How to choose the best mountain bike for you – Part 1

Wide, knobbly tyres, sturdy built – the similarities between mountain bikes end here. In this video, Drew reviews the different bike types for mountain biking be it downhill mountain biking or freeride mountain biking, for example.
In Part 1, Drew introduces and hardtails, XC racing hardtails and women’s mountain bikes. Check out Part 2 ( for advice and information on trail, all-mountain and downhill bikes. Check out our range of mountain bikes:


Hamza Halal says:

i recommend you steal a bike!!!

Byron Moore says:

Hello guys i have been looking for a good mountain bike to get back into shape one of my problems is i have back problems, shoulders, and neck any suggestions 

Bikesnstuff says:

Waheey, he’s smiling!

Subaru Rally says:

im buying a merida big nine 100 in a few weeks

ArmyOfTwoSoldier1985 says:

Best bike fellas the devinci no doubt with a “small” investment of over 7 000$ is the best bike im talking carbon frame super light and super strong.

Thomas Best says:

My bike has 27.5″ wheels.

Dominador Dayag says:

I reccomend yall to ise ellseworth bikes

徐振斌 says:

strongly recommend to choose trek instead of merida

DaBeaversNuts says:

What kind of bike is the orange bike in the little videos between??

Toxic Gremlin says:

very helpful.

Hot Movie says:

Wow ! Great ! But it not equal than mine. :3

omar reyes says:


Mike Cardwell says:

…….you could spend less and get a dirt bike. most people want to ride to get in shape. It’s easy to hit the throttle any one can do that. Try riding some trails while you are basically the motor. ButI can’t talk for everyone cuz I do both.

Валерий Муравицкий says:

specialized demo 8 s works 2014-BEST

AnaL_InspectaH says:

nice video

PrincessMegan Elsa says:

Im getting new Bike soon myself 🙂

dc soriano says:

can i have one mountain bike? its my birthday today. haha

Quimerateck says:

my bike derailleur got trashed, i miss mtb sundays :c

Subaru Rally says:


robert sambora says:

The best

robbieyh says:

Mr .Walker you are correct sir. For $7000 ! I rather have her new 2014 Kawasaki 250 dirt bike which costs $ $ 5000 an you can keep $2000 in your pocket.. Why would you ever buy expensive mountain bike when a dirt bike will out perform an out last any bike , mountain bike. WTF…….

Jack burton says:

Anyone know what the third bike in the video is?

IIblackwidow69 says:

whats a good bike between 450 and 500

vittorio midjo says:

how many cost one?

444spiro says:

what do you think about the norco charger 7.2 2014?

A Person says:

I want a good light and not expensive bike for urban freeride and off roading too,  What kind of mtb should i choose?   Can someone advice me?

lizziemc1234 says:

why do womens bikes come in mainly white it’s annoying to keep clean

Remix Boysteav says:

🙁 sigh* hmmm….l

A deer in headlights says:

Avid sucks

Ezekiel Wilson says:

me and my family r moving to northern California and I going to start extreme mountain biking what’s the best mountain bike to buy???

Ben Hanson says:

What is the Scott raising hard tail

Thomas Best says:

I’ve got the CBoardman team 650b it’s brilliant for its price.

AngusGrieve Presents: says:

trek 4 series

drEmulatorMadmax says:

personally i like a smooth tire on the front and a knobbly one on the rear (although i ride my mountain bike on the road) as for size ” *Feet & Inches* 5’2″ – 5’6″ *Centimetres* 158cm – 168cm *Frame Size* (inches)15″ – 16″” i disagree i’m only 5’3 and prefer a oversized frame ( although i have to lean to get off of mine) it’s not a problem so far (might be when i get older and can’t get my leg over the seat lol

Jed Dye says:

hi, I wonder if you guys can give me advice. I use my mtb everyday to comute to work. I also use it at weekends for a bit of xc. I was looking to buy a new bike and I was wondering if I am using my bike on the road everyday if a 2×10 gear set up would be suitable for everyday road use or would I be better with 3×9?

LeviR raps says:

I want that bike at 7:23

David Walker says:

For 7,000 dollars you could have yourself a new 2013 dirtbike

Δαβιδ Σιχαρουλιτζε says:

can i have 1 mountain bike :/ 

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