GT Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike unboxing & assembly review DICKS $349.99

in this video i unbox my new gt aggressor pro mountain bike. i bought it at dicks for $349.99 on sale. a great entry level beginner budget bike assembly was easy and straightforward. THANKS FOR WATCHING LIKE COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!!!

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Your Own Adventure says:

I just got the Ricochet Plus for $374! Check it out on my page! Such a good 4th of July deal going on right now!

justin henry says:

Great review thanks. I was going to have Dicks assemble mine. Glad I seen this first and did it myself. Real easy. Great bang for the buck as far as the bike is concerned.

ppdangler says:

thanks for watching everyone!!! share and subscribe to my channel for more videos of this bike coming soon!!

TrueGaming says:

Remove the dork disk, that’s what I did on mine.

Dave Lovell says:

It’s on sale now June 27 for $300. (Half price)

Gmerime says:

Thanks for the video, will you be doing a review video?

techten 101 says:

I am 6ft height, what size you think is should get xl or l?

mIhaIl Mihail says:

best bike everrr

Renè Parra says:

Nice dude

njlake718 says:

I’m thinking about getting this bike what are some upgrades would you recommend ?

colby blair says:

Personally you should have set the camera up on a stand first person view is not working for me personally but other than that pretty sweet bike right ?

Samiran Roy says:

Hey man!Nice bike!
I guess the number of you stated is wrong.
It’s a 3×8 Acera/Tourney drivetrain.

Flash Five says:

I’m 5′ 3″. Would the 15″ be good for my height?

Derrick Sword says:

Thanks for the review of this very interesting bike and I have to say that thanks to you it helped me decide to buy one of the bikes here.I hope the size and the bike wouold fit and work for years like my old Gary Fisher Piranha. Unfortunately, in Europe this model is not available, especially in Poland, but thanks to this presentation of the gt model I bought a comp version. In a bureaucratized and taxed and customs duty by colleagues from Brussels and ours, it costs $ 400 or even more and is less equipped but and so it is a very interesting model comparing to other brands. Only I do not know why very few reviews on youtube, maybe I will do my own as I will already receive my gt agressor comp, best regards

Chris Garcia says:

I was thinking about getting this bike too. I’m also going from a 16″ to the 19″. Watching this video made up my mind. Going to order one today. Thanks

Mike Lao says:

Amazing video!! Are you interested in revivewing our gopro bike mount for free? please email back at , we have many amazing cycling accessories for you. — Mike

Kenton Eckels says:

Thanks for the video. I checked it out tonight, but they only had a medium assembled. Said they’d try to get the large assembled by Saturday. It’s weird that on the website they list size in inches, but in store it’s S, M, L, XL. I went in thinking I needed a 19 which I thought was a medium, but I’m your height so gonna wait to try the large.

tph777 says:

The eight year old reviews of the GT Aggressor Pro. lmao

mIhaIl Mihail says:


Marley Welling says:

Very good video for someone like me. Just bought this bike and waiting for it to come in. Thank you for such a informative unboxing video. It is great to know what is coming!

TheLoveableMew says:

Just snatched this bike up for $296.78 thanks to their 20% off deal.

Urban Dropper says:

yeah budd !!!!

Gavin Withaeger says:

What size do you think would be good for a 5’8 150 pound guy? I was thinking M. tried the large and they said they could cut an inch off the seat post to fit me and I could go either M or Large after cutting the seat post.

Marcelo F says:

Hi man nice unboxing, i got i question is the tube head tapered?

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