Hyper Hydroform Full Suspension Mountain Bike $199 at Walmart

The Hyper Hydroform Ultra Lightweight mountain bike is available at walmart for $199. Is this bike better than the Mongoose XR-Pro? The XR Pro has been the best walmart mountain bike thus far, but the Hyper Hydro-form is a similar mtb at far less cost. In this video I take a Walmart Hyper Hydroform onto a mountain bike trail to see how it does.

Surprisingly, it seems like a decent starter bike. Whether you only have $200 for a bike and want to ride now, or maybe you want a pay-as-you-go bike to upgrade. Watch the video and decide for yourself. My thoughts are that this is the best walmart bike for under $200.

Be sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts on the Hyper Hydroform – or anything else you want to say.

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Wiggy T. says:

Nobody should ever buy these bikes lol

bigrednitro says:

Is there any $200 bike where I can replace everything except the frame with the most high end components. So I can be all showy on a Walmart bike. 😉

Orlando Mercado says:

I’m deciding between this and the xr pro wondering if you have any updates on the hydro

wrangler nash says:

Can ypu measure the frame size please?

Abner Doon says:

As an owner of a Hyper Hydroform that’s been riding it for the better part of 5 months upgrading its low quality components and gathering parts for a build, I’m interested to hear what you do with the rear suspension. There’s what I see as a serious issue with the rocker, where the seat stay hits the seat tube after only about 25-30mm of shock travel. And I haven’t found any aftermarket shocks that have such limited travel while keeping the factory shock length. Thoughts?

Tropical Vibes says:

Good, critical reviews-instead of completely dismissing big box bikes this channel keeps it real! Will be following while modding my hydroform for light trails!

Anthony Sanchez says:

I really like your videos. They have such great detail and I like that you actually test the bikes. Very cool! I like this bike and I’m thinking about all the upgrades. I’m wondering, is that front fork upgradeable to a better more expensive fox forks? Or some other higher quality forks? What are some limitations?

Schwinn Jumper says:

You should try upgrading the Schwinn Protocol 2.7! I did, and I love it!

khota rao says:

If this bike comes with double walled alloy its a deal .

CH3V says:

would this mtb be good for me 6’6 330lb, riding casually on street 😀

The AwesomeRCMinecrafter says:

“Ultra-lightweight”=37lbs, Carbon hardtail=31lbs, My 11 year old aluminum hardtail 29er, a completely featherweight(for these rediculous standards) 28-29lbs, with a dropper post, tubeless tires and a custom diy 1 by made out of the superior to rivoted *screw together* 3 by. Man wal mart’s weight standards are low…

Luca Di Marco says:

Im shopping for one and this one is on clearance for 159! Should I grab it?

Nicholas ZHZH says:

do a merax falcon i would like too see how you review this bike thanks. It is also $200

Daniel Corica says:

Hail hydro!

big dodge says:

Would you think this bike would be worth upgrading?

hdjkskd udiskcj says:

Would a specialized pitch be better

Chasing Trail says:

When do we get more on project hydro?
Really curious about that frame weight.

Richard De Leon says:

Hmmmm lets see here. IMO, any entry level bike would be ok for first timers. They can do some upgrades as they go along until they realize (after a couple of rides 🙂 ) that they need a more expensive one.

This would be my upgrade list for that bike:

1. Stock fork to air suspension
2. Brakes, change to hydros
3. Rims to double wall
4. Pedals. The stock pedals tend to break down fast
5. RD to one with clutch to reduce chain slap

What is the lowest priced mtb in walmart? Here in my country (philippines) the lowest that I see is around $90 for a steel framed hardtail with components similar to that hyper fs bike

Braden Fitzpatrick says:

Review schwinn al comp

Osmany Silva says:

I have this bike but I am entry level. Can somebody gave me some upgrades that I can do and where to get it? Thank you.

Blue Mountain Edward says:

Kmart bikes, are they all Huffy?

Marion Rich says:

Just bought my hydro for $100 (was missing the saddle and kick stand so Walmart manager offered me a $99 discount). I’ll be following this project closely…

mightfight says:

Love the videos debating a xr-pro or this with upgraded dual wall wheels. Does the hydrofoam bike have a bigger frame vs the XR pro? The triangle as I am a huge ebike DIY guy seem like there is more room vs XR-Pro?

Rory O'Toole says:

That colour is sooo nice

Noe Diaz says:

I just started in the mountain bike game I’m coming from a flatland bmx back ground and I bought this bike hoping to get some good times and I’m waiting to see the upgrades you do to coping some

Marion Rich says:

Just returned the $100 Hydro to Walmart. Found a huge flaw in the design, you can’t get more than 30mm of travel on the rear shock before rocker hits the seat tube. That’s a deal breaker.

Cainnech says:

Not sure if its already been mentioned but Im thinking that the 26 sticker is probably the inspectors number.

pedro henrique 13 says:

Is aluminum?

Chad Goring says:

whats the eye to eye length of the rear shock?

Tanner 1126 says:

I would love to but this and put some quality suspension on it, convert to 1X10, and new bars.

richard carr says:

l love the fact you beat on these things and give us a straight up review for l will say the average cyclist . l will also add if want more of bike shop bike without the sike shop sticker goto a sport shop and pick up a GT Avalanche MTB if you re looking for a half decent MTB .They also make good hybrid and road bikes too.

Donte Hill says:

Got one at the end of july and love it working on upgrades

Wisconsin Outdoor Guy says:

Project hydro for sure!

Jeff Cuevas says:

This bike has a 1 star review on Walmart website. Lost of broken parts after only 1 hour of riding or do the buyer says. Still I think this might be worth up grading to be a good bike.

Roninbikerider says:

I like the frame it seems very upgradeable. I will definitely look into purchasing one.

Noah's Music Showcase says:

I’d like to see a review on the hyper explorer if possible. Seems like a nice 27.5 full suspension very similar to the hydroform almost a smaller version

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