GT Aggressor 2.0 Mountain Bike Review. Random Curiosities Episode 18

I bought a used GT Aggressor 2.0 mountain bike off of craigslist last night. I freakin love it! I think i will keep this one for a while. I’ll have to get a gopro so i can tear up the trails with it, and you guys can see how bad i suck.


mangkukX says:

I bought a used Agressor XC2(black paintjob), and it’s the best decision ever (price around 230 USD).

With my weight nearing to 240lbs, seems that the bike could take some serious beating. Only managed to chip some paint job here and there….But the frame stay as true as ever.


Random Considerations says:

Random Considerations is what the video was for. Still waiting to be edited. Should be up in a day or two. 🙂

And please don’t die.

Random Considerations says:
T1pyca1 T0yt1e says:

huffy and nice don’t go into the same sentence

Zach Barry says:

I had an aggressor back in 2006, was a great bike, I rode it for years and road trails on it for years

Sol P says:

This was my favourite of all your videos M B

MrDeadInMyPocket says:

I was looking up Aggressor GT when I came across your video.

I recently went to a local municipal auction, They auction all sorts of things like retired police cars, DPW trucks and whatnot. There are always lots of bicycles. I bid and got a 2007 Aggressor GT exactly like the one in this pic for $35. Same decals and colors.

Just a heads up to anyone looking to get a deal. Check out your local town hall and see if they have municipal auctions.

MR Brofist says:

I ♥ GT bikes ! i have a GT all terra ! is the best, and every Sunday i go with a bike group so we can explore places and have some funn ! im 14 and i am the smallest of the group with an amazing strong bike like this ! i have a lot to say ….. but i liked your gt bike review 🙂

spikefrogg says:

ye whatever i sold my girlfriend’s bike, but this is GT!! haahahah

Martin Connelly says:

The American version is totally different from the UK spec, its called Aggressor XC2 over here and yours  looks like my old 2001 GT Palomar my GT is in the video before you,

leeson187 says:

Hey bro, nice bike and nice vid. As you mentioned I very much like my GT as well and decided to upgrade few things. Hope all is well and keep riding

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