Diamondback Mission 2 Review

I don’t think I’ve ever gone to Markham mountain bike park without eating tacos immediately afterwards. Well— quesadillas in this case, but that’s besides the point. Today’s adventure was on my Diamondback Mission 2, which I’ve taken on the trails about 3 times now. I’ll be reviewing this bike today, but not how a big bike magazine or blog would. I’ll be giving you a unique perspective, through the eyes of of a hardtail die hard. If you’ve watched my videos, you know I incorporate a lot of BMX and trials into my riding, so a preference for rigidity is in my DNA.

So to say a full suspension bike has won me over is huge. I’ve ridden plenty of full squishes before and even raced one. Although I’ve been impressed with a few, they’ve usually left me feeling hindered. So far, my Mission 2 is one of the few full suspension trail bikes that I would attempt this on.

I’ve 360’ed all of my mountain bikes off of this little trail entrance as a sort of test for comparison. The fact that my Mission 2 didn’t hold me back was a total surprise, not because of the suspension, but rather the super long chain stay. In theory, this should feel like 360ing a school bus compared to my hardtail.

I had the rear shock in climb mode for this 360, but it still gave me just enough squish to really stick the landing. For most riding I end up using this middle setting which is squishy but still firm enough for flats and short climbs. On really technical climbs, the suspension even helps keep the rear wheel grounded, provided you’re spinning properly.

If you like to ride fast and take chances I’m happy to say this bike should handle the abuse. At just under 32 pounds it’s no featherweight, but for a 6 inch all mountain bike it’s pretty reasonable. The solid build means the Mission crashes as well as it rides. With the Knucklebox suspension linkage, stiff Easton wheels, and a wise selection of solid components, the only thing that gives on this bike is the suspension.

As always I have a dropper post on this bike, but this time it actually came standard with a KS Lev Integra. I have this same post on two bikes now, and have no complaints other than the fact that it sticks the first time you use it each day. Dropping your saddle is crucial if you plan on getting really aggressive, so I’m glad Diamondback decided to make this standard. They also had the sense to include the Southpaw lever, which is far superior to the one that comes with the KS Lev.

As for drivetrain, this bike is set up very similarly to my Sync’r Pro, so no complaints there. The Sram GX 11 shifting is really smooth and light to the touch. I usually prefer Shimano, but I can tell you from my experience on the Sync’r that this derailleur can take a beating.

Like any bike in the all mountain category, the Mission 2 has a short stem and wide bars. I find this to be especially important when riding technical trails since a bump in the path can knock the bars right out of your hands. With the added leverage, the case for wide bars makes sense even for a small rider like me. Getting in between trees just takes a little practice.

If you’ve noticed, I’m not a gearhead who likes to talk about components and measurements. I don’t obsess over weight, I ride in jeans, and even put iced coffee in my Camelbak. At the end of the day, I judge a bike based on how excited I am to ride it, and what I can do with it once it’s out on the trails. In that sense I hold this bike in the highest regard. Oddly enough, the only person who was able to keep up with me this weekend was riding a Mission 1. This might have more to do with the type of person that chooses this bike than it does the bike itself.

If you’re looking to buy a Mission 2, you probably see that the MSRP is $4000, but like all bikes nobody ever pays the MSRP. The 2016 model can be found far below list, and the deals on older models get even better. I can only recommend you do your research and take into account the type of riding you’ll realistically be doing. Unless you’re putting a serious beatdown on your bike, the Mission 2 might be overkill.

I’ll always have a squishy spot for hard tails, but as I expand my mountain biking horizons I’m happy to have a perfectly suited bike for any type of trail I’m headed to. We have the law of N+1 to thank for this, and I’m happy to say that my newest +1 has changed the game for me. With the addition of the Mission 2 to my squad, I’m confident that I have the right equipment to tackle anything. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

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Jared Bakke says:

I would not spend even 1000 on a diamondback id go trek or specialized any day

Andrew Givens says:

I got the Diamondback mission 1. Put Easton Haven green handlebars, odi rogue grips, green specialized Benny platform pedals, and a Renthal apex 35 stem. It shreds and people are always surprised it’s a Diamondack.

Dhruv Khanduri says:

diamondback pls i beg you come to india its a big market every rural or semi rural area is a hardcore trail would love to see you guys up here.we dont have many companies up here yet……

andrademeza says:

how does this compare to mission 1?

Alex Meza says:

I was looking at this bike on amazon and looking through the pictures. I saw you and was like”is that Seth!?”.

FaDelegendz101 says:

Seth, is the diamondback 2016 good for beginners?

