E-Chanel: A Mountain Bike Review

Back by popular demand, we borrowed Dad Dowsett’s new bike, he’s happy, but what does Chanel think….?


Alex Kontofrios says:

Bloody brilliant

Dennis Stempher says:

But what about the power sticks!?!?

Andrew Moody says:

“I have a law degree”

Andy Fisher says:

……..Where to start…..!

Nigel Gittins says:

Going to get my unicorn.. watch out vader

nbroleur says:

Your royal thighness going rogue with the stick at the end is the best hahaha

Paul Jones says:

Forget the bike, we need a review of Dad Dowsetts house! Flaming size of it!

Josh Howes says:

Best one yet

Darren Johnson says:

Chanel should become a GCN presenter, they need at least one presenter who knows something about bike tech.

Big Lock says:

As always, BRILLIANT! Love these.

Guy Polson says:

Too funny

glenny oc says:

Love your dads place mate you could get miles in and never leave.

Simon Parker says:

We need more Phil!!!!!!!

Scott Thorpe says:

“Unicorning into the galaxy” what a description. Loving the review

guyd4067 says:

Best marketing ploy ever. Thank you, Your Royal Thighness. I bet not even Canyon knew how all the CD’s and stuff talked to each other.

Burt Douglas says:

Genuinely funny this. Keep up the good content

Simon Bradshaw says:

Absolutely Superb as every. Canyon needs to employ her as Chief Product Manager or Head of Sales, They will see bike sales rocket. Keep them coming

Robin Dyos-Smith says:

ignorance is bliss

Walter Tsui says:

Absolutely awesome!! Way, way better than any other bike review videos!!

Dana Rouleau says:

“I think they retail…uhhh…somewhere in the expensive category” LOL

George Smiley says:

Maybe put a round wheelly thingy on top of the stem for steering. I don’t know what to call it but maybe Chanel could come up with something appropriate.

rr8299 says:

Can you review a horse or bull please

Jay Bonner says:

She is so funny, i’ve been calling cassettes metal mountains ever since the first review. I also like to think of her as Channel and not Chanel as i’m sure she has a lifetime of people writing her name as Channel . Good old Channel !

Kevin Hurley says:

This video was a great way to start my day 🙂

Robert M says:

Awesomeness content. Keep us EEEEEEEducated! Keep it coming!!

Ross Lyons says:

Imagine this is what a flight of the conchords bike review would be like.

Michael Richards says:

Future presenter of either GCN or Cycling Weekly right there.

Russell Burt says:

You two crack me up. Keeping the bike world real. Thank you!

elsunn says:

Legit lol’d during the “motorbike” part!!

tuurimunkki says:

Genius. She could be special correspondent in GCN tech channel!

macolgan james says:

What can i say… a star in the making. Chanel’s tongue in cheek reviews are the best. Forget all those serious boring reviews… let’s have more of these. Seriously I think Chanel could review anything and make it sound fun. The way she took off with her Royal Plume was hilarious :))

kovar says:

Lol this just proves we are often taking bikes way too seriously 😀

Donald Ryder says:

Kudos to Chanel!

Frederik Bonde says:

HAHAHAHAHA – now that was funny

Darren Lindsay says:

Cheesing grin from ear to ear. Best thing I’ve seen all month. Love it – Keep going Chanel, and remember, top of the rage E-Bike for you!

Scott Bayvel says:

hahaha classic

Aaron Householder says:

The end. With the branch. Peasants. Hahahaha!

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