Diamondback Recoil Comp Mountain Bike Long Term Review

This is a long-term review of the Diamondback Recoil Comp mountain bike. This Diamondback Recoil Comp mountain bike is a 27.5 model. They also make a 29 inch version of this bike. It works ok on the trail, but would really benefit from better tires and forks. If you are thinking of buying a Diamondback Recoil mountain bike, this review will show you what is good and bad about the bicycle. Here is a video my son made showing what it’s like to ride this bike on the mountain. https://youtu.be/R7AnS_m2PzM


Mountain Rabbit says:


The Massive Rotating Machine says:

The clips are called C clips

Vapesters Lounge says:

No no no. Ur son has more balls then me lol. I legit had a panic attack watching him.ride that insane trail

John Ratko says:

We used to ride our 1940s and 50s bicycles down mountainsides just to be wild.

Ahmed Abdul-Qader says:

If you want a tapered fork just change the bottom headset cup to the cane creek straight to tapered one

Jesse Chen says:

Looks like you’re right on the edge of a life threatening cliff

claymontg says:

Oh my, I’m from Chicago, has anyone ever fell off the mountain?

Prithvi Mitra says:

How much is this bad boy for?

The Fishin' Bros says:

Get xr4 for the front and rear

Jeremy Sweeten says:

So, lesson is: don’t buy the cheap bike? If everything needs replaced, then it is not longer a value. Spend the right money the first time.

‍1marcelfilms says:

Try to get a sachs 301 engine and put that on a bike it would be funny


Bro so… its better to get the db recoil u showed on the website for lower price and do the upgrades?

jason lindquist says:

stupid random question. If I bought a bike like this how hard would it be to get it shipped to like say Hawaii? LOL my mom lives there and it would be a blast to ride it there too, I bet you probably dont know but I thought id ask anyways. How much is this model? Ive seen them go for $600 new?

ACoustaDC says:

those look like some pretty sheer drop-offs if you’re not careful so always wear your helmet

C. Willis says:

Where’s that trail?

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