Evelo Delta Video Review – $3.5k Mid-Drive Electric Mountain Bike, Trigger Throttle, NuVinci N380

https://electricbikereview.com/evelo/delta/ The Evelo Delta is one of the more powerful purpose-built electric mountain bikes I have tested to date, possibly the only setup like this with a trigger throttle that overrides assist 1-5, unlockable higher speeds. Unique combination of trail capable and urban oriented features such as rear rack bosses and kickstand mounts alongside premium knobby tires and 120 mm air suspension with boost hub. Continuously variable transmission from NuVinci allows for shifting at standstill, reduced chain and sprocket wear (given the mid-motor drivetrain) and an overall clean, durable build. The motor produces a distinct whining noise at full power, you have to pay extra for the nicer fork and hydraulic disc brakes, cadence sensing assist isn’t as fluid as torque or multi-sensor.


Pure Water Window Cleaning says:

Sweet bike! Thanks for the great review… As always!

Steve Donovan says:

All one need’s is a programming cable and bump the peak wattage to over 1200. Just saying…

Rick Etter says:

Great review! One of your best ever. As an owner of an original FLX mid drive Bofeili Roadster which I purchased primarily because of your reviews when they first came out, I appreciate the value of throttle power for climbing and control. I believe my Roadster is very similar to this model which is why I appreciate your accuracy in reporting the responsiveness of cadence control, throttle activated, ebikes. Keep up the great work. You are the reason I purchased what I did after months of listening to your reviews a year ago this month. Thank you for assisting me in becoming an avid bicyclist again and an Ebiker advocate. Two new hips, four heart attacks, and two back surgeries later I’m still riding the dream and I owe much to you. I continue to follow your reviews and continue to learn so very much about the ebiking/bicycling world.

Seb K says:

About a month in from when I first got my commuter I was pushing the bike out the garage and I forgot the bike was on . I hit the throttle and shot off . I have a small front shed that i slammed into . Took out the wall and destroyed my forks .

Jack Odell says:

Nuvinci, zero speed throttle, lots of power. Give it a gates belt and torque sensor and I’ll buy it.

Daniel S. says:

doesn’t it seem unproportional? in a side view? this month I will probably get the bike you suggested me. Than I post a video on my channel as well. XD

John Moura says:

Great bike – – Amazing climb! I don’t think my Honda Element could make it up that hill.

daMacroGuy says:

Thanks for including the bike’s price in the title. I enjoy all your videos, but knowing the price up front helps me to filter my viewing to my price range.

Mr Jhonny says:

I love this bike!The style,mid drive,thick tyres and the big batery make this bike a beast!!!!!

Meno Passini says:

Thanks for the honest review. I was half way sold until you mentioned the cadace problem. Also looks like a kids bike, to small. Love the brakes, rims, fork, battery and trans. Great warranty. Who makes the mid-drive? Bafang? Is there a multi sensor Bafang mid drive w/ higher wattage?

Haroldo Menezes says:

rapaz fala para mim como é que eu faço para importar uma bike dessa dormir uma dica

Bruce Ballad says:

I was so waiting for this review, I am writing this while watching the first minutes.
Edit: It looks sound awesome. I am kind of a bafang fan. I wonder are they selling in or shipping to Australia.

small footprint says:

I think the bikes are really cool but, I got interested in your site because of your camping in your Prius. Do you have another channel where you focus on that aspect of your adventure or was that video a one time thing? Thanks in advance for responding. Lynn

luis fernando says:

Whats the range?

Joey-eLL says:

Can you do the quest from evelo

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