Genesis V2100 Bike

quick review of the genesis v2100 bike


chitwn hood says:

I like the upgrades but I’m worried if this is just a pig with lipstick on. just sayin’

The CF3 says:

I ride mine on extreme trails and it performs perfectly. I use my own custom parts. New rock shocks. I’ve hit some huge jumps and it is excellent

Top 5 Youtube says:

Most mtbs are 2,000$

PoJed s says:

It’s 150$ at the Walmart in Sidney Ohio

carrie white says:

nice bike

MrTaylorreaves says:

Have you gone mountain biking on it

Adamchavez74 says:

So let’s get this straight you don’t want to spend 300 or so dollars from what you call a crazy bike store so you buy a POS Walmart bike 1 you have to pay a bike shop to put it together so there’s money spent there – you’re not happy with the V brake in the back so you want to upgrade to a disc brake 3 the pedals are crap so you need to upgrade the pedals you’re spending more money in the long run on a POS Walmart bike instead of just buying a good quality bike from your local bike shop

random12458 says:

If youre wondering how many speeds your bike has, just multiply the biggest number on one shifter by the biggest number on the other. So if the biggest on the left is 3 and the biggest on the right is 7, then your bike is a 21 speed. .

RKTech says:

no im not showing more because I haven’t made any major upgrades since then

Donald Hanson says:

Great Review, I am getting my bike fixed at my local bike shop right now. The gear shifter broke. Overall it has been a great bike and am looking forward to riding it tomorrow.

Shadder Ojandeigh says:

My uncle gave me this bike for free XD. I was planing to get a good looking bike for 300$ but I can just get Mag weels on this baby, but mud guards on it and it’ll look sick. I have to get a rear disc brake since mags take disc brakes. since the bike frame doesn’t have any attachment for rear disc brakes I have to get an frame adapter for it.

Damian Leon says:

I bought a mongoose standoff bike from target and I had to return it because the front right grip shifter got stock on the highes gear and in order for me to downshift I would have to physically hold the shifter or else it would spring back to the highest gear.  I returned it and decided to get a mongoose ledge 2.2 that was a bit more expensive from walmart and the exact same frickin’ problem happened!  Am so dissapointed with mongoose and will stay clear as they do not seem to care about thier products.  Will try this bike.  

Quick question.  How are to front shifters?  Do they seem reliable and well made?

Anton Iliev says:

Just got the overkill version.Love it !

Daniel Jacks says:

this bike is amazing mine is lime green i had it reassembled it holds up well on trails but you need to tighten your brakes a lot the come undone and get loose

Titan Rain says:

I’ve had one of these for about 3 months and it’s falling apart… I don’t ride trails, I ride on the street, and have roughly 200 miles on it. The stock tires were gone by 100 miles and both popped within a week of one another. The derailleurs constantly need adjusting, as does the front fork, and the rear tire. The pedals froze up within the first week, seat was torture, and the grips caused nerve damage in my left hand. For 150$ you get what you pay for…

vicente martinez says:

hey I have that same bike and sandles

daniel p says:

that is a loud back yard

Luke Coley says:

i just dont understand why people would buy these bikes for anything other than commuting or going on a dirt roadand even then i am still confused. People should see the things on craigslist for a 100 bucks. I picked up a giant warp ds for 80 bucks and the suspension actually does shit.Even then you can pick older rigid bikes for 50 bucks with shimano deore components and will get you places easier and with less weght to haul around. Am i only one who sees stupidity in wasting money on this?

RKTech says:

Hey, sorry for the late response.
The bike is an ok bike but I dont feel that it would hold up well on the extreme trails! The bike seems well put together but I don’t know how well it will stay together going through rough terrain. I feel the only way that this bike will become trail ready is to upgrade the pedals to metal and change the brake levers, and pads. I have done this already and now I feel that it is ready to go out on the trails. Hope this helps!

TripleXComplex says:

so my balls will hurt in that seat? o_O

dubeights says:

300 on a good bike from a bike store? try 3000

Shadder Ojandeigh says:

handle bar grips are ugly AF M8. you should have got it in red black or white to follow the color scheme

RKTech says:

k bro, if you dont have anything nice to say then please dont bother commenting on my video.

Benjamin chavez says:

You can’t get a rilly good bike for 300 dollars maybey 500

Scorpiuszeroone says:

Not a bad bike for the price I guess..  I’m amazed how expensive bikes have gotten.  I haven’t bought a bike in 20 years and just browsing online has been a real eye-opener as far as cost.  

Muzamil Abbasi says:

I tried it on trails it handles nice

Matthew K says:

If you where to upgrade the rear brakes you would have to get a new wheel designed to take a disc brake. I’m not even sure if you could b/c you already have rim brakes, so the cable routing would already be designed for that type of brake. A disc brake would require a different cable routing.

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