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You didn’t even look at the commencal el Camino

v1d300 says:

Those are some sweet bikes.

Next year test them with all the accessories normal rider would have on their hardtail especially a bottle cage and a mini pump.

Daniel Grobler says:

Umm. What about the Nukeproof scout 275 sport

gtflyer says:

Nice..I have a 2017 Vitus Sentiner VR HT, and so far, I’m really liking it..

Mark Skinner says:

Bizango – incredible value for money.

Jan tr says:

Where is the nukeproof scout sport? Its probably better then the voodoo bizango

Trail71 says:

Recently got a Vitus Sentier V+ LOVE IT!!!

Matthew Chandler says:

Suprised I don’t see gt in these list

mrityunjay sood says:

Where is GT????????!!!!!!!!!!

jim dandy says:

High end super hard tail-2016 Focus Raven Max SL,,,,,,love mine especially with DT Swiss XRC 1200 wheels. MCFK carbon handlebars, Fizik M-1 seat, etc………

Original Tyler says:

My trek roscoe 7 which was £680 new does a way better job than half of the £750 catagory

Untrained Pro says:

why is there no GIANT? like Talon or XTC

firstbornmiddle says:

Why do you each year fall short of reviewing hardtails over 1k?? Especially in the UK where hardtails have a massive following, yes you can pick up FS of great quality after 1K, but many people are still interested in premium hardtails. Fair enough you have looked at cheaper versions of Whyte and Sonder bikes that would compete in a premium test, but how would Santa Cruz Chameleon fair against Whytes 909 or the carbon framed Sonder? And what about the premium Transition Throttle and Vanquish? I know there are fewer people interested at this price point, but don’t they deserve some coverage?

Jesse Richardson says:

Would have liked to see a one more category in the upper price range. Nice video anyway.

Jonas L says:

Oh boy this always has bin my favourite and category

ChrisG says:

Should come with a dropper for 1000

Cliff Julian says:

It’s a shame XC hardtails aren’t considered mountain bikes

Adam Harris says:

Lol my bike is the vitus nucleus vr.

hpkiunzy says:

where are chromag and commencal bikes

Tomi Saaranen says:

Who else loves a

*Full* *Sus* ?

rhys powell says:

If the Nucleus VR wins sub £500 why haven’t you included the VRX in the sub £750?

Liam Murphy says:

Hey you should get a first look at Pole Machine.

SamHD says:

Where’s cube analog??!!

Jose Rene Ducharme says:

Drum roll please!

Alvin Enobio says:

No stache 7 2018

James Smith says:


macleod1592 says:

Would like to see hardtails in the +$1000 range. Really love the Giant Fathom and Santa Cruz Chameleon ($1200 and $1600)

SW4MP metalcop says:

Hey mbr tell me that the Trinx x7 is a cheap good beginner mtb? Pls?

smattgoss says:

Only mean one thing. They’ve not tested the best

solidsneakie says:

Shame the Vitus isn’t a 1x drive. Thought I’d found my next bike for a second there. Its a lovely colour though 🙂

Ice Bear says:

If you are on a budget…at least get something with a RockShox fork. Not srsuntour

Craig Heslop says:

Voodoo and Vitus take Victory’s. Stunning for price!

Danny says:

I have the roscoe 8 and I think it’s the best out of the others for under £1000

Daniel Paul Watts says:

Awesome video

Tom Sharpe says:

Seriously, why do you think that everyone buys a hardtail under £1000. My hardtail cost me £2000. Do a proper test with the likes of Commencal, Kona, dartmoor, Production Prive, Stanton and nukeproof and I’m sure many more. Literally none of these bikes had proper decent forks like a 34 or revelation.

Tim Pierce says:

What about Carrera fury is that any good thinking of buying one

Cornelis says:

where is Ragley??????????

choon wah yee says:

Hi ! So Low value,low cost ,isee ! Mt bike pro cost over $1500 ! No limit

Damien Bradley says:

Dude, this is AWESOME. I’ve been waiting for hardtail of the year for a few weeks now…super stoked!

Wirral _MTB says:

Giant fathom?

Malcolm Bassett says:

I would also like to see a higher price bracket .

Nathan Saunders says:

Giant fathom 2 ?

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