Decepticon313 says:

I like the review, thanks keep it rolling

Christopher Meanock says:

I looked at your bike seth and found similarities what do you think of the diamond back sortie from halfords I highly recommend it

Adam Agajan says:

I also just got a schwinn scour its awsome

Gabe Williams Outdoors says:

Hey Seth, I’m saving for a diamondback hook or a specialized pitch, I’m only 5’4 so what would you recommend?

Projekt Archetype - X says:

Coming from a moto and road background, (though I do some mtb’ing on my 2006 IH hardtail)

I am torn between wide and standard bars. Narrower bars shorten the steering arc whereas wider bars lengthen the arc, making the steering a bit “heavier” – meaning there is a slight lag due to the slower reaction. I have ridden a borrowed a bike with wide bars once and found it to have less ‘feel’ though I suspect it’s because I am just not used to it. I like a quick steering machine, almost twitchy, but just on that fine line. I get that the wide bars provide more leverage to move the bike around, but I guess it may also be dependent on the type of trail/mtb riding one does.

Troll of Death says:

where is this riding spot?

Russel Jan Velasquez says:

where did you buy it

Parker Cattani says:

Hi!! Great video! Where is the best place to buy bikes online?


If your dropper sticks, try loosening the seatpost clamp ever so slightly, and you will see the issue disappear! If this means your post isn’t gripping enough to the seatstay, then use a gripping agent rather than a lube. Usually it’s a non-issue.

Skrigler says:

1:41 is exactly what i did the other dayXDXD I’ve had a hole in my hand for the past 3 days XD

Tyler Mitchell says:

Could you do a review on the diamondback hook? It would be nice to see an entry level bike review from you.

Roshan Fernando says:


Martial Sunwalk says:

clear and simple, I love it

ian malloy says:

how much does it cost?

Redrush 11 says:

just ordered my diamond back 5 mins ago

NotANoob says:

I want him to review the voodoo canzo

Russel Jan Velasquez says:

in amazon

First Last says:

I have an XC bike but it doesn’t work well on jumps, but I still want to be able to be able to go to the mountains so what bike should I get

Sumeirr Chagti says:

0:05 what is that food called it’s not a taco

Kyle Butz says:

good to know about the mission 2. so that rear suspension locks out also ?

Connor Sargent says:

You should try Montague Hardtails. They’re folding mountain bikes that I’d love to see you beat the crap out of.

Samuel Maran says:


John Scott Magruder says:

your videos are the best, you are an asset to everyone who rides a bike. keep up the good work!

Cyber Bane says:

can you down hill with a hard tale canondale?

michael pono says:

I like that you dont hide it wan you fall of your bike, it makes me wanna ride even more

andrademeza says:

are yu a robot reading a script or waat?

FilimStar says:

Dayum I didn’t even know you could 360 on a mtb until just now….

Dragon says:

Can you please reply. I have a $200 hardtail bike the brand is trinx is trinx a good bike?

Kevin says:

can you do a mission 1 by chance? I own one and want to know a bit more rather than personal experience.

Dan Tdm#2 says:

1.50 laught alooooooooooooooooooooooot

Zayne Niziol says:


Jack Warner says:

What kind of pedals are on your mission 2?

Russel Jan Velasquez says:

what size is that

Joshua Burgess says:

At $85 (craigs list), my GT polamar is no fancy ride, but it does the job. That being said it has no suspension front or rear, it has a 3 speed shimano front gear and a 7 speed shimano rear, a 20″ frame and the V brake system off and old trek. I’ve broken the bearing race in the back resulting in wheel replacement, then I broke a quick release trek axle in the back. 560 miles since last October with about 50/50 off road/road use. would you recommend an upgrade of sorts for more aggressive riding?

German Garcia says:

Where could you find good used Mtb?

Tom Thomas says:

lol I didnt know those pop up seat posts existed

Jared Reichert says:

Just picked up the mission 2 on Amazon for $1400! Super pumped!

ofekp says:

Hey Seth, love your reviews. wanted to ask, how do you take these beatings and survive? or at least get discouraged enough to stop, especially as a beginner?

Salamander Workshop says:

Hey seth, you should make a video about how to take care and disassemble and resemble your front and rear suspension. Especially rear because I feel like a lot of people don’t know how to do that.

Billy Bob says:

Could you do more bmx videos.

Adam Agajan says:

Your awesome and you inspire me to ride

Alcraftent says:

Seth I have subscribed you couple a months ago. By your reviews I have also buyed Diamondback Mission 2 I think it was a great decision. ; )

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