Bike Test: Cannondale Scalpel Ultimate 29 Review – Flow Mountain Bike

Flow Mountain Bike reviews the Cannondale Scalpel Ultimate 29 – one of the most expensive mountain bikes on the planet. For more, make sure you visit


Eliseo Lusian says:

dont like the frame it looks handicap .i wouldnt buy anything for that price that the connandale bike is worth especially if it looks anbnormal.

Javier Narro says:


Cole Heketoa says:

push bikes have been so over priced for so long…i simply can’t see $10,000 worth of technology….granted its awesome…i can see it realistically priced at between 6,000 – 7000

Allen Brunner says:

I would definitely buy it its a work of art

Cole Heketoa says:

better value for money is the 2016 Polygon Cozmic RX 3.0 20er for almost $4,000….awesome bike

azonicrider32 says:

Just picked up a 2012 flash ultimate 26″…for $1350. Original spec(msrp $9995)… Gotta love this 29 “revolution” bullshit, now all the good bikes are super cheap!!! Sure you might be a little bit faster, but oh boy am i have much more fun!!

LaMere Cycles says:

21.2 lbs, it is a sweet bike and I’m a Scalpel fan for sure, have owned and broken 2 of them….but $11,000? LaMere Cycles can build you a 21.8 lb full suspension 29er with carbon Lefty, Sram XX1, and plain old Stan’s Crest wheelset for $6500. Spend the savings on a good charity or taking and epic bike trip to South Africa!

ugirl2 says:

how many years do you all think until walmart is selling this exact copy LOL it is really incredible. 21 pounds is just crazy

Erik Klumpp says:

Man every bike you guys review is just awesome. Cannondale, LaPierre, etc etc. pay flow XX amount of dollars to provide great reviews. A realistic question is could you ride the same bike or a similar bike for far less money. I think the answer is yes. Super bikes are for doctors and dentists and for the most part they are riders who tend to stink. Mountain bikes are for dudes who actually shred or race. How about a little more reasonable bike like a Kona Process next time. Oh wait Kona has to pay you to review their bikes so it probably won’t happen.

mjs1231 says:

Not worth the money, not even close.

Same bike
Same build
1/3 the cost.

Thats right.

19 lbs build
Specd a bit diff.
Fork and shock the same.
Everything else different.

Martin Luther King says:

That bike looks like it’s been in an accident!!!!!

larstetens says:


Great Review!

Stuart Green says:

Good review guys and very funny.

Martin Luther King says:

it looks like it has though

VFoVendetta says:

pay 2 years of rent…or buy bike…hmmm

ozwadnerf says:

my dad has that bike just one year older

FrigginM16 says:

what a fugly fork…

mountainbikingforever says:

My dad just bough a Honda CBR500R for $7500 BRAND NEW and your telling me a simple push bike with 100mm travel is going to cost $11,000, You must be either a very unfit rider who thinks its the bikes fault for being too heavy or you have money coming out of your ears to be able to afford such a bike. People need to think before buying random stuff simple equation Cost of product – How often you will use it. UNLESS you are a very high level (being state/region/country) competitor place fifth or higher. just my opinion!

tman55575 says:

anybody who thinks they need a 10,000 $$ Mtn Bike really need better skills and legs….

ugirl2 says:

some guy on craigs ny manhattan selling this for $5 grand neg. LOL a work of art.

Bryce says:

Great review

Lloyd Years says:

if someone made this bike on their own would it cost the same amount and roughly how much are we talking?

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