Giant Talon 3 2017 MTB Review

This mountain bike is a great staring point if you want to get into the sport.

Here is a video with me upgrading the fork:


Greet themind says:

I just bought the giant talon 1 but it’s pretty much the same thing aside from mine has a 2 crank front. Really looking forward to riding it on the trails when the rain clears up!

wasiq khan says:

W0w Nice

TruGamer128 says:

Great review. I’m seriously loving the orange/black/blue. Very sweet looking bike!

Jogie Glen Mait says:

is this the $500 giant bike?

Flov VBasF says:

whats the size of your frame, how did you make your seatpost like that

ProudiPhoneOwner says:

I have the 2016 Giant Talon 4 (size XL) and I love it!

martin ziebell says:

great review. clear & fair. thanks

Chris Harper says:

I crashed my Talon 3 on my first ride. My ribs were sore for weeks. I’m also considering upgrading the forks.

remytv says:

I’ve got the exact same bike, and after doign some “hardcore” downhill on a proper trail, unless I got with a full suspension bike I really feel like the pedals will need an upgrade and also some better quality forks (I’m looking at some rockshox air forks). I really don’t feel like spending another extra 1500$ for a quality full suspension bike at this point but I think this bike would be great with a proper fork. For anything else I really love that bike – it makes me wanna ride it and it’s good for the health.

Ewan Wright says:

I’m thinking of getting this for xmas

Flov VBasF says:

same bike bought here in PH @ 19,000 , smooth and good for trail

Westin Chong says:

I noticed an issue with the grips on the Talons. I own a Talon 1 2017, and the grips just start shifting to the centre of the handlebars. They shifted even more as time went by, so I eventually went to get Ergon lockon grips. I saw that the grips on your Talon 3 have already shifted in your video, so maybe you want to consider getting lock-on grips to prevent that. Because I remember they are extremely difficult to push back into place, and they just shift inwards so easily when riding. Wonder if that’s your experience as well.

Mike in C.C. says:

Crashes happen. Pros crash. It’s part of the sport.

AM Lifestyle says:

well, mountain biking can be fun as long as you don’t fall over. propably a good bike is a key to fun when mountain biking. plus of course skill 😛

joniyboiy says:

I’ve been considering getting this as well. I was looking at a Specialized Hardrock 650b Disc, but for only about $40 more this bike seems to have much better components. Having hydraulic disc brakes over mechanical is a big plus, and this bike also has a much improved fork with the hydraulic lockout.

Paul Stewart says:

I LOLed at your reaction to falling. Thanks for the review!

KK says:

i have this bike and i aprove

Noah V says:

Does the chain make any noise?

Marlon Hester says:

Nice video thanks for sharing your thoughts on the bike. I am seriously considering buying this bike myself.

Tim Bondy says:

I probably have about 140 dirt miles on my Talon 2 since buying it in June 2017. The pedals are the only weak spot on this bike that I have noticed but I’m not sure what the difference is between the Talon 2 and Talon 3. I just ordered some cheap knock-offs pedals and have my fingers crossed they will hold up.

Crash & Burn says:

I had the 2015 talon 2. It was a nice bike but I did not like the coil front shock. Coils are too stiff for me. I kept it for 1 year then ended up getting the 2016 Giant XTC3 with an air fork.

Ed Percy says:

The problem with cheap forks is they literally say they cannot be used for anything so if you die as fact of forks it’s your fault. Yes swap the forks

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