Mongoose XR-PRO Mountain Bike from Walmart – Is it worth $349?

The Mongoose XR-Pro is a full suspension 29er mountain bicycle available through, but not sold in stores. It features an aluminum frame, double walled alloy rims, Zoom stem and seat posts, WTB saddle, and a great paint finish.

There are a few odd choices. The tires are ultra-generic and are void of any branding. They also feel like the sidewalls may be a bit thin. The coil rear suspension is most likely junk, but most of the people buying this bike are buying it to build it out. I have seen where people claim to add $500-1000 to this bike and make it perform better than local bike shop bikes costing $2000-3000. Who knows if that is true, but I may upgrade a few items if the bike does well on the trail. Riding aside, it does look good! Though I wouldn’t recommend this for someone that didn’t plan on upgrading many of the components.


Evelyne Burtis says:

sram comes on $10,000 bikes also a wtb seat, what

J R's Place says:

Wow, for $349 you could buy a good used hard tail made by an actual manufacturer.

TheLASTcookie says:

Im going buy This and put a amazon air suspension instead of coil

rowen Catulin says:


Dreamasia Cream says:

I have a black mongoose (it’s also purple and pink in the design.) and I got it from Walmart… it was $100 which is a fair deal I guess, but I don’t know I think it’s a good bike? But I think it’s not that heavy haha, probably cause I carry it 24/7 and I’m used to it.

Nkllz0 says:

the shifters and the frame , the only parts that are good.

Premier landscaping says:

So what would you say is the best walmart bike you’ve tested?

Evan T says:

Please upgrade this thing

Zachary Yaboywatt says:

Wrong it was at the walmart by my house

Ralph Hall says:

Is it true the front wheel touches the pedals when turning?

motothings says:

Where’s the update vid

Urban Desert says:

Can this bike take a 29 x 2.4 now I have the mongoose stat 2.4 and it can take a 29 x 2.4 even tho it came with 29 x 1.95 and I see this bike comes with 29 x 2.1. I am looking at buying this bike and upgrade it like I did with my stat 2.4 that I used on SC400 endurance race… I’m looking ahead to 2018 race and if this bike can take a 29 x 2.4 then I will get it.

Alex Turner says:

Bunny hop tutorial plz

I_like_goats says:

I’m so glad I have nicer bike worth around 1000 dollars

LuaTrees says:

Well If I ever owned a mongoose I’d be made fun of so yeah

paulo grgić2 says:

a btwin 520 rockrider is legit 300 euro and its better

rowen Catulin says:

I hope you have chosen me for that giveaway for the early Christmas gift for me even if it’s a cheap mountain bike just give me it to be fun anyhow my christmas because I want to ride a bike

Clorox Bleach says:

I have an Sr suntour xc30 with the same sticker and I’ve dropped my bike off 6 feet drops with no effects to the suspension

Doug Baileyh says:

You’re insane do dump any extra money into this POS.

Juan Jacquez says:

You said this bike is too big for you . It would be perfect for me. I’m 6 foot 3 .

Evan T says:

I love this guys voice

warren mosconi says:

Cannondale is the best

ammar ahmad says:

I have that trek hybrid bike

Urbex finland says:

I have sr suntour xcr and have that sticker i rided hard with it and not broken

JinnixXx_ says:

I have a Mongoose Pinn´r. Im ashamed that mongoose produces for wallmart ;-;

It’s me Ben Ben 2 says:

Who has a carrera

james lockhart says:

crosscountry but weighs more than a downhill bike

Alex the Railfanning Redneck™ says:

Is it possible to upgrade from twist shifters to trigger shifters on the same bike?

mrN3w7 says:

4:00 – that’s actually 258 not 852… sticker is upside-down 😀 XD

Thot Spray 2.0 says:

can you go over the Diamondback recoil 29er?

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