Jetson Electric Mountain Bike Video Review Powerful motor combined with a large battery pack for distance and climbing, frame flexes under weight and pressure. Lower end components (suspension and drivetrain) with a basic pedal assist sensor that isn’t as responsive as I’d like for actual trail riding on loose terrain where precision becomes important. Attractive price point, limited availability in the USA, questionably high pedelec top speed ~30 mph pushes legal limits.


MAG315 says:

This bike is kind of a mixed bag. You’re either going to love or hate the frame design but you can’t deny its got plenty of power. With a few upgrades here and there, this could be a pretty sweet ride. 

G Tao says:

just fyi, you have had the same comment before about the keys exposed when riding. simply, use a quick release for the bike key itself from the rest of your keys. then, only the bike key is in when riding, it does not get in the way and it is not going anywhere. when you get off the bike, you put it back on your key ring with the rest of your keys. you made the same comment on the prodeco and it is non-issue.

 one other thought for you to consider, you tend to compare all electric bikes, against each other, from a point of view they are the same. they are not, they are all different. strengths and weaknesses are relative to who and what the bikes are designed for.

imo, you should review an e-bike on what it is, not compared to others. ie, *imo a prodeco is a great bike, at a great price for 20mph street legal bike. for most of their bikes, the battery is on back, that’s it. *imo, you get a lot for your money. The e-joe epik se has it in the down bar, that’s it, also (imo) a lot of bike for the money. If a person is more comfortable with the battery in the back, or in the down bar, it is their preference. Let them decide. Just give the facts, people can decide what they like.

*I do not work for any electric bike company, but do have a few e-bikes and use different bikes for different riding. please keep reviewing, but would suggest being more impartial, focus on the specs, and less on trivial matters (ie noting a selling point when a bell is included).

Aaron Harris says:

I just bought one impulsively, now waiting for it to arrive. your review made me feel a lot better about my purchase.

Ivan Zhong says:

That’s the price of a used motocyle

Marc Ariss says:

Yeah everything else aside I can’t get past that frame, Im not sure if I like it or not. The price sounds pretty reasonable I must admit……but Im just not sure if it looks cool or really ugly.

Dr. Jared Rose says:

I kinda like this bike Court. I think it looks sexy in red. I like the idea of larger tires for a smoother ride. What bike would u recommend for city commutes in Miami on flat terrains with the occasional bridge encounter for under 2k delivered?

horror780 says:

E go bike has the same frame and everything else except for 17amps


I’m 8 feet 6 inches tall and weigh 473 pounds. Will this bike work for me?

Richard Hogg says:

These reviews are awesome…thx and keep going.

MrAlanC says:

This review was killer! Just ordered one. Thank you.

BBBYpsi says:

Look at ripoff report they say the frame is so bad that it can not handle anything but regular road conditions & the company has very bad customer service. No suprise they are out of Ny city.

Richard Winscom says:

I Love my JETSONS ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE I purchased it in January 2016 and have 2197 miles on it since this morning 12/2/16 I use it for work 6.3 miles each way the Battery just make’s it without a charge The Bike Handle s well for me and been dependable I would recommend the Bike

Raul Salceda says:

electric bike review where can I get a charger for this bike

George Sears says:

The reviews of their scooter are a little sketchy, on Amazon. It’s a huge battery capacity, any way you slice it. I ride on dirt roads, bad dirt roads, so the bigger tires and suspension are good to have. It’s a nice minimalist look. The two groups people market to are 1)Old folks like me  2) young folks who maybe want something exciting. This seems to be aimed at Group ‘2’. There may be more people in Group ‘1’.

Don’t know where this stuff with the speeds and power is going to end. I noticed that Utah just ignores the Federal ideas of what is and is not a bike. In Utah, an ebike, any electric bike, is a motor vehicle. So you need a drivers license. But not a motorcycle endorsement.  And if you can go over 20 mph with the motor, or it weighs more than 70 pounds, you can (well, must)  get a motorcycle license and insurance and register the thing and hang a license plate on the back. 

So I guess if they determined you hit someone going 23 mph, and you had a motor, they could cite you for not having a motorycle license, not having insurance, not having a registration or license plate, etc. 

 (36) (a) “Motor-driven cycle” means every motorcycle, motor scooter, moped, electric assisted bicycle, motor assisted scooter, and every motorized bicycle having:
            (i) an engine with less than 150 cubic centimeters displacement; or
            (ii) a motor that produces not more than five horsepower.
            (b) “Motor-driven cycle” does not include an electric personal assistive mobility device.

 (13) “Electric assisted bicycle” means a moped:
            (a) with an electric motor with a power output of not more than 1,000 watts; and
            (b) which is not capable of:
            (i) propelling the device at a speed of more than 20 miles per hour on level ground when:
            (A) powered solely by the electric motor; and
            (B) operated by a person who weighs 170 pounds; and
            (ii) increasing the speed of the device when human power is used to propel the device at more than 20 miles per hour;
            (c) has fully operable pedals on permanently affixed cranks; and
            (d) weighs less than 75 pounds.

KaiserFailed says:

Gah. I am torn between this and the Prodeco V3 Phantom X2.
This one seems to have more power than the Prodeco, thus a much larger range.
But the only review I’ve seen on amazon notes that their Jetson Electric Mountain bike only has a range of 10 miles? Which is way lower than advertised. So that’s a thing.

And I know I will be hard pressed to get an answer from you, since in a previous video you said that you test so many bikes that you simply do not have time to test the range of these bikes. 

Also, I would imagine that the 28 inch wheels will be harder to service. Or not?

I’m an amateur. I dont know what I am talking about. 

I just need someone to push me over the edge. 
Prodeco V3 Phantom X2 or the Jetson Electric Mountain Bike.


nebula722 says:

Personally, I don’t like this bike at all.  I don’t like the frame because of its flex, appearance and no way to mount fenders or other accessories.  It is underpowered with only a 500 watt motor but I think that is to be expected for the price.  I don’t like the battery mounts and seems like a pain to remove the batteries.  I think  there are a lot of other ebikes and e kits that are better all around vehicles.

Doug Schoeffler says:

The key folds so it will not get in your way. There are the mounts for a very (above average) sturdy rear rack which you point our but don’t know what they are. There is also a seat post mounted rack and a front rack available. One port charges both batteries at the same time. The batteries come out easily with a key. This is more of an urban mountain ebike. Not for the X-tream riders. I recently took a 38 mile ride on same frame with 350W motor and 36V 10ah battery. With city stop and go and a 1800 ft elevation climb I still had 1/3 of the battery charge left and I didn’t try to conserve. I used the pedal assist all the way. An ebike is a different animal than a traditional bike so I like the more contemporary designs starting to come out and I’m 68 years and aging, smile. Reminds me of when the early autos all looked like horse carriages in the beginning and then came into their own as far as designs. I understand the frame is being re-engineered to get rid of the flex for 2015 models. Keep fingers crossed. Also hydraulic disc brakes are standard on many models. As for speed…many manufacturers are making ebikes that go over the 20 mph limit. I get passed all the time with traditional 20+ gears going 25 to 30 mph and they are not made as tough. This design has been used for 8 years in other countries and just being introduced here.

Rakesh Tikawala says:

From where can I buy this ebike @ what price?Is this eBike available in India?

SUN JY says:

May I ask how much is your weight ?

Bakar Abu says:

is this bike available in singapore??

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