Downhill Park Review – Highland MTB Park in New Hampshire

Today, we review Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire, a very unique facility which ONLY serves mountain bikers. With a ton of downhill trails, a jump park, and an indoor training facility, Highland certainly has a leg up on the competition. As usual, we’ll rate the park in ten categories and add them up for a final score.

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George Martinez says:

Thanks for puting out quality videos, Seth.

Donnchadh Barrett says:

If you ever happen to be in Ireland you should pay a visit to Bike Park Ireland 🙂

The Different Enderman says:

Me: are you good at editing??
Seth: my videos are better than a Michael Bay’s movie so yeah I’m the best at editing

Adds a green screen fake explosion*

Colin Peters says:

Update on your new bikes please.

Andrew Short says:

Love the Adam lz dig

Manny Fernandez says:

Take a look at blue mountain in the Pocono pa area I heard a lot of good things

Bryan Rodriguez says:

Come out to blankets creek or rope mill in Georgia it’s so fun.

Elijah Romo says:

Why does everybody’s face exploding is he like a terrorist? 1:00

Max's Bike Hacks says:

do a tutorial: how to backflip

Aaron Fonseca says:

can to a rei shop

Trevor Kerr says:

Seth’s drift hacks!

Joe Mama says:

Any ideas on where or how to get someone to teach me how to work on a bike? I like to work on my own stuff and I would like to upgrade my components, but I’m afraid to screw up. Especially the cables since they run inside the top tube.

gwilym howarth says:

Another great vid from seth

Quinn Renaud says:

It was Great meeting you Seth! Lemme know when your coming up next time. Thanks again for stopping by Highland!

Grouchfacegamin - videos says:

10/10 effects

ded boi says:

go to brian head utah !

Marcus Hesketh says:

You seem too harsh on the scores you give

thewener9 says:

more explosions!!!!! 5:30

Vladimir Tufekchiev says:

Chair lift is very scary may u should add safety rating

James Cheval says:

Help me I don’t know what editing software to use

Tomi S-MTB says:

This is a good video.

max says:

#40 on trending!!!

Missy J says:

37 on trending great work Seth

matt steacy says:

Seth is trending!!!!!!

Rich Dead says:

You are into downhill mtb now!

Fox HD says:

Oh man why are rentals so freakin expensiv a v10 for a day in the german Bikepark Winterberg costs only 75Euros (89dollers) still way cheaper than MURICA. Rip my visit to America

Justino 5⃣3⃣ says:

Bro #50 on trending!!!

G Cody says:

another great vid seth keep it up !!!!!

Silas Anderson says:

Hey can you please make a video on g form armor. I think you could really use it from the amount you crash 😉 thanks silas

S&S T.V. says:

see my channel

Thelostsurvivor says:

Love these bike reviews! You motivated me to start filming and editing my own mtb videos! Thanks

Team Hybrid BMX says:

Dude do keystone!!

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