FLX Bike Trail Video Review – Indiegogo Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/flx-bike/trail/ The Flux Trail is a mid drive, hardtail electric mountain bike with pedal assist and throttle mode, capable of higher top speeds with assist ~25 mph. Funded through Indiegogo in March 2016 at a discounted price, available to ship worldwide with a one year comprehensive warranty. Fixed display panel, only available in one standard 19″ frame size but you get two color choices (matte black or gloss white), quick release wheelset. I was not able to test the final build which should have more mounting options (rack, fenders, bottle cage), an upgraded motor and heavier oil-based suspension fork vs. air.


Will C. says:

Samsung batteries?!!

you tube says:

can you just use this bike for normal pedaling if the battery runs out


bit overpriced good review.

Bob Felker says:

what is proper seat height

Douglas Kmiotek says:

OK, I’m loving this bike. It looks fantastic,…

Radosław Jarecki says:

It is amazing to me how little technical information about this bikes was revealed. I needed to read between the lines peoples’ comments.
– How many teeth has the lowest/highest gears? How many front gears – on photos there are two..
– How long is delay after stopping pedalling in production Attack? I think I am not gonna preorder due to change of mind of not using Gen 3 with torque sensor. I can’t imagine cadence sensor being enough on the mountain trail

Kameron T Devin says:

Really liked having your insights…

mholdr says:

need to do an updated review with Gen 3 drive and bigger battery!!!

SchrodingersQuark says:

Will you be reviewing the tesla model 3 :D?


$3200 With the Trail touring model and 17 hr battery ,shipped to Canada. ouch

Bruce Carter says:

Help me understand this technology. I am seeking a mountain bike that can climb steep trails in remote area (well away from places backpackers can go due to water constraints) and preferably one that can be recharged using solar panels for 1-2 week treks in the backcountry. With backpack and gear the bike must hand 300lbs (will add some custom aluminum racks. Need some serious torgue for accessing higher elevations (over 8000′-11,000′) from 5000′ starting points. Is there a boke that meets my needs?

Casey Neistat says:

It must be hard to say bad things when the owner is around, nice review.


Shimano Alivio is not the best quality by any means… This should have a Deore at minimum. Thats a disappointment

Canada Arrow says:

$2000…. if it was $1000 maybe

pulpanochamaster says:

can you go without doing any pedaling?

Enforcer says:

MADE IN CHINA, which means disposable bike when it breaks. Will not trust my life or safety to MADE IN CHINA. Do your research, before you put down your hard earned money.

Logan Hall says:

Do you know if this bike can be pedaled if say the battery is dead and you want more exercise

Enforcer says:

Chinese made Junk!

Rudde says:

No link to Indiegogo?

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