Btwin Rockrider 520 Mountain Bike (2017): Expert Review

From the first look of the entire new Btwin range, it is very evident that the company has put in the hard yards in terms of design, technology and equipping the bike with superb components. All these positives are shown in the Btwin Rockrider 520. An entry level MTB with a killer combination of components. Here’s what we though when we put this bicycle to the test.

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Vishal Rathore says:

Which bicycle I should buy under 35 thousand

Mohanasundaram Jaganathan says:

Please help me to pick anyone from this list for office commute and liesure rides.
1. Btwin 340
2. Montra trance
3. Montra blues
Waiting for your expert advice.

sankalp shukla says:

Is there a better bicycle in the same price range…

Varun Salecha says:

I liked the change in the quality and editing effects of your videos

Irshad Irs says:

How’s it Firefox Colorado

RiZe Efficient says:

This bike is very good.. dont care what nobody says its my favorite brand and always been

MiHaiKoli says:


Mr. Perfect ! says:

Which is better : *Montra or Btwin* ??

Legendary Bladers says:

This cycle is the best I bought this on 20 august 2017

Mohd Razali says:

Just bought mine yesterday and went for my first 5km ride. Its so comfort. Really love it.. btw great review. Subs.

Sunil Jharia says:

Price in india

Mohamed Ben Hamza says:

I have it 2 moths ago . it’s fantastic MTB and I’m so lucky to have it . thanks for this nice video

Vismay Vinod Kumar says:

Thank you for rewie wing mtb videos I have this cycle

Udbhav Kedilaya says:

whar is price of the cycle

Sudarsan Narayanan says:

Triban 100 pls

Bipin Darole says:

Price ?

hobby pro says:

can u do some review on scott bicycle which are trail worthy (from 24k or 36k model and above)

Mr. Perfect ! says:

Awesome Video Quality !!!
Till now, I didn’t liked Btwin..but after watching your video, I am in love for this Cycle ….

Pratham Bhosale says:

I have a question. Can i use this bike for uphill mountain climb which are a little rocky not much. What about worn out trails?

RiderNet says:

Wow….that’s great….I waited for this expert review to come as a video….thnx ChooseMyBicycle……I have a small suggestion…..can u do a review for Montra Rock 4.1???….I’m in a dilemma whether to buy rr520 or rock4.1…..cuz with a difference of 4K v get hydraulic disc brakes and 100mm suspension travel… can ChooseMyBicycle suggest me the required bike….I live in Madurai where the roads r not as smooth as in Chennai…pls help me

Anish Krishnan says:

That was a bad move to remove the suspension lockout which is one of the most used feature. 😐

RiderNet says:

Can u do a video of the Montra Rock 4.1 expert review

Santosh Kumar says:

Is this a review or DJ event? Nice bgm.

BlackPaperMoon18 says:

my damper works like shit… what should i do? works very heavy even at 75kg setup when i am 90

VR 46 says:

i want to do a video in u r channel

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