How to Assemble a Mountain Bike with Basic Tools | A Tutorial

Today we’re going to learn how to put together a mountain bike using simple tools. Although Diamondback provided this bike and supported the video, you can use these steps to put together just about any new mountain bike, regardless of the brand.

My suspension setup video

Thanks to Diamondback and Slime for supporting this video.

This is the bike shown

Slime Tubeless Sealant for Mountain Bikes

Shock Pump

Compact torque wrench

Floor Pump


Casual MTB Rider says:

anyone else notice the scratches on the stanchions on the murder machine 3:51 rip fork

Dawn Rblx & mtb says:

Yesterday the wall Goose like that I took to school got broken yesterday derailleur fell off 🙁 but I have my Cannondale mountain bike still 😀

Fardin Khan says:

Pls make more videos as soon as possible. I see all your videos always..and i love them

YanivYeshaia says:


Mathias Herlufsen says:

Seth why dont diamond back ship outside of the us? i need an affordable bike and diamondback has one but they dont ship outside the us, what to do?

Trace Does MTB says:

Yes this video is so helpful I forgot on my giant stance one to do the o rings gonna go do that now

Flyin Tetra says:

I’m about 145 cm height which diamondback should I get.

Atome XC says:

Thanks for this vidéo

NSMB Rider says:

40PSI? seems so high

Ian Wassink says:

Can you do a similar video, but in more detail starting with frame only? I suggest something like the Dream Build videos that Gee Milner does on YouTube, but with your insightful commentary from bottom bracket and headset assembly on up. Maybe you don’t need a brand new bike to unbox, so perhaps strip one of your DBs and do a massive service at the same time?

suzanne roddel says:

Hey Seth you should put w dude disc on this bike

كشف الفضيح التروجية says:

Good my love bike

Bass Police says:

Winter in america you say

Luka Megllić says:

Am i the only one who likes suspension hard as rock

2Wheel Bros says:

Ergon grips and decent pedals.. ok diamondback

Dominic Gomez says:

when will you be able to ride again?

Mark Richardson says:

Why don’t you use a sealant injector? It’s easier and cleaner.

arvismac says:

I really like Seth’s channel, don’t ask me why just watch his bike-related videos.

John Wodarski says:

Seth, I’m really new to your channel as well as a few others that you ride with. I was wanting to know how can I get/purchase your Seth sticker? Please let me know.

Zeke Cramer says:

That 2 finger braking though.

Andrew Gordon says:

Im 15 years old and im getting the Diamondback Atroz 3. Is this a good bike for some intermediate level trails? Also, does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this bike?

Evan Doyle says:

I have that exact same fork and I find the rebound very slow

Landon Durst says:

I live in Ohio with no mountain bike trails I wish I lived in Arkansas were my family comes from I have Been watching since 2016 for the entertainment you are my favorite youtuber

Mikey N says:

This reminds me of the first time i got a mountain bike! Keep up your vids Seth! Because of you i love to ride and tinker with my bike. 🙂

olomarfarg says:

Seth, you are so intelligent, and polite person with such class and knowledge, you made commercial interesting helpful and cool. And it’s not my opinion right now you have 10k likes and 63 diss this is a statement on its own. Really great content!!!!

Jeffrey Hell says:

I have a Problem with my 3 month old Bike, its a Swoop 170 and recently the cranks keep comming loose, its a 2 part Crankset from Raceface and nearly after every ride or when i hit my pedal on a rock i have to tighten the bolt.

I took them compleatly off, cleant everything and reinsalled with new Grease but the problem is still there.

does anyone have an idea whats going on.

The frame is not Damaged.

Dude Craft says:

ok it was a commercial but shit i like that care package!

Paper Boy says:

You are so fake I seen you on park tools, acting like you don’t have a clue of what’s going on be for real Seth I can’t watch another video of Seth’s bike hacks stay away from park tool they are way too cool for you.

Andrei Argeanu says:

Not buying an expensive new bike any soon. So nope.

Manuel Martinez says:

Thanks Seth for the torque demonstration, that should be a new video alone.

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