Deviate The Guide First Ride Review – Pinion Gearbox, Sorted Suspension

The Guide is a gearbox mountain bike based on Pinion’s latest 12-speed transmission. That means it gets a 600% gear range without using a rear derailleur. Tom has been riding it, and here’s what he thinks.


Sam Murray says:

How is this “bespoke”? That word gets so overused these days for “over-priced and over-niched”.

Brian Westfield says:

How about the elephant in the room – weight. I heard this bike cannot be built less than 33lbs. Is this true?

Richard Almond says:

How much and where?

RACEgale says:

This is, perhaps, the best review I’ve ever seen. Very honest and straight forward. Even though there were some “negatives” about this bike I’m still really excited about it. Having more information is great. I’ve seen WAY too many “reviews” that are simply marketing videos. Those are not worth anything (and it’s why I stay away from “S”). I want this bike!

Richard Hartley says:

Can anyone tell me what the green suit thing he is wearing is ?

thechosendude says:

Still has a chain that requires constant cleaning and lubing, stretches the same which needs replaced regularly, and a chainring and rear cog that also wear out. It also has a cable shifter than needs regular replacement. I don’t see the purpose of a gearbox at all in this application. Sure the “no derailleur to break” argument, but it’s a carbon frame with air suspension. Let’s not kid ourselves.

Tim Durbin says:

Cavalerie bikes already makes a similar bike but with a different gearbox and a belt drive instead of chain. And because the belt drive and front sprocket is at the pivot point you don’t need tensioner like on the bike in this video.

pulkin pulman says:

Thats why hardtail it the way to go..

Younes Ten says:

I want to buy this bike

luca e says:

I love these reviews of uncommon bikes!! Very well!!! Thanks!!

Dave Carter says:

How much does this build weigh? I’m guessing 14kg+

GroundCRow says:

Please take a closer look on your audio levels next time!
Music is often way too loud…
Otherwise a great video especially with the explanation of pivot height 🙂

Nich Graham says:

I might have to check with the Deviate site, but would a instant engage rear hub fix a little bit of the peddle slack. Like an Onyx??

Geekboy NZ says:

It would be good to see what you guys make of the Zerode Taniwha, which also has a Pinion.

Sam says:

to much cons for a bike with that massiv price tag.
the main thing that put me off is shifting under weight is not working well. every hubcompany trys to make more engagement points and with this system you do get lag because of double freewheel? thats stupid! the gripshift… this is where i throw up! they feel shit, have to much play and the rubber is liable to wear! i work in a bikeshop. gearboxes on regular bikes are great but on mtbs they still not worth the weight and money. sorry but gearbox bikes still not fully developed

张然 says:


ΝΟΜΛ says:

Lol hyping J-path suspension like it’s a new thing when it’s been around since at least the days of Pro-Flex -_-

Arqom Noval says:

it’s beyond comprehension that Pinion somehow still stuck with grip shifter while the French’s Effigear offered both trigger and grip shifters..

Aaron Clinesmith says:

The Pinion gearbox is begging to be mated with Di2

Zygmunt The Cacao Kakistocrat says:

“Honey, have you seen my Super Suit? WHERE THE HELL IS MY SUPER SUIT?”

n8tvbrn ed a says:

you can improve engagement by choosing a onyx rear hub, this way you only deal with crank engagement!?, and can the crank engagement be upped?


Whats the point on having two freewheels ? I mean they do fixed rear hubs as well so…

Other Peoples Meeples says:

Why the fuck am I getting Bike Radar vids in my feed? You guys lost the plot years ago saying the Boardman Road Team Carbon had “… a quality frame…” only for mine to subsequently collapse beneath me due to a manufacturing defect and I’ve now sued Halfords twice… very successfully.

Salamander Workshop says:

I dont think id like this bike

pheoix says:

Really good review. Honest on positive and negatives.

Edgars Nezinu says:

It have so many complicated parts on it ….It’s an nightmare for maintenance

Bushcraft in the garden says:

nice video as always

Serp D. says:

First glance I got on this bike I thought my self this is my new bike but then I saw the geometry of it and that it got to small wheel’s. A shame because I love the concept of it even for my steep gnarly hometrails. Where I only need to pedal for 40min for 450meters incline.

vaughn gowsell says:

How long has this company had the patent on the travel design?

Kenneth Mullen says:

Great review.

Bert Hull says:

looks like a lot of fun, but stay the hell off of Strava if you are using electric.

Adrian L says:

Asking the real question here, are you wearing a neon green onesie????

Marc Wittkowski says:

It’s nice to see companies experimenting and bringing new/ different ideas to the table. Great review.

Paul Robertson says:

Really good explanation of the suspension.

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