DAWES Roundhouse 2500 mountain bike review

Overview of my Dawes Roundhouse 2500 from bikesdirect.com.


GoonOfDoom87 says:

Do you think the fork is a 1 1/8″

Strutting_strat says:

lol at the 850 Ib spring..

Brooks Gorden says:

is it still working well? lol does it compare to a trecks?

Tom Black says:

Been awhile since you uploaded this video. Are you still liking the bike?

kthompson204 says:

You can find decent shocks (Fox, Rockshox, Manitou) on ebay for a fraction of a new one. I paid $85 for mine and that was a steal. All the brand name quality shocks should be rebuildable as well, so don’t be scared off by the “used” part.

kthompson204 says:

I’m glad my video helped. Other than what I mentioned changing/ upgrading in the video, I have found I would like better brakes, and upgrade the wheel and crank bearings.

Juan Garcia says:

Hi, I just saw your video but I have a couples of question regarding the brand Dawes; I never heard about it until a couple of days ago, according to your experience, in a 1-10 what number will you give it overall, I got a Dawes Haymaker that I going to see but I would like to know a little bit more about the brand……thank you for your time

William Santiago says:

Great video, very informative. I’ve been looking at this bike and the gravity3.0. My question is where did you get the pedals and how much were they?

mongoose lover says:

Please Can You Let Me Know the Model Of The Shock you Put On Your Bike.I Just Got The 2900 29er,I Do The Same Ride Mountain And Road.I’M Looking For Some Steady Riding.Last Bike Was A Mongoose XR Comp,It Was Stolen.2 Days Before Christmast.Please Get Back To Me About The Shock!!!.

Denis Golovin says:

This is what happened to mine DAWES Roundhouse 2900 https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/108239348120233691892/albums/6108895146819776481 those are pretty self explaining pictures for one year old bike.

Leif Olson says:

i have the 2000 and i put a dart 3 on it

Clarencebobarence says:

You sound like Bob Saget and thats cool lol. Good review.

garlands1127 says:

thanks for your report. how much more money did you have to put in to the bike to get to being what you want?

kthompson204 says:

Thank you for the kind words. You are running into the same issue I had when I was looking to buy a bike…that’s why I made this video. The bars were heavy and narrow so I replaced them and the stem…much happier. The hubs, are loose ball bearing type, and I just repacked them. They were showing signs of wear so I will probably need to replace the internals next season. I don’t know what normal life of a hub is, but it looks like I am going to get 2 seasons out of mine.

glock 22 says:

Thanks dude. I really appreciate your review. I’m considering this for my 14 y/o son.

kthompson204 says:

I have the 19″ and it fits me well. I am 6 foot tall with a 31″ inseam. The toptube/seattube gusset bikedirect mentions in the sizing doesn’t interfere with standover.

Mario Crisantos says:

Dude I just got one today! It’s so awesome I love it !

dalt h says:

Did you get the 19″ Model???

MrTaylorreaves says:

do you go on trails with that bike i have the same bike but mine is diamondback

Ty Miller says:

Do you have a list of all the parts you’ve changed/upgraded on this bike? I’m going to buy one this week and would love to use your knowledge to improve my bike. Thanks.

Faysal Khan says:

hi i am getting this bike and i like your review. i also plan to change the RS, please advise which one to get. consider me a entry level…or let me know the exact model of the you replaced.

Tdg0101 says:

Thanks for the video review, just picked up one.

louiearmstrong says:

would it be easy to remove the logos, or would you need to get it powdercoated?

Atet8oo7 says:

thx for the review dude!

William Santiago says:

I just got mine today and everything that was wrong with yours was the same with mine,the tire was on backwards and the brakes were rubbing.I’m 230lbs. and that rear shock is real stiff like you said so I’m gonna get another shock for it and the pedals are going to be changed as well.Thank you again for your video,it really helped me make up my mind on this bike.Take care bud.

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