Genesis V 2100 Mountain Bike Review

Genesis v2100 mountain bike review from walmart for 150 dollars
in general it is a good bike for casual riding in the city.
I will buy some mods to make it more of a mtb instead of a stiff bike that looks like a dual suspenstion mountain bike.

so far nothing has failed.


Oleg Yefremov says:

I was looking at this bike online and it had not a bad review. Sounds like from you it’s a really, really shitty bike. I’m new to this. looking for a decent bike under $200

Carlos Juarez says:

Si salen buenas oh mas oh menos?

Maurice Blanton says:

Bought this bike a few days ago at Wal-Mart. After doing some tweeking tightening down what needed and adjusting everything like the brakes and shock, it rode better than what I thought it would. After taxes and protection plan, I paid $140 which isn’t bad for the bike.

Joshua Perry says:

i have the same bike

Pekka Hacks! says:

this bike is great i bought it today the bike is actually light it weighs like 37 pounds its light for a mtb great and stiff. only complain is wierd noises in rear derailleur. fork is not that good

Sur Raj says:

you are right for me the handlebars came a bit loose, but the older one which is green had great suspension and was great.

Zero-G-Worx says:

Don’t get why so many dislikes, it’s honestly not that bad of a video. He bought a WALMART bike and for some reason some of you think he’s stupid for not knowing all the parts…like really? I personally think it would have been a more financially smart decision to have saved the money and just gotten a cheap entry level mountain bike from something like GT, Trek, or Specialized, but since you already have it I guess upgrading it can’t hurt, but bear in mind the bike will always be heavy and a little clumsy just by the nature of the frame which means it might not be that great on a trail, but for light use and riding around it should be fine.

RigginTheRod010 says:

The rear does damp…. You can adjust it…

RogueFro says:

it’s from Walmart so you might need to replace and rebuild some stuff

G's up, hoes down! says:

thanks for the review on that big paper weight

Tyrone Jefferson says:

Bought this bike took it apart rebuilt it properly. I love the stiff suspension my disk brake works wonderful.. I’m 240 lbs 6 1 I did about a foot and a half high bunny hop over a cable at the park and despite the weight and high sitting rear friend it was really nice. I’m a x box rider so I don’t really like the spongy feel of mob suspension. But only complaints I have is one the rearmidframe is to high for getting high bunny hops. My second is I can tell I’ll have to inspect every bolt after and before each ride. Besides that it’s a great bike if you don’t mind keeping it indoor when storing and doing routine maintenance.

Tony Kane says:

Dude, its a Walmart bike, what do you expect? I’m sure that bike is just fine. And maybe you gotta figure it out, read the little manual that comes with it, or do some research man, but the rear suspension does dampen. you can twist it right for stiffer absorption, twist it left for weaker absorption. I was looking for a review of the bike, not a complaint about it.

K Ninety 2 says:

Ths is a MTN. Bike NOT a cruiser. Want a cruiser,get a huffy and roll downhill. The disc brake is good idiot. Your review sucks and btw I already made one.

Odyssey Nitro says:


Talon Boram says:

got the bike today I say its Awesome.

RigginTheRod010 says:

lol why get rid of the ratings

Niklas Stoudt says:

You know the suspension is stiff because you can looses it

Odyssey Nitro says:

you dont even know the damn part names of the boke retard lil

Odyssey Nitro says:


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