Devinci Django 29 Review – 2017 Bible of Bike Tests

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The Devinci Django 29 is a trail bike that any rider, at any level, can get down with.


Christopher Childs says:

Triple like. Now buy the damn thing!

Jesse Richardson says:

Wish the redhead would tone it back and let the other guys edge in more. I’ve picked up on this in all Bible of Bikes videos.

apollo 74 says:

so the dude on the left was drunk as well as the camera man.   GREAT JOB!!  loving this years reviews as well.  i’ve noticed there’s not even as much drinking this time around.

PittsburghActive says:

I can listed to bike talk all day, but you guys make these videos amazing. Real dudes just enjoying a few beers and chatting about bikes. Great job! I honestly look forward to these every year. Thank you.

Michael Clark says:

Great review! Nice chug

tungstenn says:

They should get the specs right. The wheelbase, which they say is 1180, assuming they’re riding a large, is actually 1186.
The 65 deg HA they’re talking about in this vid is the low position, not the high position as implied by RP in the print edition of these tests.

Last Clear Stratum says:

Brice, don’t think I’ve ever seen you this vocal, but that’s a good thing because I think that you bring some real insight to these reviews. You get past geo and spec and fill us in on how the bike really rides, from the seat of your pants if you will. Miss Squirrel and Seb, but glad you’re still keeping things honest for us all out here!

Justin Case says:

Review some hardtails!

Alexander Lopez says:

esto no es una review.

Flex LCS says:


rpiian says:

I don’t mean to take away from you guys at all, but I think “there you have it” is a fitting tribute to Vernon. As in, every time you guys say it, I can hear him saying it. What a legend.

Anyway, DeVinci makes sweet rides, you guys have the best reviews – shred on!

The Crashing Dad says:

I’d be interested to see a “bible of bike tests” where they get the “low-end” “low-spec’d” versions of all these “Top-end” bikes…
test BOTH the $6k+ and the low-end version…

Cycle Jockey says:

Keep these bike tests coming boys… Enjoying them !

Jack Schreuder says:

I hate trek for making the slash a 29er

Rob Powpowgnargnar says:

He is lit

Aaron Goodrum says:

Thanks for you reviews. I’m torn between buying a 2017 Devinci Django, 2017 Pivot Mach 6 & a 2018 Giant Anthem 2. I come from a BMX background…which turned into flatland later, But any advice would help. Thanks @Bike Magazine

Finn Mc says:

It worries me that most the bikes in these tests are 29ers

zacrilegious says:

As a native Arkansan, it makes me happy to see our corner of the state get some love. Hope you enjoyed the scenery and had some delicious brews during your stay.

John Bolton says:

I keep looking at the Django, but have yet to ride one. I’ve ridden several 650B bikes and some 29ers and think the big wheels are for me. These videos have been a blessing. I want a bike that can ride over lots of rocks and roots, can handle some steeper terrain, climb well and do some tight turns (all available here in Alberta). A tall order for a single bike, but these things were all addressed in this video. I recently rode a Giant Trance on tight, technical, turny singletrack in Canmore Alberta and never felt comfortable with the slack front end, and what felt like a too long bike. Had no confidence, despite 6 inches of travel. Very interested in trying the Django… Being a Canadian company, with what seem to be more reasonable prices are good selling points too. Kudos to the guys in this vid. Great job… very helpful.

mike jones says:

Love these guys, hate to say it…these vids aren’t the same this year. Vernon seemed to have the power to keep a good rhythm going, keep the jargon moving towards some sort of conclusion. This is def way more ad lib, which I know is the point. But it seemed more together in all the past Bibles. My opinion of course, i just dont like this years “catch you on the spot, surprise!” format. But, honestly all these vids so far i feel like im watching Ricky Bobby not knowing what to do with his hands. Yeah you guys hit the basics, buut it seemed past bibles really went deeper into what the guy got out of the bike. Plus I believe the old vids were maybe on avg longer. I dont know, Vernon good for you going to Pinkbike, looking forward to this for sure. Really wish you woulda did 1 more Bible. There are a couple goodvids here, the Jeffsey is good review, I think cuz Mike is in this, he still carries tons of weight IMO, and I like the Yeti sb5.5, but some of these others keep leaving you hanging, like how freakin ‘Lost’ did (and I quit watchin that mofo, refuse to watch whatever happened in the end lol)

Pedro Revolorio says:

love the super chill vibe of all these vids.. just subscribed for 2 yrs.

Ben Battista says:

Could watch these videos all day long everyday! Never stop please!

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