Diamondback Release Review – 2018 Bible of Bike Tests

If you want a fun, playful and capable bike at a great value, this is your jam.
Read the review here: http://bikem.co/2018biblediamondbackrelease


Magnifire says:

Sick! When this bike first came out I was wondering if you were going to put it in this years test!

Justino 5⃣3⃣ says:

I’m really considering buying this. They should make more 130/130 trail bikes but all in all the bike is sick. I wanna know what the hub sounds like tho.


where is the wise ol man with no hair? Facts are nothing without experience! You guys all rock these topics and I appreciate every topic being delivered from multiple interest or different perspectives

doopy noo says:

Diamondback has always been some what Wal-Mart’esc. The lower end Chinese stuff does tend to capitalize on old designs or stuff where the patent has expired. Not paying $3k for a six hundred dollar bike. Look at what Bikes Direct sells for $3k. Never seen one on the trail and I’m sure I never will.

bikebudha01 says:

Oh my god, do you stand in front of the bike in EVERY review???  Also, how about spending the time putting up the specs, pricing – graphically.

Q Squared says:

Can you show the bike instead of standing in front of it the whole time

RedWings-44 says:

31.5lbs? That’s the same weight as my aluminum Release 3. I love the review though. Shows both sides of the aisle. That being said, I have yet to find a bike I, personally, prefer over my Release 3. I have tested a carbon Bronson too, but only for a couple of hours.

Scott says:

That dude with the long hair has a high pitched voice.

Emerson Ferreira Nogueira says:

Linda !!

io says:

Where’s the beer ???

Alex Bobroff says:

since when did daniel lloyd start doing mtb reviews


All 3 of you people make me sick

hiro111 says:

You know how many $6K+ bikes I see out on my local (very busy) trail system? Just about zero. This is a bike people might actually buy. A lot of the stuff you’re reviewing here is out of reach for most anyone.

spank1885 says:

Wonder if they put it on a scale. I have the release 1 aluminum with Bontrager dropper post and I went tubeless I’m setting at just shy of 31 lbs.

IAmAPenguin says:

Ya Knoe

Jim Drake says:

a carbon fiver bike….

FOR 3000 BUCKS!!!!
My cube stereo160 is the same but WITHOUT a Carbonframe. Are u kidding me?

Scott Gibson says:

I think sponsoring Seth was a very smart thing for Diamondback.

Maxim Bryson says:

you guys suck… at what you do.

stoenchu122 says:

Drink some lean while reviewing the bike

macho_burrito says:

IIRC diamondback made a carbon HT XC bike a few years back, the Overdrive Pro

Patriot1 says:

Boring review only got halfway thru it

Jordan Yang says:

Super underrated bike.

TRL R8D says:

I have a release 3 and love it. I wish this one was available when I got my 3 instead.


Want this bike

John Foote says:

whats the difference between the 4c and the 5c?

santiago garcia says:

congratulations for such a boring video

Dylan H says:

Started on a 2017 Marin hardtail this summer and got really into mtb. Been drooling over the Release for months now. Pretty certain my next bike will be an aluminum DB Release, omg it’s just so beautiful and the value is amazing. I tell my riding buddy, if I ever win the lottery (never played lol) I’m picking us up carbon Releases lmao.

RekkaKien3 says:

oh god… four figure bike prices? yeah, these are the rich people bikes.

Cooper Gerhard says:

I love that bike

Road Less Traveled says:

It’s really hard to find other big brand bikes with this much value

Mark Porter says:

Looks like an awesome bike but I’m gonna have to stick with my $250 Walmart bike. Had it 15 years and it’s still going strong.

Swift Fix says:

I think there making tooo many bike test videos the quality of conversation is kinda bad…. your just reading spec sheets..

Ch33ki DVL says:

Expensive bike for very basic components

Dylan H says:

Y’all look like a funky group of riders haha. I’d fit in well with you guys.

order9066 says:

Still waiting for 30 inch wheels.

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