’ve got yourself a nice bike

Mason 360 says:

Great video, but I’m disappointed with Batch

Sebastian Jenewein says:

I think rim brakes over cheap discs are a great choice. Sure the discs look cool but to be honest, the worst brakes I ever used were these horrible cable activated discs. A well set up rim brake works much better in my experience.

Mike Kincaid says:

I like the color. You get allot more for similar money with the nishiki Colorado. The brakes really limit the upgrade potential.

Justin L says:

No Disc and a Free Wheel come on!!! That is a $150 bike tops they can keep the internal cables. I will drill my own holes thank you lol. Don’t get me started with those shifts for $399.99 thanks for showing us Kev. Can not wait to see the next review…

Tony's Workshop says:

I always liked how you’re always making us discover new bike brands, thanks kev!

fried plastic says:

the frame looks like a trek marlin frame

NovusHampshire says:

OK, but why was your lbs surprised to see rim brakes at this price point? Scott, GT, Trek, Giant, and countless others are running rim brakes on their professionally assembled bikes coming in around $400. Hell, Scott has a 29″ bike with rim brakes in the same price range. I think it’s important to distinguish box store bikes from shop bikes. This blurs the line because its assembled by a mechanic, but you get no bike shop support, so why buy this when more trusted brands have better bikes in the same price range you’ll get full shop support with?

top rid3r says:


MikeGoes says:

For the bike go on Amazon and look at kool stop mtb brake pads there great pads for rim brakes and they stop in wet weather

Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol says:

LT WOO 1×12 groupset for 160 bucks on Aliexpress. Test it and the views will follow. These are game changers because carbon frames are cheap. Please follow up the HYDRO, which truly is a game changer.

Benjamin Walsh says:

There is nothing wrong with V-brakes. I like having the shocks and the nicer shifter and flatbars for commuting that way if I decide to take a rougher route or go somewhere not as smooth as pavement I have some wiggle room for off road capabilities. After talking with local shop owners and other riders from my town they all tell me V-brakes are better for certain things than Disc brakes. V-brakes are also more manageable and easier replaced if neeeded than Disc brakes. The fact that this bike is under $400 and has all the features I seek for in my commute bike and also has V-brakes makes this a must buy for my next bike!

Kent Cruse says:

You could upgrade fork to entry level Rock Shox and get disc brake up front. Really a shame you don’t have the option on the frame because it does look like a decent hardtail for the price.

drweedon says:

The frame reminds me of my 07 Diamondback Response Comp, but I had Avid M5 disk brakes. Looks like a good entry level bike, but man…why did they go with v-brakes?

maddingo says:

lol.. those brakes.. and 3×7.. nope nope

you’d be way better off with a Giant Talon 29er 3 for $540 (retail) .. it is still a pretty entry bike but at least the frame has disc brake mounts (and mechanical disc brakes) … much better value / upgrade pathways.

quito787 says:

Thanks for giving the backgrounds for the bikes…really informative!

Tha Joint says:

Hows the weight numbers on it? I started out on a trek 4500 with rim brakes but that trek was a super light bike. It was the black blue and grey trek with Rockshox Jetts on it. I loved that bike right until the day she was stolen from my shed.

Ian Mangham says:

Cst was a subsidiary of Raleigh, made in China not Korea lolz, nice bike

John Combs says:

I agree. Disc is the norm at this price point. Please do a video of the Batch commuter.

John DeF says:

At least put brake tabs for an upgrade. Very odd spec.

phoboz666 says:

400 $ is entrylevel in mtb, discbrakes in this price category are total trash…so the rimbrakes are the better solution imo

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