BIKE REVIEW – 2019 Scott Ransom, 29 and 27.5 Tested

With 170mm of travel on tap and the ability to morph itself at the push of a lever, Scott’s new Ransom is the best all-mountain/enduro bike the company has created. It’s truly a blast to ride and handles so many scenarios well. Listen in as Vital MTB’s Product Editor, Brandon Turman, rallies down Purgatory Resort outside of Durango, Colorado, telling you everything he thinks about the orange machine.

For more tech details, be sure to visit Vital’s First Look article:

Ransom Highlights:

– One frame, two wheel sizes – 27.5 or 29-inch
– Carbon and aluminum frame options
– 170mm (6.7-inch) travel Descend mode, 120mm (4.7-inch) Traction Control, and Lockout via TwinLoc remote
– 170mm (6.7-inches) front travel
– Virtual 4 Link (VLK) suspension design with bearings throughout
– 205X65mm FOX NUDE TR EVOL Trunnion shock with Ramp Adjust feature
– Internal cable routing with access port under downtube
– Integrated downtube protection and noise-silencing chainstay/seatstay protector
– Geometry adjustment via flip chip in upper shock mount
– Press fit BB92 bottom bracket
– 27.5×2.8 and 29×2.6-inch tire clearance
– Boost axles front and rear
– Claimed frame weight: 2,650g (5.8-pounds, 700/900 model with shock and hardware)
– Claimed complete weight: 13.2kg (29.1-pounds, 700/900 Tuned model without pedals)
– Four builds ranging from $2,999 to $7,499 USD


kangsterizer says:

with the stock fox remote lockout you can have a pretty decent setup from a switches/controls point of view, as the 3pos fox lever is vertical, then the dropped can be horizontal (ie the inverse of what you have on this bike). Because the suspension lockout doesnt need as much pull as the dropper the 3pos level is much smaller and doesnt get in the way of the dropper paddle.

dd410 says:

very good review i like the style

i tested genius 920 and twin lock in amazing for pedaling efficiency but this additional leaver on handlebars is pain in the ass. they shoould realy work on ergonomics

Wafful Meister says:

This guy should do more reviews!

Daniel says:

more reviews from this guy!

Nathan says:

Big thing is there is bearings in all the pivots vs bushings in the genius models.

Myron Sichanpheng says:

13:02 that’s what she said

Martin Ďurčanský says:

I want to see someone introduce 31” wheel bike so badly. Also with 115m boost front, some 155 rear, running 21 and 13mm axles, with 1.6” head tube. Lets throw in some custom handlebar and seatpost width and the package is full. Ah ye, new BB standard

daveandmerlin says:

Really good review from a good rider

Alex McGregor says:

i live in nz and they’re only bringing 4 of each size into the country for the first order, we dont even have this bike yet.

Ioannis Ginis says:

Excellent video

Tommy Delgado says:

Brandon’s fast AF!
Great rideand review

Fat Guy Biking says:

Great Review ! Thats a dream bike for me right there.

Dan S says:

Awesome review. Savage riding

СЭ С says:

прекрасный обзор, и просто невероятный байк.scott в очередной раз доказал что они точно знаю что и как нужно делать.

alfa 5610 says:

Hello VitalMtb from Milan, is it actually possible to change the shox (ex. Fox dhx2 or float x2) on ransom?
Always nice job!

Bye and keep shredding the gnar,

Max says:

Anyone wanna send me £7000

Youtube User says:

Anybody noticing the video lenght?

Rivers Mitchell says:

The want for this bike is very high…every review bike I have seen out there has chip marks all over it though…I may go for the alu model…

l0pez83 says:

Very nice, but almost 8000 euro is absolutely ridiculous, there are many biks today equally good for half of this price… people must understand this.

Greg S says:

Great review and nice bike, apart from the integrated bars

SWFlowseeker says:

Thx for your thoughts. Looks like a sweet ride

Trail Weaks says:

What camera was this.. hero 4 black with gimbal or hero 7?

Ben Donaldson says:

can you take the twin lock system off the bike ?

Luke lamey-fice says:

what psi do you run?

Paul Davies says:

Still only two year warranty on the frame?

PT Smith says:

SICKEST Review ever! How tall is the rider, and what size did you ride?

Andrew Bambury says:

Would it fall behind much in climbing compared to the genius? Also how does the standover height compare to the 2018 genius?

GaryDonosti says:

Great review. Any chance we can get the same guy to do one of the Aluminium Ransoms for comparison?

captain btx says:

Hi there! I have a question. If i buy the low end ransom can i upgrade the shocks while keeping the twinlock or its fixed from factory?

Brendan Troutman says:

Enough of the review I just want to watch this guy ride!

MTB Whip says:

Which GoPro are u using or what camera?

Jono Coy says:

awesome review! thanks guys

Tom Yotam says:

Dude, you’re riding is on point! so fun to watch. Any chance you can share your GoPro settings?

Michael R says:

How does the twin-lock change the geometry 1,5 degrees without a shapeshifter like on the canyon strive?

JD says:

Vital get this thing on some real trails. These smooth flow trails and ski slopes are laughable to “test” an enduro bike on.

frostmeister666 says:

Twinloc should just be one lever like the Box push push.

lovro sirk says:

Is the Ransom noticeably better on descents than Genius?

liu wenjie says:

Is that…a hanger ya handling?lmao

cwd 123 says:

This guy needs to do all reviews. It would be a game changer for the channel! Great review!!

Liam Willis says:

Best bike review I’ve seen

sultanabran1 says:

great review. great bike. can’t help but think americans would rather go for an american brand like yeti, which will get a cracked frame after 2 rides.

Jupiterbase13 says:

I really really loved to ride that bike. I thought the long travel would be an overkill but holy shit I never had so much fun on my local downhill traill. Wanna try the sb 150 next 😛

Dan K says:

Great review and riding footage. That bike is sick but pricey.


Can you do a canyon torque review

MrVandall82 says:

briliant revievs, men good yob

Front Range Enduro MTB says:

Hey Brandon did you mess with removing any spacers from the Nude TR? Fox is shipping them with max volume spacers installed (8). With the ramp switch it seems like you could remove a couple and make it feel very coil like and then just flip a switch to make it more progressive. Did you mess with that at all? Removing spacers appears to be something you can do trail side with just a pick to remove the C clip.

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