Fox Sergeant Mountain Bike Shorts Review

Today I test out the new Fox Sergeant Mountain Bike Shorts. What do you wear on the trail? Hit me in the comments below!

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Executive Producer: Nick Watson
Associate Producer: Downhill Dewey

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Jason Myers says:

I love those fuckers, I have 5 pair. Feel super good on my dick and balls and are comfortable to move around in.

maxim0200 says:

Loved it! + “Never go full rodie”

Regular Guy Mountain Biking says:

Nice job man! So glad your crotch is ok. Wow, don’t get to say that in the comments all that often hahaha!

The Free Ride says:

i go full lycra ………. it makes me feel soooo fast! plus im ready for my ballet and gymnastics training after my ride ….

mikieson says:

I ride anything from my cargo pants,to swim trunks,cut off pants,sweats,I dont really care what I wear..And I dress like this when I ride off road and on road..:)

Mez Martinez says:

Oh damn… So that’s what happened…. The shorts look sweet…

Monster Vlogster says:

Bobo, another hilarious video man LMAO! Love this style of review….I ride in jeans, they have saved my shins several times….thanks for sharing dude!

Fangyao Huang says:

Dick holders…………..

Justin Motley says:

Bobo, you said they’re true to size, do you feel they would be a better short to be snug or looser?

Nuke Bunnyman says:

Awesome Bobo!! How’s the ventilation esp when you fart?? Can the people behind ya smell your wrath?? If yes, I’ll buy em ASAP!!

2Wheel Bros says:

“I have those new club ride dick holders”

Daren Olney says:

I believe the shammy is detachable. Just have to cut out. At least my sergeants are/were

FatBoy Cheto says:

Personally, I like wearing my mankini on the trails. that way everyone can see what a great job I have been doing working out my buns on the bike 😉

No Front Brakes says:

Demonetized for Rick Roll + Butt slap!
Fox Ranger cargos are my jam!

ItsOnlyJake says:


Lupin the Husky says:

Throw an affiliate link to Amazon in the description and you can make more money.. #hustle

rascal1234 says:

I have a couple pair of the fox shorts. They are good in warmer weather, but not in 15 degree weather. There are cold weather biking pants. Would probably be better suited. I personally wear Chilly Willies under hiking pants in this weather.

Bryan Butler says:

Drink and Amazoning…. is awesome love my fox shorts they are great

Donnie Nix says:

I have a couple pair of Sergeants. Awesome shorts and the chamois/liner detaches with scissors. Only two snips. 🙂
The snaps do weaken considerably after a little bit of time though, but I just wear a belt with them now.

Lynn Lovelace says:

They are detatchable clip the tabs where the scissors are like the directions say.

Okie Rider says:

How do Canadiens do it….hilarious!!

Brian's Crispy Ass Nuggets says:

Sometimes i forget if this is a mountain biking channel or a meme page from God

bruce f says:

i where endura humvee baggy shorts

Mark Maslanik says:

Thanks for the review. I just got these for Christmas, but haven’t tried them out yet.

Charles Holland says:

Maybe sneak some Leggings under them mofos!

Istvan Szabo says:

Nice review! FOX should pay for your review! 🙂
I was a chicken to go out to bike in 15 degrees…

RGCastro7 says:

Dude, that was so fun! I think it’s the first time I’ve been Rick-Rolled by a MTB YouTuber, hahaha.

Great scene with the wardrobe changes, and all the rest of it, really. You have huge charisma, bro.

Great review, Bobo. Thanks for sharing.

Kenny Fetsurka says:

REI Co-op cycles mountain shorts, love them so much! And they were super cheap since they’re discontinuing the color.

Jeremy Schroader says:

Zoic, Ether shorts

Louann Velasquez says:

I can’t believe you Rick rolled us

bryan dennehy says:

Kicks, Slacks, Dick holders.. I’m going with, “New Butt Cozy”

Edward Willers says:

Great video BoBo, It looks like your having a great time you made me openly laugh. I work at Granada Cyclery bike shop in St. Peters Mo, we sell Giant and Specialized so guess what kind of shorts I’m riding. Keep up the great videos. I always enjoy seeing your videos, most of all one never knowing what you are going to say or do next. By the way today’s high was 4° no riding today!

SIMTB says:

That’s a video! 10/10

Logan Wiebe says:

Rule 5 is how Canadians do it-harden the fuck up

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