Cheap Walmart bikes are just a waste of money. Better quality bike will last longer in the long run.


Bobby Orr says:

There both shit bikes

Nathan Hill says:

So where is the better quality bike I seen 2 trash bikes


This is so cringeworthy

3DQuads2006 YouTuber says:

Cheap bike trash

trent williams says:

and get a helmet I got my helmet at the goodwill store for 2.99

_Kips_ says:

no helmet no respect, all the bikes , both bikes are not that great , the lesser of the 2 is what you called the “quality” bike , which are of same quality as your friends other bikes upon closer inspection
all use wrong techniques for descending , cool you guys can do wheelies but that single skill cant justify your control over the bike if the rest of what you do isnt right.
Also for beginners Hardtails are much better to learn Trials skills etc etc. Im assuming you are somewhat of a beginner (take it with a grain of salt)

After reaching the end of the video i can conclude that your basic mtb skills are extremely lacking , i recommend as a fellow cyclist of the mountainbike community that you wear your godamn fucking helmets you don’t loose hipster points from wearing a helmet , its for your safety because it seems like basic manual and a b-hop techniques need some serious polishing. Dont risk it , learn your basics and get your helmets.

Dustin Mangaoang says:

bruh both of those bikes are trash

Asad Siraj says:


The Gym Rat Gamers says:

He’s worried about the seat glue

eazyone23 says:

The best thing besides a good quality bike and the length of years it lasts you in the long run, is firstly buying yourself a good quality helmet and to wear it at all times, it’s the best thing you could do for yourself when out riding … something as small as a piece of loose gravel could trip you up and have you heading over your handlebars head first which ends with you laid out with your head splits open all because of the whatever reason you choose not to wear it in the first place….. Cheers Bud, Great Upload !! 😉

amon says:

Nice vid. Now go get a helmet.

Eonick says:

Where are your helmets kids

Nathaniel theaubold of Ormond says:

Both of those are shit eh I prefer road bikes anyway I wouldn’t go near one of those supermarket bikes go to a bike stpre

Danny K says:

U should just get a hardtail

Jeremy Robinson says:

I wasn’t riding stairs at your age guys! Keep riding. To all of the haters and bike snobs, leave the kids alone! At least they are out there getting exercise and having fun. I started riding on inexpensive bikes and people made fun of me too, but I could out ride all of them. Keep at it man, and don’t listen to the hate in this comment section.

Davidfish1 says:

Lol and his friends fake down hill bike

Pascal Bike life says:

Both bikes are a pile of wank


If your idea of dope suspension is 12.5 mm of travel you should try riding some expensive shocks

jack clarke says:

when he went down the stairs i couldnt stop pissing the derailleur looked like it was about to give up and that chain slack thooo

Cola Kanalen says:

Where is your helmet?

The Gym Rat Gamers says:

These kids aren’t that good at mtb

trent williams says:

dud just get a hard tail are you too lazy to ride a hard tail

The Gym Rat Gamers says:

WTH is this review

FFAB says:

kid on the “downhill bike” thinking hes like gee atherton

Cancerous Content says:

his friend was wearing adidas pants and nike shoes lol

mike smith says:

so all ur bike does it ride down stairs and do wheelies?

Desert Unboxing says:

Put a fucking helmet on you pincone.

Tower CG says:

I’m sorry… I had to like for the rad manuals by 10 year olds xD That Genesis doesn’t surprise me, but seriously, those issues are so minor, it actually makes the bike look nicer to me 😛
I’m going for a Schwinn Sidewinder myself… Seems like it would be pretty legit to upgrade as well.

robertosmitho2012 says:

That schwinn is awesome I can’t find it anywhere can you find it for me online?

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