Diamondback Axis Bike Review

This is a video review of the Diamondback Axis mountain bike, which is an aluminum hardtail mountain bike with 27.5 inch wheels, a suspension fork and disk brakes. You can find the Dismondback Axis mountain bike on sale for $350 if you look around, and at that price it is a great deal. The wheels, stem, handlebars and frame are tough and ready to handle serious mountain biking action. If you do a lot of jumping and downhill riding, you will want to upgrade the fork. The Diamondback Axis is a solid mountain bike and a great value for the money.


Oliver Barrera says:

wow you guys are definitely the real deal ….. holy smokes that crash was pretty intense It sounded like you cracked every bone in your body…. but good work guys I’m sure I speak for a lot of us part timers thanks for taking the hits for us it’s always good to see what wear getting ourselves into without breaking our own bones keep the videos coming champs!!! ☆☆☆☆☆

Darnell H says:

I also have this bike, and paid $400 or $450 for it at Dicks. I’ve been thinking about upgrading the front fork, for some more intense trail riding. Can anyone give me some suggestions for a good fork upgrade?

James Flynt says:

Does anyone have a link with the actual specs for this bike?

Stuart Carson says:

It’s called a stem.

Frederick Selmon says:

don’t listen to this guy

Redrush 11 says:

i got the diamondback axis
the exspensive model a couple of hours ago
when i got it it was so poorly put together so i had to take it apart and re assemble it

erik gamboa says:

hey dicks! haha!

Over whip says:

How can you tell the difference between single walled Tim’s and double walled rims.And what’s the best kind for jumping.

Oliver Barrera says:


John Ratko says:

2001 was the Diamondbacks’ glory year.
*Wish the neck on my Kawasaki was taller like that one, or even taller. Head down, butt up, isn’t the most ideal posture for going down really steep inclines.

1jeepcam says:

I bought the very same bike two years ago. It’s a great bike. I ride as often as time allows. Their was a recall on the suntour forks on this bike. I also got mine at Dick’s sporting goods. My bike was one of the ones that had the fork recall. This fork went on many other brand of bikes other than Diamondback and so it’s nothing against Diamondback. Dick’s put a new BETTER fork on my bike that you can “lock out. The original fork can adjust somewhat but doesn’t lock out. Dick’s didn’t charge me ANYTHING for the upgrade! There was also a recall on the “quick release” axles. On some of the bikes the “lock handle” could get into the spokes. My bike did NOT have this and therefore did not need the axles replaced. All in all a great bike. Not sure they still have this one. I got mine on sale at Dick’s, saved money by signing up for their credit card (you don’t have to activate) and their reward program saved more money and also got a discount because it was the month of my birthday. I walked out at $278 and some change INCLUDING TAX. Add in the upgraded fork I ended up getting about 6 months later and I’ve got a great bike for the trails. Dick’s and Diamondback are two great companies in my opinion!

Anthony ϟ says:

hey does anyone know any mountain bike websites that sell cheap but good parts?

Sidly says:

you should’ve tried the diamondback hook much more for the money

Oliver Barrera says:

lol that was hilarious good stuff man I just purchased one love it ..

VCCOMM says:

best for jumping is …………. dont land both wheels at the same time ,

noah r says:

Hi, I’m trying to buy the same Diamondback bike that you have, but the price is $450 at Dicks Sporting goods. So I was wondering which month did you buy the bike? so I can see if the bike would be cheaper then. Thanks

xxxblackmamba120xxx says:

U also get a free tuneup with the 2year

ColeTheHD says:

*your handle bars will fall of and you will die* heh…

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