Intense Tracer 275C Factory – A Revitalised Enduro Rig

The all-new Tracer 275C is said by Intense to be the cherry on the top of that cake, breathing new life into an old name. If you’re a hard-charger with an oligarch’s bank balance then look no further.


That 70's Schwinn Vintage Bike Channel says:

Nice bike

dirtydirtybiker says:

you’d have to be mad to put 10K into a mountain bike, Fuck that for a joke..
beautiful bike none the less

mayalman says:

Question: Is the difference between an enduro bike, and a trail bike simply a matter of differences in travel and set up, or are the actual frames different. Long time roadie considering dipping my toes into trail riding, totally lost as to what I need to get started.

Ben G says:

Seriously though for that money id rather a yeti sb6c turx carbon

Johnny641 says:

Seriously the bike companies are taking the piss with the prices, 10K is a joke no matter how good the bike is.

scott wilson says:

I’ve been waiting for this bike . cash is not a issue but parting with that kind of money is . I just can not bring myself to pay that . it’s all most 3 2017 vitus sommet. So sorry not looking at these anymore it hurts )))

Tony Fernandez says:

Now I want to take my dog with me on my next ride!

ashley scarth says:

nice bike but &10 grand you can get yeti sb5xtor sb6xt-slx from jemson usa £3.600. intence tracer 275cf the same bike at jemson is£8.500 grand

Goodman 4525 says:

How does the new system compare to last year’s VPP system ?

Moo Freeman says:

not VPP anymore, but this new Tracer really, really reminds me of santa cruz nomad lol

Rich m says:

I don’t understand the need for these ’boutique’ brand expensive bikes when there are bikes under half the price just as good…10K is hilarious

Joe Goh says:

Its a maestro design

Andrew Watt says:

How tall are you

ssef15 says:

Intense Marketing Dept.: I shall paint this bike a neutral colour, because that will reach the widest audience and put us in the best position to sell as much bikes as possible.

Inner Intense Marketing Dept,: Yeah but what about mucus green, McDonald’s red and syphilis yellow?

Jarvs says:

does it climbs well?

Jason West says:

A voice for paper…

Jack Aldred says:

Comparing a master piece like the Veyron to any bike is a bad comparison. That Intense, much like every other bike and component, is pretty awful value for money and is made to make a hefty profit, which is perfectly understandable because it’s business.

But Bugatti are the one company who actually produced their product, being the Veyron, for the love of it and to raise the Super/hypercar bar – not for money.
They actually lost money on each sale of the car, largely because their R&D is estimated to have been around the £1.3B mark.

Sorry for sounding so triggered, really nice video, just a poor comparison 😉 Cheers!

radost0514 says:

10k are you snuffing coke ?

Greg Wellard says:

did u forget ur pedals m8

Sigurjón þor says:

How tall are you??

Benhur Apilado says:


Ricky Wood says:

Did you ever squash your dog?

Theo Dounis says:

11k price in Australia

Ben G says:

Well, off to sell a kidney!

Stuart Carson says:

I want, I want, I want – until I heard the price.

I still want.

Nick Rogers says:

I’d like to ride it to see what £10k gets me.

jom_ aca says:

that bike loses, next time don’t run that bike with that dog

trASH Main says:

If I had that kind of money I’d buy a canyon strive and save over half the money for other things

SG - MTB says:

Superb review!

Tholfikar N says:

I have a question ….
pls answer…
I have a hybrid bike that is scott sportster p6 … and the rear shifter doesn’t shift gears step by step … it jumps to the first gear at the moment of pressing the shifter… can you tell me what to do …

Check Ing says:

can someone give me this bike, i’d like to have it. please?

Bo Chaban says:

Bikeradar simply sucks. You want to force me to watch ads? No problem. I go elsewhere.

liu wenjie says:

2:04 nice balls!XD

13thGb says:

That doge

Hayden says:

0:58 this bike really ‘breaks the ice’


Modey says:

£10k way too overpriced that’s why rarely anyone buys Intense’s bikes

TheGreenMonster says:

It`s twice the price of my carbon fibre Mondraker Dune which in fact is the King of long reach- and long wheelbase-enduro-bikes (except the Pole Evolink, which isn`t really a bike for me).

Cam Shaft says:

Fox 36 RCT?

Asgath says:

What was the sweet shreddy tune on in the background?

…Nice bike too.

fu4ien says:

Which insurance group does it belong??? on a serious note I’d insure this bike if it’s possible

Grunter says:

Buy whole Mt for 10 g

ducati Jake says:

Evil insergent vs yt Capra vs canyon strive And more but there the important ones
(All best spec)

Tom Sharpe says:

4:48 dog strava lines


The price of some bikes is out of control. Do we ride so much faster because the price. Bullshit.

cellphonenut says:

That is one AAAAAwesommmme best friend !!!

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