Mojo Nicolai Geometron GPI mountain bike review, with gearbox and belt drive! | MBR

We ride the mental belt drive, gearbox bike from Nicolai.
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MrSpamaholic says:

CVT mounted in the bottom bracket would be lighter & make more sense. Nuvinci is pretty interesting.

Henry Oxburgh says:

What size wheels?

tablatom says:

Love the music in this video, well done, a nice change from the “cool” “rock n’ roll” music on most bike vid’s.

Brody Cross says:

I rode one of these today and felt the weight to be far more of an advantage than a hindrance. It truly is a special bike! Mojo is a company that have seriously got their shit together, way more than these utter fucking fannys that review these kind of bikes.

ferrarone says:

interesting tech, gonna be interesting how it develops in the future

Spencer Han says:


J Lehtinen says:

I just have to comment on shifting with Pinion gearbox. You can shift higher gear while pedalling without problem no matter how much power you put on pedals, for shifting to lower gear, yes you have to back off to initiate shift, but once you do it shifting is done very quickly. I base my comments on riding Pinion equipped AM bike since beginning of 2015.

Chris Roberts says:

Looks silly

cortarelva says:

Thats a good voice to put one to sleep.

Eugene Han says:

need a carbon version with gearbox to throw on my mid drive electric kit.

Phil Pryor says:

It doesn’t have to be that heavy. I have this bike at 15.4kg with tough tyres and 203 rotors. No compromise. Also key to how it feels to pedal is a worn in gearbox. It’s still not light true, but the light wheels help acceleration so it’s not all one way traffic.
As mentioned changing up gears (higher) can be done under load and very slight back off is required to change to a lower gear. Show me a derailleur change where you don’t imperceptibly back off and I’ll raise you a graunch and protest from the chain and derailleur and a likely prematurely worn chain at risk of breakage. The same applies here.
One thing not mentioned is you can change many gears without pedalling, in anticipation of the trail or in reaction, so bottom to top as you crest a rise or before you exit a corner you can just fly up the box.
The drivetrain is impervious to weather too and the wear parts, front sprocket and drive will last 5 or 6 times longer than a chain/cassette, no impact on efficiency or drive in mud or slop or ice either.
Overall, there are many upsides as well as downsides to this bike, a rider just has to decide what is important to them.
A trigger shifter for Eurobike 2016…allegedly….

Maarten Migaris says:

How cool is that carbon drive !! ;p

Ronald Tartaglia says:

yes, ban all derailleurs!

Ronald Tartaglia says:

why don’t they make this on a trail bike?

DeathStrike! says:

bike porn.

Tamas Varga says:

I’m sure pinion will evolve it will be interesting to see it in three years.

Ronald Tartaglia says:

down with ancient drivetrains like sram and xtr.

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