So what are the 10 best bikes of the year? And who is the overall winner, the BIKE OF THE YEAR 2017? | Click here to subscribe:

We’ve tested 66 bikes over the last twelve months, with ten of those rolling away with a perfect ten rating

If you like your thrills pure, the best hardtails of 2017 came from Ragley, with its steel Blue Pig, Vitus with its sub £500 Nucleus 275 VR, and Norco with its Plus-tyred Fluid.

There was even more competition in the 130-150mm trail bike market, with outstanding models emerging from the direct-sales sector and traditional bricks and mortar brands.

In no particular order we loved the pace of the chubby-tyred Scott Spark Plus, superb suspension of the Trek Fuel EX 7 29 and the sheer fun factor of the Commencal Meta TR.

YT’s Jeffsy 29 and 27 both impressed for their light weight, inspirational handling and outstanding spec.

And at opposite ends of the price spectrum there was the affordable, yet amazing, Calibre Beastnut and the hilarious handling of the stunning Evil Calling.

So ten bikes, all worthy top marks, but only one of them can rise to the top and take the coveted MBR Bike of the Year award 2017.

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Rob Armstrong says:

What rubbish. Never heard of half of them

John Wren says:

So many overly sensitive Santa Cruz fanboys in the comments.

Sveinung Hamre says:

Waiting for my Vitus Nucleus VRS 2018 to replace my old HT. Can’t wait! Thanks for the videos guys!

Sam Erfe says:

Trek sucks!!!

Silvio Biasi says:

Did I hear it correctly? “Long travel trail bike”? Is that meant to be an enduro?

B1GBUD2007 says:

How many geometries does it have?

Doove59 says:

I picked up the Trek EX7 29er new in October 2017 for AUD $2,499 because the 2018 model had been released, f@#ken bargain, and for those who can afford a Santa Cruz etc., go for it, I’d love to have one, but not on my budget. On the downhills and XC I’m right there with the rest of the expensive stuff and having just as much fun and it goes like a cut snake, so don’t bag it out if you haven’t ridden it and/or because it’s not your favourite brand, that’s what wankers do….don’t be a wanker, enjoy your MTB whatever your wheels.

Lenni Keller says:

plus dangerous do cover portion hard stand pound.

Rolling With Rob says:

People are butthurt because their favourites brands/bikes/trail types aren’t in the running but let’s be honest here, best is always going to be an opinion at the end of the day; Your best will not be my best because I will always like and want what I like and want. Still I enjoy watching videos like this and thanks for making great content!

Baz Baron says:

Why did the intense primer not make it guys?

Snapcatcher in OZ says:

OMG they didnt mention…’that bike that I own’ ! must be BS

Emmanuel Rodriguez says:

finally i can understand what he’s saying

FrankD Tank says:

What about giant trance?

R0GUER0B0T says:

Did you guys even ride the bikes? How could you possibly compare a top end YT to a base model Trek, and think “yeah, nobody is going to call bullshit on this.” *Unsubscribed*

Alfie Mark says:

5:45 that’s a YT Capra

Bikes n' Brews says:

Sexy trail.

Brian Holder says:

Ibis Cycles: EWS Overall Team World Champions 2017, Yet the Mojo HD3 or 4 don’t make the top 10? Instead, the Trek EX7, which weighs like 33 lbs, is the top bike? Methinks I smell sponsor dollars.

J Mac says:

Evil is better

David Cloud says:

You really need to ride Intense bikes, just saying.

toko sepeda majuroyal says:


Mr.Moonboy says:

Lol I used to have a 2014 trek fuel ex 7, worst full sus bike I’ve ever ridden. (Which isn’t saying a lot, but whatever) I’m glad they totally changed it up, looks like an actually fun bike now.

jack morgan says:

none of any INTENSE nominated…lol

lizzie McDonald says:

this is the most sexest bike review out there. where are the women’s bikes being reviewed. women do ride mtb. also review bikes for the tall and short riders. these are the kinds of people that watch reviews before they buy a new bike

Abhinav Shanmugam says:

The maxle position on the commencial is painful.

vadillo1 says:

Any of you fat bike experts can tell me what bike is the last one shown in this video of fat bikes at minute 4:30 in grey and green?
Thank you!

George Henwood says:

Giant reign?

Gan Jun Xu says:

Try Polygon Square One

nicola smith says:

hey bros can you please review the trance 2018 maybe like the lowest priced version of the bikes

Cleanneon98 says:

Can always count on the butthurt boutique fanboys to crawl out from their caves when Trek Bikes win

raptor says:

lets keep it at this australia America,canada Europe . they have different bikes and different import and saftey laws which make this not matter if your in a different country from this

Miami Eyes ME says:

Please somebody mention a decent bike where I don,t have to spend thousands ?

Carlos Moura says:

No uphill… Just like the real world NOT

Will McCallum says:

Wheres that track at?

kurt hectic says:

My bike of course!

Cam Wells says:

being budget conscious , my last 3 duallies have been trek ,

curious how you rate the remedy ?

Steve Wenners says:

How much did Trek pay you?

jb602 says:

I can’t wait until 2020, when people finally realize 38mm forks are too noodly.

Josh Villanueva says:

“29ers are GAY” – Confucius

dugave jules says:

” the creme de la creme”
That’s a french expression :,-), love your accent :p

Kcducttaper1 says:

Soooo….the YT Jeffsy “lost” because it had a Fox 34 instead of a Fox 36. Yet the winner has a RockShox Reba RL, which has 32 mill stanchions. Do they listen to themselves?

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