Hyper Shocker 26 Mountain bike from Walmart – Feature overview and potential issues

A friend brought his new Hyper Shocker 26 Dual Suspension Mountain bike he purchased from Walmart. This video covers what you can expect to get (or not get) in a $99 mountain bicycle. He’s returning it.

In short, you aren’t going to get a REAL mountain bike for under $100. In fact, you may get hurt if you take this to a real mountain bike trail – which we did and will cover in another video.

The fork has what I would consider to be a potentially dangerous flex, but this would likely only become an issue when taking the bicycle offroad. Overall, you get what you pay for and this bike is no exception. That said, it’s probably an OK bike for riding around your neighborhood if you only have $100 to spend. Just don’t expect much beyond that from any low cost Big Box Bike.


Cameron Boyle says:

What’s better then the rock Creek or this

Nathan T says:

That’s not a cassette it’s a freewheel

uh wot says:

Lol well no man should ride that $99 bike

c4p 420 says:

This is actually an insanely underrated walmart bike imo. granted, it has its limitations but for casual riding around the neighborhood and whatnot, it will actually hold up, far better than say, a walmart roadmaster, for example. im a bike courier and used this shocker daily for roughly 6 months and put a shit load of miles on it. one of the biggest problems with these cheap bikes is the lack of grease these manufacturer uses when assembling. the hubs on the wheels broke down first, followed by the bottom bracket. i overhauled both and found close to zero grease. these types of bikes are especially great if you want to get into bike mechanics as problems will definitely arise with them and you can practice repairing them, which is the main reason why i bought it in the first place, before upgrading to something better.

James Flemon says:

Is this bike 18 speed

Seema Dhiman says:


A D O N Y X III says:

How do you change the brakes for this?

gurpreet singh says:

Can u explain about shifting gears and lowering them pachi

Fap Tablet says:

My brakes broke

UltraMaxNoobGamer says:

I have the exact shifters on my $300 schwinn from Amazon… I hate twist shifters… anyone willing to donate some 3×7 easy fires let me know rofl.

Xavier Galvan says:

Me and my brother have it

Game Thogic says:

yes…twist shifts are bad when you try to jump…bunny hop…anything that requires you to pull up…it always goes into a higher gear so if you bunny hop your gonna slip on the pedels due to it being in a higher gear…hate it…i ride BMX but im thinking of a cheaper mountain bike…probably a next…i have riden a dirt BMX Next Clutch,,,and a mountain bike….sturdy bikes…i just want something i can go through the woods or rougher areas…nothing crazy like downhill or big jumps

Chris Duke says:

At 0:15 I’m going to have to say that this bike should never be taken anywhere near a mountain! Under any circumstances!
Now lets see if I’m correct.

Michael Walls says:

I bought one and love it. Apparently I’m not a “serious” cyclist, I just live in Pinellas County Florida and we have some of best bike trails in the country. No mountains here, I just like the design and the suspension. The gears shift easily and don’t jump and clank. I believe I got my money’s worth!

panda says:

If u buy i bike from wallmart first u need to get to some one who now about bikes to see if it missing some thing bec. Your safety

Captin Philip .j fry says:

The fork has no suspension because the fork compresses when you sit

Iván León says:

This bicycle looks good for the matt black color

Gabriel430 Chavez says:

I just bought this back tonight but only got it so I can get to and from work instead of walking

Ikenna Ihegbu says:

You’ve got a new subscriber,,,,Please could you review the 29″ schwinn abbot mountain bike from walmart,,, i think it sells for $179….. i am soo curious about it

Kazak Thranduil says:

Witnessed a kid near Christmas take something like this home at Walmart. Poor kid better have a helmet

DroptheBomBblin Sukablyat says:

Sadly my friend has this bike and it is close to broken and once it is he wants to get a new one instead of a bike shop bike

Brethren of Yeshua says:

That at least be nice for Street exercise. I’m looking for something cheap but decent and looks pretty nice. I really want to find a sprocket gear setup for my 20in Dk. I need a second gear ratio on a 10-speed for it to be comfortable for me. I have muscular dystrophy and regular 20 inch gear ratios hard on me. It’s too hard for me to get up a slight incline I’d have to walk it up.

Shahid Wani says:

KevCentral; what is your take on btwin rockrider mountain bikes?

I Sell Air says:

It’s a Walmart bike, can’t expect it to perform up to par with an $1000 bike from a pro bike shop, I use it for riding to school and back everyday, going to work and going out and about. Pretty good for my uses.

Jonathan Godinez says:

im still going to get it, just need it to get to work

Matt Maranan says:

I got this exact bike just to ride around my neighborhood basically the point of these bikes

maliha rahima says:

It’s works great when you modify it.

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