Haibike SDURO AllMtn 6.0 Video Review – Yamaha Powered Electric Mountain Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/ The Haibike SDURO AllMtn 6.0 is a trail worthy, full suspension electric mountain bike with stiff lightweight frame construction, optimized suspension and a tightly integrated mid-drive motor from Yamaha. Upgraded 500 watt hour battery pack delivers 60+ miles on medium assist, powerful hydraulic disc brakes with 203/180 mm rotors and four piston calipers are easy to use and very smooth. Simple remote button pad makes interacting with the control comfortable and intuitive, removable backlit display, integrated micro-usb port, internally routed cables, remote seat post dropper. The charger is large and heavy, I’m not a huge fan of the way it connects given the proximity to crank arms and locking feature (which could tip the bike or get bent easier), more limited RPM range on the motor. Music: Invisible by Vibe Tracks, Royalty Free Track from YouTube Audio Library


John Lambert says:

Great review as always Court! How would something like this compare to a Specialized Turbo Levo? I can only presume Specialized use higher quality components to justify the higher price but moreso how would the performance difference be?

Chromosome46 says:

Flat tires? no thanks

Ricky Lease says:

The website “ebike maps” is not in english

mvh808 says:

Beautiful bike. Wish it was more affordable.

Jeroen de Smit says:

Are you going to review the Haibike Sduro Hardseven 7.0 with the Yamaha PW-X motor anytime soon?
Next month I’m going to buy my Haibike but I can’t choose between these bikes.

Gaj B says:

I hate Solar Panels, all they ever do is glare into my eyes while I’m walking up the fields with my Dog. I cannot even enjoy that any more because everyone has them on their houses…. either make them anti glare or get rid of them.

Dave Berg says:

How tall is the dude riding the bike ? He is riding a L-size, which is good for people around what hight ?
Where I live it´s not easy to try out Haibikes so i would like to know what size to aim for…..

andrew hunt says:

You get to ride in some of the most beautiful areas.Court you are so blessed to be able to do what you do.

ForbinColossus says:

Hey Court, next Haibike you do, pls review one with the SRAM 8 speed EX-1 group.They claim better usability than an 11-speed cassette….A good thing about the PLUS tires is they cant so easily get caught in ruts and streetcar tracks for those cities with ’em.

Adam Do says:

Haibikes are awesome. a bit pricey though, Im sure that they could offer better value and I wish more of the range they offer came with the Yamaha system

T Lust says:

I got my Haibike ♥️it!

Alexi Thunderbird says:

I’m a complete noob and was considering a dual sport motor bike. is this good for long distances? how about going up steep Hills? I noticed in another video I just watched the guy demonstrating had trouble getting up a hill.

RainGhoulny says:

Fantastic video to enjoy, well done guys…

Tamas Varga says:

Great video I was waiting for more Yamaha reviews. I just don’t get the 2x drivetrain I found it unnecessary just makes it more complicated for no valid reasons. Top speed is limited anyways (good luck pedaling faster when the assist cuts off) and with a 32/34T chainring you can climb walls especially in High mode. I just bought a Lapierre cross bike for my wife with Yamaha system and tested it yesterday on a 55km (40miles) loop with 620m (2000ft) elevation. 90% in Eco mode I tried Standard on couple of bigger climbs and once High but it’s just too much for me. Arrived home with 38% battery left (400Wh) which is very decent range. Awesome system I just had to slow down my cadence it was the most efficient up to 70rpm – which will be perfect for my wife as she doesn’t like to spin.

Nelson Mayingi says:

the battery is 500 W just like a Yukon or a radrover electric bike.What makes this go 60+ miles while the voltbike or radpower only goes up to 40 miles?Please,explain!

harrvey says:

Love the new outtro! Very professionally produced!

jld57200 says:

I’ve been riding a Haibike Sduro 29er for about 1 year now, and I made 3000 kms on it. I’m really satisfied with the Yamaha motor, it’s made for me ! I used to go to the gym for years and did lots of squats, so if like me you have more powerful legs, and like low cadence, (my cadence is usually between 55 and 60) but mostly on the 2 highest gears this motor is what you need. Now that I know this bike quite well, by using the power modes like gears I’m usually able to get about 100 km (62miles) from the battery. When watching the video, you may think that the motor is quite loud, it isn’t the case, most of the time you can barely hear the motor. People riding next to me often don’t even notice when the motor is active.

samuel Townsend says:

Court we just ungoverned one of these this week for a customer it took 20 minutes to install it. We love the Yamaha system and our sell ratio is 12 Yamaha for every Bosch powered Haibike. One other thing I was talking with a rep yesterday and told him I’m alway working on the Bosch and he said yes he has been hearing that a lot from those in the know. Just so the you and your followers know I have never had to work on a Yamaha not once. If you get a chance Mike next door at Fullerton bikes now has the Giant electric bikes in stock powered by Yamaha they look beautiful and he has already sold a few. If you get a chance you should go say hi and review some of the their bikes. Yamaha is only licensing their stuff to Haibike and Giant this year but next year look out your going to see a lot more brands using the Yamaha.

Bob A says:

Nice drone shot Court! Looks like you were battling out with this guy a little bit on the specs, but that is what you do best, take the challenge. You are not selling or marketing the bike, just doing your unbiased opinion during your presentation. Great job once again!

madogblue says:

I would be curious of your thoughts on this bike vs the Specialized turbo levo

Juri Pasinetti says:

4599$ ? In switzerland it costs about 3700 CHF thats about 3670$ thats crazy!
definitely the bike i would buy..

great video thx!

babur.karaoglu says:

what about the haibike boss lady stepping down and quitting her baby…

wordupmag says:

16:22 He is correct. I fell and slide 5 feet over jagged rocks on my back and did not have one scratch….thanks to my camel backpack.

Javier Peletier Maura says:

Very impressive review and video. Thanks¡

Jonny Nevanranta says:

I think you are getting too close with your camera when pointing at people

Bruce Ballad says:

I need that flower 😀 how much fortune it costs?

The4Heck says:

Every time I watch a Haibike video, I wish I would have spent the extra money on one. Love the bike I bought, and could not have made a better choice at the time for what I purchased. Thank you so much for the content and thoughtfulness that goes into each of your videos.

Ed Meyer says:

I have this bike. It rocks!
just installed the speed box 2 chip, its pushing a little over 30mph.

1650million says:

Informative, entertaining and well shot. Kudos, Court.

Dejan Loncar says:

Smart flower great solar device :-), like dron video with music..

cresshead says:

Brilliant bike – great review and amazing drone footage which really does show off the elevation.

Juri Pasinetti says:


I got my sduro allmtn 6 today!

You always told, that the charger of the yamaha system is huge, but i don’t know maybe yamaha reacted to this issue and mine is smaller and lighter than the bosch charger! 😀

Jeroen de Smit says:

Can’t stop watching this movie, awesome bike, awesome footage and all the information needed.

Mark S says:

2500 watts for $25,000 payback on investment is around 100 years

skyungjae says:

Are you even allowed to ride out there?

Wayne Rhea says:

hey I was looking to get a bike for someone thing is they are about 250 pounds so I need a bike that can take hills and trails while still getting good range price isn’t a problem unless it’s over 5k any suggestions.

Steve Petttyjohn says:

Excellent review! Wish I could give it more than just one thumbs up!

Dave Caldwell says:

fantastic video! love the side story about the solar panels as well, plus the drone footage was excellent. Oh, and nice bike 🙂

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