Build Your Own Mountain Bike | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 205

Following last weeks announcement of the Atherton’s building their own mountain bikes, Martyn wanted to talk to people who’ve built their own custom MTB’s. Making your own bike gives you the opportunity to tailor the riding experience to your preferences and geometry, but would you make your own?

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Would you make your own mountain bike? What would you build it from? What kind of bike would you build? Let us know in the comments down below 👇

If you’d like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here’s the link 👍

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Oscar Reyes Aguilar says:

#captioncontest “DENNNISSSSS!!!!!”

Mac!ek PARAF says:

#captioncontest when you riding and sudenly some nice girls shows on a trail.

James Hall says:

Photo Caption: Ugh, there goes Moses… Showing off again! – Tate

Liam Healy says:

Ok so what bet did Blake lose

Julius V Abd says:

the idea gear on the back laptop is great.. i like it.

mike cannon says:

#captioncontest V for Victory!!!

Geoff Murray says:

I don’t say it enough but I love these vids. Keep ’em coming! And did you guys film on a new camera??? Or do you just look THAT GOOD?

Alan Craft says:

Caption : freshly branching out into the jumps

Brian Landers says:

I didn’t really know where to put this comment… Two things – first Martyn, I watched your TED talk and was quite moved. I’m a stage 4 cancer fighter/survivor/patient and cycling (road, gravel and Mtb) is my savior, and has helped me be the most righteous cancer patient on the planet. Your absolutely right when you say “In Disaster There is Opportunity”, although for many this can be a tough row to come by. I thinka lot of people get wrapped up in what may be, instead of understanding just how brilliant the here and now truly is. Second, I have a request for your crazy fun fails and bails – I’d love to see a show where you take some of the most memorable fails and bails and analyze them from the standpoint of what went wrong. In other words, help us ‘amateurs’ understand what not to do. Anyway, keep up the brilliance.

Sam Klemz says:

Caption contest:
Threading the needle with steez

Rhys Daley says:

Sick home made bikes! Loved the gravel bike.

Michael Fitzgerald says:

Just relax, Tree. Lay back and spread ‘em. This will only take a minute.

Paul Sack says:

Really appreciate the craftsmanship. I build a bong out of bamboo once too!

bagafatcat says:

the shoe guy ! ! give him 200 ! thats a life HACK

ObliskWA says:

I NEED to see a Aston Bike build followed by a comparison to a modern trials bike!

Gusenator says:

Made a bamboo singlespeed flatbar street bike myself two years ago… Destroyed some old steel frames for the junctions and added bamboo for 7(!)€ in between. It’s an amazing bike to ride and was a nice project to get through winter… When you have the possibility to build a frame yourself, do it! It’s a great experience!

Paul Murden says:

Caption: Ripping through trees in memory of Chainsaw

Martin says:

Please tell me where to get this rubber for shoes, i need this stuff !!!

Matej Šajgal says:

wow the video quality changed since the last dirt shed show … is anyone seeing it? 🙂 good job, I like it!

Urface5604 says:

Is Blake going to ride Darkest this year? I loved the content from it last year.

Hyperstorm NXT says:

Could u guys make a Fat Bike fitted with motorcycle racing tires? U know the thick one for racing then can u show us some low banking skills where you actually bank like sideways?

MissingLink MTB says:

Another great show chock full of great content.

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