Buying and Testing a Department Store Bike

In this video I set out to buy a new bike with my friend Angus. First up I went to Big w they had a nice Diamond Back in there it was a bit expensive. Next I went to Target and they didn’t have many bikes for sale so we headed off to Kmart to look at what bikes they had and thats when I came across the Crest 27.5. The reason I decided on buying it was because it looked decent just bike the diamond back but just at half the price! in Australia we don’t have Walmart so I can’t test a Walmart bike. I had lots of fun riding this bike and I have some awesome things planned for the bike!


1110000110100100000000010100110111001000 says:

Where in Australia do you live? I’m in Perth

Swaggy MeGee says:

Is Kmart the Australian Costco

Cartoon Je says:

I’m getting that bike

Mannie Hatton says:

The brakes got really loud…. squeeeeeeeeeeek

Combat Chrome says:

If you buy a department store bike do they give u tools to assemble it or do u have to provide your own tools?

Josh Kretchmar says:

Aye good ole big dubs

Hezic Dez says:

Me got a fly buys card machine

Michael Smith says:

this bloke honestly has the most monotone voice, video’s would be much better if you spoke fluently.

rkjer says:

Damn… 3k on my bike I I literally can’t do any of this shit you do

King Of Kings says:

Whats it like in mildura?

Just Some Aussie says:

You’re really brown. If that isn’t your natural skin colour, you’re probably gonna end up getting skin cancer

This is Daniel catz says:

the target is in highpoint shopping center i guss

edstar83 says:

Aussie Aussie Aussie f*** yeah yeah

Simon Bosman says:

I’m surprised at how it held up

Jack Bentley says:

great vid

Brayden Richter says:

i had one oh them shit bikes

jip van hunnik says:

How it dont break

Granit Gravity says:


RoShark GD says:

I cringe every time I remember that when I was eight or nine I thought that Walmart bikes were the best in the world

Scott Atwood says:

Kmart bikes are shit

Chris Davis says:

700th like yewwwwwww!

The Rc addict with Planes says:

How did you fix the wiggle on the front wheel?

Purpo-se Vlogs says:

Yes aussie

James Honey says:

Thanks for the video. Informative. I was surprised that it held up as well as it did…. but then again the spokes were coming loose. Did you check them and the rims trueness out before riding? I was curious if the loose ones were the result or the cause of the ‘warped’ rim. Please keep up the good work.

GBT says:

This guy speaks so slowly

Amir Holmes says:

Ur the best bro keep up the good work, i see great potential in you, and how can i message you do you have an email?

Meebling//Feebling says:

5:07 “Not too bad.” I died inside when I heard that.

cazzy cont tommito says:

how do you fix ‘play ‘in front hub??

Sir Pants says:

It helps that you know what you’re doing when it comes to bikes. The idea of a kid or someone’s mom with no real bike experience putting one of these together scares me.

Nway Mone says:

Do another one PLEASE?

zombie slayer says:

You know it’s crap when it has mechanical disk brakes in the front but not the back

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